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  1. Livininabox

    Upgrades : how do they work?

    Getting an upgrade doesn't seem to change the statistics of the ship. I installed the Gun Fire Control System, and the dispersion on the ship remained at 97 meters. Didn't check with other modules like torps, tho. No big deal, but it would be fine to see upgrades show up in stats.
  2. Livininabox

    Upgrades : how do they work?

    Oh, you're right. I can't even copy correctly from one screen to another. :blushes:
  3. Livininabox

    Upgrades : how do they work?

    Well if Battery Mod 2 works that way (-10% RoF, +15% turret tracking), they are useless on US destroyers, for example. I understood the description as a double buff* to RoF and turret tracking, and not a tradeoff between RoF and tracking. +15% to main battery aiming speed (instead of time) would make things clearer perhaps ? Because in my view a "+time to aiming" modifier means it takes longer to aim. * that's the only way it makes sense : who would use a double debuff ?
  4. Livininabox

    Upgrades : how do they work?

    I don't really understand how the upgrades work. For example, Main Battery Modification 1 enables me to lessen the risk of ammo explosion, critical damage, and repair time of batteries. Minus 20 percent everywhere. Fine. But then, Main Battery Modification 2 says : +10% to main battery loading time, and +15% to main battery aiming time. Shouldn't it be -10% and -15% repectively in order to be a bonus ? Because I sure don't want to have a battery that takes longer to aim and to load. Or am I getting this the wrong way ?
  5. Livininabox

    XVM... for WoWs?

    Oh, but I am a bad player. My aim is poor, and I do stupid things like darting forward at the beginning of the game and putting my ship in danger to achieve a common goal -a very very bad thing to do in any WoX game. Hence my abysmal survival rate. Only stat I care for is projectile hit ratio : I try to keep it above 33% ~because reasons. As for the other player I mentionned, it is difficult to judge on the sole basis of a single sentence. Maybe he was having a bad day. Or maybe he genuinely prides himself for having "gudstats" after shooting high explosive pixels at armored pixels. But a good player would have understood by now that yellow and green players only exist because of red players. Lemons and cucombers and eggplants should thank tomatoes : without them, no "gudstats", and no fapping about WR. One is always the tomatoe of someone else.
  6. Livininabox

    Getting bored of being capped

    They really should introduce the floating version of the Sherman, so that WoT players can familiarize with the concept of liquid ground -oh, look, it moves. April's Fool 2016, maybe ?
  7. Livininabox

    Turn off the chat for players who are dead

    I'd rather have the option to close the chat window and forget about it.
  8. Livininabox

    WoWS mods. Should they be allowed?

    The only mod you will ever need is called MS Paint. Infinite bragging rights. Instant-überness and server credibility. And then you introduce a whole new vocab paradigm, using expression like "I just stanced my stats bro", or "we haz lots of negative camber on doz killz" or whatever. Using skulls in flames is an option, else say you're sponsored by some t-shirt or beverage brand for l33t r3b3lz. In the end, quote Thomas Jefferson. Or Justin Bieber. There you go : :flex:
  9. Livininabox

    Any one having trouble grinding with the new XP rate?

    From my limited experience of both games, I find WoS more rewarding than WoT. But I spend a lot of time doing PVE when I unlock a ship, and don't mind spending time in coop mode.
  10. Livininabox

    XVM... for WoWs?

    Thirty minutes ago, I had a tensed duel with a destroyer, me being in a cruiser. It lasted like 3 or 4 minutes -quite a long time- and ended up with me being killed, because I'm terribad at internet warships. But it was fun, and I enjoyed it. I was about to write "well done, thank you" in chat, when he typed: "next noob, plz". I thought it was very rude. I checked his stats, just for the sake of it : 64% victories. Not bad, right ? But who is he ? A good player ? Or a complete d*bag according to what he said ? And that's the problem with stats : they are meaningless when taken out of their context. XVM ? Let them have it. D*bags will be d*bags anyway. (apart from that, I still enjoyed the duel, just wished I wouldn't have read the chatbox)
  11. Livininabox

    Upgrading a ship lacks of excitement

    I'm going to compare the way WoWs and Silent Hunter 3 behave when it come down to upgrading. In SH3, you see the profile of your submarine, and when you clic once on the upgrade, the new module appears on the sub and is highlighted. It is obvious when it's a new tower, but even an upgraded hydrophone array is made visible, even though the change is not that dramatic. In WoWs, I clic on "upgrade", and then nothing much happens. A few credits disappear, some turrets appear or change shape if I pay close attention, and that's it. I know we don't get as many upgrades as in SH3 for obvious reasons -and given the huge cost of an upgrade in SH3 it better be made very visible- but... there you go. My craving for upgrading überness is frustrated : )
  12. Livininabox

    Upgrading a ship lacks of excitement

    One thing that has bothered me a bit since I started playing : upgrading a ship gives me no feeling of achievement. I clic on the upgrade, and... nothing happens, really. If I keep in mind the shape of my ship pre-upgrade, I can sometimes tell : "oh, this is new". But most of the time, I have absolutely no idea what has been improved graphically speaking. Maybe it's because I come from a MMO/RPG background, but upgrading a piece of equipment should bring some kind of "graphical satisfaction", like a little animation, highlighted guns swap or whatever. I know there are some more pressing issues, obviously, but I would really love to see my ship change before my eyes. Like in WoT, where I could see my new turret, or my new gun, and feel rewarded by this. Otherwise : great game !