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  1. Pegasus2022

    New CVs

    I'll keep my carriers to the hotfix but if there is no good change by that time im selling them.
  2. Pegasus2022

    New CVs

    Yeah i'fd like that too but its not going to happen
  3. Pegasus2022

    New CVs

    Just to add They could keep the current system if: Planes could change altitude Add clouds and cloud cover for ships. Allow continous control of carrier Allow refit between HE/AP bombs Multiple control of planes via the RTS system but attack only with first person, switching between the two. (No long time watching planes fly to targets) Finite planes Less insta kill planes with single AA bubbles and more DoT based system. Flak bubbles could damage planes but not jib them. Full single strikes, none of this tripple strike rubbish. Def AA causes the 'harassed' status BUT, CV's can see when its activated through cange in tracer animation etc and decide against an attack. Rocket planes removed and replaced with strafing fighters to fight other CV's planes/fighters Fighters can roll and invert. Planes return to carrier via the F key and can be routed in the RTS view. The cooldown timer is applied before they can launch again, just like the old version. With this, you get the best of both worlds. Although CV players are going to be really, really busy. Planes are also an important rescource to the team and not just thrown away like they currently are. Strikes are more spaced out and ships rae not continously spotted.
  4. Pegasus2022

    New CVs

    I wouden't usually say this with an update, even if it was a bit clunky but I genuinely think a rollback is in order here. The game has changed so much away from what it was it's unbelieveable. It has much much more arcadey feel to it and its less about skill, less about manovering and less aboutseeing oportunities to take advantage of in the red team. It's far far less tactical and almost a shadow. I dont think anything short of major rebalancing and work will change this with the current implimentation of CV's. The concealment nerf at the same time was also a bad idea imho, basically a DD buff and everything else nerf. It could have waited.
  5. Pegasus2022

    New CVs

    If you want true accuracy, near misses from bombs would be just as dangerous as actual hits. WG could remove rocket planes and replace them with fighters that can strafe ships accurately. This would probably be a better anti DD weapon, It cant sink them but it can damage their modules a lot.
  6. Pegasus2022

    New CVs

    The flak pattern would be changed to be a 3d random field. Right now it's basically a line infront of you and the ones that spawn at the sides (most of them) have no effect. Then one spawns on you and you lose the entire squad. The flak pattern would be more unpredictable and need more work to fly through or around.
  7. Pegasus2022

    New CVs

    The point was to make it less linear in terms of one dimention of flak and planes flying along it. It would give more options to avoid flak, which is very limited right now. whilst keeping the bubble density the same. Currently you either get spawns either side in a line, which don't really need to be dodged or right in front of you which ices all your planes. I've seen this both from the carrier and ship perspective. Your squad is too large to effectively dodge and needs to stay level to get any sort of favorable munitions accuracy. Clearly this sailed right over your head as evidenced by your pointless post.
  8. Pegasus2022

    New CVs

    You should add the ability to climb and descend to avoid the AA bublbes. This would make it more interesting and more skill based.
  9. Pegasus2022

    New CVs

    I perticularly enjoy Watching my entire squadron get iced by a BB that isn't known for its AA sinply because a bubble spawns on top of me. Spending time after time watching my planes fly across the map to the target. Even thought about tabbing out and browsing reddit for 20 seconds whilst they flew to the target. Attacking with only three planes a time and on coming out of attack mode coming back to a squadron that has been completely mangled by AA so much it cant attack again and dies 5 seconds later. Watching my next set of planes fly to their target.... Sending waves of planes to a single ship to do get 1 torp hit or a few bomb hits and get very marginal damage. Was completely done after 7 bot games in the lexington.
  10. Pegasus2022

    1 month left to play.RTS CV

    They are like, the easiest class to counter and I found CV to be the hardest class to play. They are also the only class you can completely lock out from the game. If you haven't figued out how to counter them after 2 years, maybe you should learn to play some more. If your team hasent killed a target in the time it takes you to reload and strike again (~3-4 miniutes) it's not exactly kill stealing is it. Some players actually do this in random games, then complain about their CV when they die. Not a joke.
  11. Reasons I, along with my clan stopped playing WoT in 2016 (All of whom were Blue/Unicum players.) 1. Artillery 2. Russian [edited] physics defying magic tanks (IS3, IS6, T22, T54, T54 Lwt.) - Stalinium + Gun depression stats being impossible, endlessly buffed because glorious Russia. 3. Huge Powercreep (Scorpion) 4. Destruction of tier 6 balance by rediculous tanks (Jap Heavies etc) 5. Tank powercreep making lots of many well balanced tanks at tier 6 completely obsolete. (FireFly) 6. Release of premiums to make up for powercreeped line tanks (Centurion Premium) 6. Matchmaker template screw up. 7. Completely broken HEAT spamming autoloaders 7. Artillery
  12. Pegasus2022

    Bad CV players and their increasing frequency

    Literally just had a game. Two enemy Des Moines alive until the end of the game. I shot down 34 enemy planes but did ~10,000 damage. Should have gone afk. You know why? Their Des Monies carried them, coudent strike at all, completely locked out of the game. My team needed to kill them but never did. I'm not sure they had the chance, out played.
  13. Pegasus2022

    Why would anyone ever play high tier CVs?

    CV's can be countred easily. How well your CV does can be closely linked to what your team is doing. If your team either doesnt push, doesn't have AA in the right places or becomes too spread out, you will lose vs a team that is doing those things correctly. Backup your CV's fighters, keep AA forwards to support their planes, kill their AA cruisers. Stay close if you want cover, don't get singled out etc. CV's are surprisingly relient on their team, they can't push caps remember.
  14. Pegasus2022

    World of HE Games

    I'm not trying to get AP to replace HE, I just think the difference between the two should be more decisive. You get a high fire chance from HE on some ships and for that its alpha should be less good than it is. HE IS too strong, Maybe the other solution is to not coat everything in 32mm plate or remove IFHE or reduce fire times. It's far easier to achive damage on some ships solely spamming HE at everytihng than it ever is with AP, because the AP is worthless beyond anything over medium range.
  15. Pegasus2022

    Bad CV players and their increasing frequency

    Most players ask for unreasonable demands from their CV Most players don't know how CV's work. Most players are over reliant on their CV Most players don't even notice when their CV saves them. Some players don't notice how much support their CV is actually giving thme Some players expect their CV to do everything for them Some players expect their CV t osolo win the game. Last weekend most DD players were truely bad. Some DDs rush off to cap and die just as your aircraft are getting airborne then all you get is "wtf CV, shi* CV" etc etc The amount of crap you get as a CV is unbelieveable.