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  1. As IJN carrier player I have totally lost my will to even to play IJN carriers anymore. Well atleast I got tier 7 carrier but seems like it's better to sell it to get money and space for british cruisers.
  2. Henshel

    Air-sphere Gen 1.5 overhaul proposals: Draft 9/3/16

    This was almost like reading every game user agreement. So much text
  3. Henshel

    How long until we get the British FLEET?

    Meanwhile in WG headquarters: "Another player wants British ships. Should we publish them?" * button to delay British ships 6 months more* Profit
  4. Henshel

    Teach tree

    Tirpitz tier 9?? Bismarck also tier 9?? What have you been smoking?
  5. Henshel

    Night map still way too bright. (Ideas/suggestions)

    I have only played one battle in this new "night" battle map. I can say it's too bright to be night And it would be nice to have spot lights what targets enemy planes and ships when they come close.
  6. Henshel

    Karlsruhe should be a tier III, give me Emden as T4 please

    I did hate my Karlsruhen so I used free xp to get Köningsberg after unlocking it's B hull. For my opinion it's terrible and as you did say it has no armor, guns are terrible, and it's slow. You cant even play it like torpedo boat. (I don't mean destroyer)
  7. Henshel

    Permanent Turret Destruction

    Atago with all turrets destroyed. 11/10 would play again. Sadly I didn't have time to take screenshot and I don't have replays on.
  8. Henshel

    How to use fighter-ability?

    For now it's useless I have tried it with IJN and USN CV's and it's seems like it doesn't work :/
  9. Henshel


    I don't know what is your guys problem but somehow I find German CA's being most fun ships in game. Tier V Köningsberg has good range 16.5km, it's very accurate and it AP CAN PEN EVEN BB'S!!! So only German ship what I didn't like was tier IV Karlsruhe. It's just terrible. And yes German ships has armor what so ever. German ships have terrible HE but I don't give **** for that. And if some BB hit your citadel it's normal to lose that 10k hp but don't give them change to hit it.
  10. Henshel

    Destroyers modules, knocked out too often.

    DD's have if enemy hit's you t's going to destroy some modules. But most people shoot HE to DD's because DD's have no armor. So you can think what happen's when HE shell explode inside your ship. But USN DD's can be hard to use. This may sound old but you must to know use cover and sneak close to enemy ship. It's hard to USN DD's but when you get to torpedo range you have fun time because if enemy ship haven't noticed you coming you have big change enemy is going to die. And one good tip is to show as little from you ship to enemy and dodge shells. One good skill what needs only 2 skill points is "In coming" warning.
  11. I did notice that too. I just wanted set that BB on fire for fun but it did turn out being bad idea.
  12. I did shoot many salvos when they did make about 500dmg per salvo but some salvos did hit but didn't make any dmg.
  13. NOTE: If this is posted earlier then I'm sorry for posting this again. I did play battle with my Köningsberg and got 82 HE shell hits but only 4076 dmg was done by HE shells. I don't know is this bug or what but that wasn't fun. I did take couple screenshot for battle result but I can't give replay because I didn't have it activated.
  14. Henshel

    Will Nürnberg be another Furutaka?

    I don't know why you think Nürnberg would have problems agains't Cleveland and Aoba. When I don't have any problem killing them with my Königsberg. Some Cleveland captains have even raged and said that German ships are OP and should be nerfed. Key to easy kills is just shoot AP even to BB's because I noticed you can pen them. But for DD's HE is best.