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  1. No bonuses from Public Test 0.6.12

    Hello, Here are some details on my problem.Yesterday I opened this link: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/userbonus/#Firstly I clicked on "Check" button and a list of rewards appeared. Then I clicked a second button below the list of rewards to anable their transfer to my main account.And for some reason there was no actual transfer of camos and flags to my main account.Now I am getting this notification (please see attached file). Kindly solve this issue and send me my rewards.Br,GABEROFF
  2. test

    Hi, _Only_Win_ I am angry too. Where the F*CK are our camos and flags that we won on the test server ?!? http://worldofwarships.eu/en/userbonus/# says there are no available rewards. Stop lying to us, EU WG!!!
  3. Personal %30 Off

    Really nice strategy, mate! Cheers!!!
  4. Clash of the Elements Event

    Hope your logic is right. But this is WG, you never know ...
  5. Clash of the Elements Event

    Where is our Event?!? Russian players also do not know the exact time. What is going on?!?
  6. Help with Tirpitz build

    Hello, mate! Personally I prefer build No. 3: your main guns need more accuracy; durability improvement by reducing floods and fires; you have got strong armour, torps and secondaries for self-defense. Scenario 1 is more suitable for Bismarck and scenario 2 - for USS North Carolina. Do you agree with my moderate opinion?
  7. Event Calendar for March

    We need information about tomorrow's SPECIAL: Saint Patrick's Day !!! No laziness and stupid technical (?!?) mistakes are accepted!
  8. High tier economy

    Agree. I play my Yamato and GK every day. Premium camos make T10 games a real fun.
  9. Event Calendar November

    Weekend Special: Expand your Port! Awaiting the detailed preview of this special. Come on, EU WG, please do your job on time!
  10. 2.5x Captain XP Mission - Updated 07/07

    Boys, I will be honest with you. I am a very busy working man and have dedicated most of my little free time and savings to both WOWs and WOTs. I decided to support WG by playing their games and spending a considerable amount of money on premium time, premium ships and so on. For that reason I think that me and all of you veteran captains and tankers deserve a respectful attitude - keeping promises and clear declaration of what is planned and will happen in the future development of WG's games. Regarding the 3x captain XP boost - yes, I am waiting for an official feedback on the main portal of EU WOWs site. Will it be this weekend or not? I do need to plan my free time. We all do, right?