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  1. Martinborgen

    Clan for singles

    Heck why not? (Consider this my application :) )
  2. Martinborgen

    [Speculation] How gun performance will affect Royal Navy Battleships

    KGV class should be at T8, period. She might not be a citadel machine vs BBs but she's a very powerful ship and the guns are quite many and quite impressive, calibre aside. No unhistorical paper arnament blasphemy please - we play this game because we're ship fans. It's WGs game mechanic problem if the historical ships don't work (fictional refits for the Hochseeflotte aside).
  3. Martinborgen

    wow thats impressive

    I play on a laptop
  4. Martinborgen

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Definately positioning sensitive, I do try to be mindful of my positioning, it's indeed especially critical in the slower BBs. You might be on to somehting, I seem to do better in the faster battleships (Kongo). Ofcourse the sample might be low, but I got thinking when most of my BBs showed the same trend. And you're probably right about the timing, similar to the positioning. Maybe I prioritize people showing broadsides and therefore switch targets too often? that would explain relatively high damage to low win ratio? In a cruiser, it's kind of your role to be opportunistic, maybe the BB requires a slightly more determined targeting? It could be hard to say for sure, more of a gut feeling kind of thing...
  5. Martinborgen

    Am I doing something wrong?

    I just don't get this. I am a decent cruiser player, with 57% winrate on cruisers, over 60% on my favourite ships, but on BBs I just can't break 50%? Ok, overall I have 51% but I've noticed now when grinding the Bayern, that today, my average damage in the bayern has been 61K, which is considerably above average, as is the average kills of 1.6, but I have only won 27% percent win ratio today, Overall, 44% Similar figures on New Mexico and Fuso too. I detest camping, but neither do I YOLO rush like an idiot, but there's something I'm missing? Maybe I'm fooled by the stats webpages to these are good numbers?
  6. Martinborgen

    Ranked Battles S5 [all rank battle topics merged]

    Point, allthough in the T6 part, I just plowed my way through with he New Mexico and just had a blast.
  7. Martinborgen

    Ranked Battles S5 [all rank battle topics merged]

    1 win, 5 losses, 3 where I was top on team... I need a T8 BB, carrying in a cruiser is impossible.
  8. Martinborgen

    The Manly Mans Manly BB Game Play Thread

    First one, quite manly, many manly secondaries, 126 hits! Second one is manly much manly manlyness (2K base xp, 2+ million dmg tanked)! Kudos to the other Bayern on my team, who also did kraken. Sehr Männerlich! (I was trying to ram the last Bayern on enemy team, but did not manage to, got him with secondaries)
  9. Martinborgen

    Where are the complaints from cruisers?

    I find BBs very boring. Cruiser, thats where th fun is, the flexibility, all the opportunity, the independance. The BBs are dependant on escort by cruisers and/or DDs, because BBs are slow and hard to adapt. I find the slow BBs the most frustrating to play, unable to dodge, unable to hit anything and unable to reposition. In a BB, I just feel like a big target, a punchingbag for CVs.
  10. Martinborgen

    Bayern AA overpowered?

    BBs should be (and kind of are) very vulnerable to cruisers at close range, to torps, which sort of provide a rangebased way for cruisers to counter BBs, in a sort of high-risk, high reward style.
  11. Martinborgen

    Wow, would have been an amazing victory :((

    I wont bash, but I suggest you up your bar for awesome performance to 100+k damage. In the last week, my average damage on the Furutaka has been 49k, so 50k isnt really epic.
  12. Martinborgen

    They come out at night.

    wait, is this in game now? And if so, is it on all ships?
  13. Martinborgen

    Steven Seagal to join WoWS as a "Heroic Battle Advisor"

    I am speechless... Is it april 1st?
  14. Martinborgen

    Soviet H-44

    Their early ships were built by Vickers! Kongo is, if not british built, a british design.
  15. Martinborgen

    The cost of Tier X

    I see it way more often at T10, but I may be wrong, as I only own up to T8 atm.