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  1. ElAlmirante

    world of sail warships/ships of the line

    Would you mind telling me which ones you know? Thanks in advance That looks absolutely wonderful. Thanks for the website.
  2. ElAlmirante

    Battle of Cartagena de Indias (1741)

    6 Spanish ships of the line were involved so yeah technically it was a naval battle (as well). Interesting fact (at least for the British/Americans): "From the British perspective, the war was notable because it was the first time that a regiment of colonial American troops was raised and placed "on the Establishment" – made a part of the Regular British Army – and sent to fight outside North America." (Wikipedia) One of them was Lawrence Washington, the older brother of George Washington (who was the first president of the US). It was the biggest naval operation/amphibious assault in the Americas and it´s nice to see that they finally give Blas de Lezo the credits he deserves. Felicitaciones!
  3. ElAlmirante

    world of sail warships/ships of the line

    Total War is a good example. Assassin´s Creed IV: Black Flag is another nice game with naval battles involving sail warships (too bad there´s no multiplayer mode).
  4. would it be possible to create a game like wows with historic warships? do you think many people would be interested in playing a game like that?
  5. ElAlmirante

    Open Alpha/Test version

    So will there be no open Alpha/Beta at all?
  6. ElAlmirante

    INVINCIBLE ARMADA - (Portugal) 1588

    The British didn't conquer Spain during the Peninsular War, they just helped Spain to get rid of the French and defeat them. It was no revenge at all. Wikipedia explains it all [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anglo-Spanish_War_(1796%E2%80%931808)] "In the beginning of 1808, the French presence in Spain was so predominant that it led to revolt. Napoleon then removed King Charles and his son Ferdinand to Bayonne and forced them both to abdicate on 5 May, giving the throne to his brotherJoseph. This led to the Peninsular War and the de facto end of the Anglo-Spanish War, as George Canning, foreign secretaryof His Majesty's Government, declared: "No longer remember that war has existed between Spain and Great Britain. Every nation which resists the exorbitant power of France becomes immediately, and whatever may have been its previous relations with us, the natural ally of Great Britain."
  7. ElAlmirante

    INVINCIBLE ARMADA - (Portugal) 1588

    Yes, you're right (it's even called the "Counter" Armada). I know the Battle of Cartagena happened before, but let's say Cartagena de Indias was the revenge for Trafalgar. The Spanish did land at England (unless you're only talking about the Spanish Armada, the Spanish didn't manage to land during the campaign): "In two days the Spanish took all they needed, burning Penzance and the villages of Mousehole, Paul, Newlyn as well as taking cannons from the forts in the area and re-mounting them on their fleet.The town of Penzance had also been bombarded by the Spanish galleys; 400 houses were destroyed and three ships were sunk. At the end of the campaign a traditional Catholic mass was held on British soil." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Cornwall)