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  1. PzKfW_V

    New York ... why?!

    If I have read things correctly you receive half of the silver for the modules when you sell the ship the modules still mounted. So you might want to check (low tiers and cheaper modules) if 25 gold is worth a 50% loss on the silver on the purchase of the module.
  2. PzKfW_V

    The Dutch Navy options

    I would absolutely love to see De Ruyter in game, she was my fathers first commission as artillery officer. I still can picture the main battery shell casing in our livingroom and the fact that my first name is 'Michiel' is no coincidence either .
  3. PzKfW_V

    Project R is up on EU

    it takes maybe a mnt to see your score on the webpage.
  4. PzKfW_V

    Project R is up on EU

    I am happy I finnished the bootcamp 'kill 10 BB'-mission today. That will be difficult with an overload of Kamikaze around.
  5. PzKfW_V

    Project R is up on EU

    That will be a short night for some guys...
  6. PzKfW_V

    Project R progress wiped?

    About "broken and in need of replacement", I am still missing 2 victories and 2 kills. Not much but by numbers, but still missing.
  7. PzKfW_V

    Project R progress wiped?

    Normally you can get some lenses online or from a local shop for reasonable money. Hopefully the curtain is still allright, otherwise things might get a bit more expensive. Anyway, follow the light...
  8. PzKfW_V

    Project R progress wiped?

    Funny, I did away with all my Hasselblad and Leica gear about 12 years ago but couldn't part with the 645. Partly because the Mamiya 645 wasn't worth anything and the Leica and Hasseblad was worth the trouble of selling. But the main reason for selling these was, you don't need to be a snob to create good images. Never tried Rollei though...
  9. I wouldn't be too sure about that. If people try premium (for instance, they get a free sample) and score a lot they will be naturally inclined to do "whatever it takes" to keep scoring. It is basic drugdealer tactics. Sometimes you do not have to scream out loud to get the behaviour you want from other people.
  10. Well, let's just call it a coinsidence that WG gave a day of premium to all project-R players today. So far I didn't activate it and today have my worst loss streak ever. A small voice in my head keeps nagging when these things happen. I know, there is no statistical significance here, but if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck? Go home, you are drunk. Ducks don't speak.
  11. PzKfW_V

    Project R progress wiped?

    Well, that beats my oldest body by a decade: Mamiya 645. 1975 is a famous year (Bordeaux, Mamiya 645 and I was born) Allthough 645 is a smaller MF it is perfectly capable of making superb images. I do have a substantial amount of high-end Canon gear but still love the 645. Anyhow, still missing my progress from shortly after lunch today. "Working as intended".
  12. PzKfW_V

    Project R progress wiped?

    I stopped playing WoT some time ago, it was just getting frustrating. And now WoW is going down the same road. I decided to stop paying for premium, glad I did.
  13. PzKfW_V

    Project R progress wiped?

    not working here either, same as you. Bought Kawachi to do Tier III and BB
  14. PzKfW_V

    Project R progress wiped?

    This whole Project-R thing is WG at its best. First I couldn't book any progress on Thursday because the micropatch "working as intended", and now progress in incomplete missions is "working as intended". Quality control is still at cold war levels.
  15. PzKfW_V

    Latest patch won't load.

    Close to 100 pause/unpause and fiddling around with settings, nothing happening. And no reaction on ticket.