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    Carriers in next season of clan battles...

    WG did it again
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    Clan battles season 9

    1.) CVs cannot be balanced for random and CB at the same time, as the effectiveness of the CV also depends on the number on enemy players. In a random Battle you can see the CV do a lot at the end of the Battle (also has to do with the way aa works). The only "counter play" as of now is to group up and even than the CV can strike at least once and do lot (in the case of AP Bombs) with little loss of planes and that is with priority sector and consumables and AA built on. This season was horrible for me, as even in an "AA" cruiser you had the feeling that you can do nothing vs. the CV. -> so effective counter play MUST be introduced (not just for CB) From the perspective of the CV this season wasn´t enjoyable too. In my clan at least nobody really wanted to play the CV themselves, but one had to do it as it was the clear better Option to any BB. If you say you want all classes to be represented you cannot just introduce the CV and by this eliminate the BB. At the end of the day I just do not think that the CV adds anything to CB and even takes away a lot of fun as a result of the meta that had developed around the CV. So the CV should not be in CB at all in my opinion. I do not think that you do not listen to feedback, but an over site of this caliber surely makes me feel that way. As the impact of a CV in competitive is known from Kots and if not should have been tested. This class does not feel like any other, as all other classes are greatly impacted by it. If you compare it to dds they mostly are very effective vs. BBs, but any radar cruiser will f*** it up. on the other and the CA fears the BB. the CV doesn´t care at all about anything and rules the match. Even when the power might be historically accurate is does not make for an interesting game. So for random battles I want there to be effective counter play. 2.) Paying at different Ranks would be nice as it would open up CB for less experienced players too. But you must introduce some balance changes, as radar at tier 7 is available only with premium ships and as it is one of the most important consumables it is pay to win in my opinion. -> so some testing should be done 3.) the idea of limiting one ship to 1/2 is quite a good one, as it would prevent the current flavor of the month ship to not ruin the hole of CBs.