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  1. Pegasus2022

    Bad CV players and their increasing frequency

    Literally just had a game. Two enemy Des Moines alive until the end of the game. I shot down 34 enemy planes but did ~10,000 damage. Should have gone afk. You know why? Their Des Monies carried them, coudent strike at all, completely locked out of the game. My team needed to kill them but never did. I'm not sure they had the chance, out played.
  2. Pegasus2022

    Why would anyone ever play high tier CVs?

    CV's can be countred easily. How well your CV does can be closely linked to what your team is doing. If your team either doesnt push, doesn't have AA in the right places or becomes too spread out, you will lose vs a team that is doing those things correctly. Backup your CV's fighters, keep AA forwards to support their planes, kill their AA cruisers. Stay close if you want cover, don't get singled out etc. CV's are surprisingly relient on their team, they can't push caps remember.
  3. Pegasus2022

    World of HE Games

    I'm not trying to get AP to replace HE, I just think the difference between the two should be more decisive. You get a high fire chance from HE on some ships and for that its alpha should be less good than it is. HE IS too strong, Maybe the other solution is to not coat everything in 32mm plate or remove IFHE or reduce fire times. It's far easier to achive damage on some ships solely spamming HE at everytihng than it ever is with AP, because the AP is worthless beyond anything over medium range.
  4. Pegasus2022

    Bad CV players and their increasing frequency

    Most players ask for unreasonable demands from their CV Most players don't know how CV's work. Most players are over reliant on their CV Most players don't even notice when their CV saves them. Some players don't notice how much support their CV is actually giving thme Some players expect their CV to do everything for them Some players expect their CV t osolo win the game. Last weekend most DD players were truely bad. Some DDs rush off to cap and die just as your aircraft are getting airborne then all you get is "wtf CV, shi* CV" etc etc The amount of crap you get as a CV is unbelieveable.
  5. Pegasus2022

    World of HE Games

    Yes, once again ...potential. I had forgotten about that. Given I use AP so much, it's kind of ironic given the amout of HE shot at me. It doesn't really change the what is happening in the game though. Back to potential....why bother using AP for a salvo when you might potentially get a bit more damage than you would definately get in a HE salvo and possibly get a DoT too. There are certain situations when AP is a good choice, these are very limited. All other occasions HE is the go to for a steady stream of consistent damage with the added bonus of a DOT on it. Doesn't matter what angle the target is or what they're doing just point in the general direction and off you go., why bother with AP? For some of my discord team mates, the game revolves around watching when certain people damage con and setting them on fire again and again. It's all one of them ever talks about. Does he ever use AP? I don't think i've ever seen it. You could say this is good play but all it is is mindless island sitting HE spam with no attempt to flank or get a broadside. He says XX damage conned and i'm like "so?" I've got AP in the tubes, somtimes when i'm in a RN CL. If HE wern't so easy to use and potent, you'd see more AP in the game which is why I think HE should see an alpha nerf.
  6. Pegasus2022

    World of HE Games

    I think you just shot your argument in the foot. The key being the word 'potential'.
  7. Pegasus2022

    World of HE Games

    All WG need to do is globally nerf HE alpha by 15%. Right now its basically AP that ignores armor angle and comes with a free DoT.
  8. Pegasus2022

    Why would anyone ever play high tier CVs?

    Sorry but you've no clue what you're talking about. Playing a CV is very diffciult it's certainly not a winrate machine. If you come up against a premium CV, forget it. Bottom tier again, lots of american BBs? .....Might as well sit in a corner and go AFK. CV's are balance pretty well imho. It's people who don't know how to avoid them. I've watched friendly BB's sail off on their own completely oblivious to torp bombers that come and get them. They don't even try to turn, then cry at the CV and tell him he's crap. I've also vaporised BB's and CA's sailing backwards in a straight line. I mean, what do you expect? AA cruiser within 7km? Complete no-go zone for you, total map denial untill your team can clear them out. Didn't see that AA cruiser, oh, entire squad destroyed.....3 minutes before you can strike again. Lost two planes form a squad? Might as well recall it because it won't make it through AA....3 minuites before you can strike again. As if BB's haveing good AA wasent enough, some of them have a doulbe catapult fighter as well. If they still get nuked after all their defence they have then the deserve it. I can only really speak from US CV experiance but the Independance and Ranger both suck. I main BB/CL and have never had a problem with CV's.
  9. Pegasus2022

    should battlecruisers be added to the UK tree

    I'd like to see Repulse or Renown at some point, if only a premium. Don't perticularly want to se Admiral class i nthe line since they only built one and that was Hood, which is already a premium.
  10. Pegasus2022

    Russian Battleship Line

    Will they be built from stalinium and have magic properties like everything else USSR in WoT and WoWs?
  11. Pegasus2022

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    ....and die in 6 shells from 18km away.
  12. Pegasus2022

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    Emerald, Edinborough & Neptune need some sort of small buff. They are all weak at their tier. With Neptune its the smoke fire range and the fact it sits so high in the water. Edinborough needs a reload speed buff. Fiji and Leander are some great ships with a high skill floor and very unforgiving gameplay.
  13. Pegasus2022

    All the things wrong with the Black Ships

    Who on Earth has the disposable income to waste on a black ship?
  14. Pegasus2022

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    Still stuck at rank ~10. Usually the last one alive and cranking out 68k average but seeing 100k damage fairly often. Seen single ships just do their own thing against all the teams chat and throw games down the pan for unknown reasons.
  15. Pegasus2022

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    Enterprise is still a pay to win CV with it's extra fighter squad and torp bomber squad, there is no contest or fight for air control as they just start with it. Sometimes they'll tie up your fighters, if they start to lose, they'll just strafe their own fighters with the other group to kill yours. What's the point? I've got Lexington and Monarch available at tier 8 having sold Edinborough previously. I was cautious about taking Lexington out but thought i'd give it a try since i've got it and do ok since the buff. I'll play a few more but if Enterprises are prevelant i'll just consign Lexington to port.