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  1. Both the Warship Profile #40 and Willigenburg's "Dutch Warships of World War II" mention preliminary concepts of the DeRuyter with 20cm/8" guns. I have been unable to find any drawings or images of these preliminaries. Can anyone share one or know where to look? Thank you Dave G
  2. ptdockyard

    Proposed Soviet super heavy cruiser by Ansaldo 1936

    Another typo now fixed. It was early in the AM..
  3. ptdockyard

    Proposed Soviet super heavy cruiser by Ansaldo 1936

    Sorry! I was looking at the wrong column in the book. I corrected the stats. Thanks, Dave
  4. Rohwer & Monakov's book "Stalin's Ocean Going Fleet" mentions that Ansaldo proposed a 19-22000 ton cruiser with 9-250mm guns to the Soviets in 1936. Looks like the Soviets took the idea and came up with their "Cruiser X" design with 11 aircraft and two submersible MTBs. On Page 96 it gives statistics: Std Disp: 19,500 Loaded Disp: 26,700 L: 241.5M B: 28M D:7.45M SHP:240,000 Speed: 37Kt Range: 7000nm Armament:12-250mm (4 Triple turrets) 9-250mm ( Three Triple turrets) 12- 130mm (6 twin turrets) 12-100mm (6 twin turrets) 32-45mm 6-21" TT (two triple mounts) 2 catapults, 4 A/C Does anyone have a drawing of this Ansaldo design? Dave G The PT Dockyard
  5. ptdockyard

    US heavy cruisers rearmed with 10" guns?

    I took a stab at a model of the 4-12" design when I recently made the Design 289 Scheme C CL in 1/1200. I conjectured use of the turrets from the Wyoming. Here it is in the background:
  6. ptdockyard

    US heavy cruisers rearmed with 10" guns?

    At first I thought it was internet hearsay but now someone pointed me to a paragraph in Friedman's book on the top of page 288 where in 1929 10 inch twin mounts were considered with the development of the German Deutschland class. Dave
  7. Recently someone mentioned online that the USN considered rearming their cruisers with 9-8" guns to 8-10" guns if the Washington/London treaties fell apart. No sources were given and I see nothing in Friedman's cruiser book about any of these plans. Has anyone else read of these plans? Dave G
  8. ptdockyard

    The Di Giussano AA Cruiser Project

    Can someone share the sources for the drawings, especially the Russian book mentioned? Thanks! Dave G
  9. I ran across this today while researching Japanese destroyers. It is a Mutsuki class modified with two twin 10cm/65 and multiple light AA. The site is here: http://www.cwo.zaq.ne.jp/bface700/kanntei_date_j_d.html/kanntei_date_j_04_5.html Was this a real proposal or something made up? I have not heard of this conversion. Dave G The PT Dockyard
  10. ptdockyard

    "Maestrale Potenziato"

    Here is some information in Italian: http://www.regiamarinaitaliana.it/NaviCa.html Dave G The PT Dockyard
  11. ptdockyard

    Italian project, Ferrati G

    Very nice! What is the source? Dave
  12. ptdockyard

    Italian project, Ferrati G

    Are there supposed to be drawings or a link here????
  13. ptdockyard

    German Light Cruiser project from 1/700 kit

    Excellent! Are there any details on this or other designs? Dave G
  14. ptdockyard

    The Streamlined Battleships

    Very nice! Any guess as to dimensions? Dave
  15. I found this drawing purportedly from George Thurston showing this nine gun design. This looks different from others I have seen recently which had casemated secondary guns: Dave G