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    Interested in History. Focus is on warfare through different periods, from early medieval to second world war.

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  1. Stribog2033

    upgrade ship

    By playing, grinding. Tier V ships like Omaha are good for grinding credits, at lower tier it would be St. Louis. For XP, just try doing your best, inflict as much damage as possible, cap, shoot down planes etc.
  2. Stribog2033

    Goodbye friends

    I wish you all the best in the future! Good luck.
  3. Stribog2033

    Alt tab problem

    Umm, that's weird. Never had such problem.
  4. Stribog2033

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    Yeah, hopefully we will get some info soon. Would be great.
  5. Stribog2033

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    I really started to wonder which one would they choose for Italian premium, or French.
  6. Stribog2033

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    I will follow your work, it's really interesting. I think Italian DDs have great chances of appearing in game.
  7. Stribog2033

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    Awesome! Didn't know that there might be an Italian prem. this year. Great news!
  8. Stribog2033

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    Glad to hear it. I will definitely follow this topic. I hope WG is going to consider adding Italian tech tree sometime. Keep up the good work.
  9. Stribog2033

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    It would be cool to have Italian tech tree. Great job on this, it's amazing!
  10. Stribog2033

    Danish premium ship Idea

  11. Stribog2033

    Praise the Tachi!

    Here's mine. Proud owner of this little DD
  12. Stribog2033

    Is someone flooding Ranked with [edited] bots?

    Hahaha, I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel they don't even want to win, only to troll around. I write my idea/plan and guy just tells me to[edited] and that we should all do what we want.
  13. Stribog2033

    Can't play, please help!

    Hey guys, can someone help me with this ? My friend downloaded game, and when he clicks on "Play" he gets following message: the procedure entry point GetLogicalProcessorInformation could not be located in dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll He is using Windows XP, if needed I can write down his PC specs...
  14. Stribog2033

    Strange auxiliary ships found in game files

    If I'm correct they were used during Alpha as convoy ships, some testings were done... There were two american ships I dont remember the japanese one tho... Maybe they are preparing something for us ;)
  15. Stribog2033

    Doubloons Package Refund ?

    My issue is solved. One time exception refund is allowed. Someone should delete/lock this, I must admit, stupid thread.