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  1. BENGA_warrior

    Really Enjoying The Game!

    agree 100% about the guardng , the nerf crys have long began already ;(
  2. BENGA_warrior

    huge problem with fps

    happens to many many people me included
  3. BENGA_warrior

    Baltimore Brickwall to T10

    cheers capn jack gonna go for the lolacola
  4. BENGA_warrior

    huge problem with fps

    TURN OF V-SYNC USE YOUR MONITORS RESOLUTION i find that lowering resolution on this game actually decreases fps its the game dude i have decent rig but i get fps issues ranging from drops from 80 to 12 to 7 ;S
  5. BENGA_warrior

    Baltimore Brickwall to T10

    is the cleavland a good ship? was thinking of getting new mexico
  6. BENGA_warrior

    new player some advice

    lol i never play against bots it defeats the objective of multiplayer gaming , lmao i wreck higher teirs than me with god awfull ships i purchased the st loius and i regret it what would you suggest for 5/6 ship us class?
  7. BENGA_warrior

    One hitted by Hashidate

    started to notice alot of one shot killers myself last night and tonight ^^
  8. BENGA_warrior

    New Player Here!

    hi im new also i dont know about maintenance as not played today . basically i have been supporting other ships dont stray alone stick with other ships remember to lead with your firing as the other ships are moving ;) only played for 3 days and have sunk many many ships ;) enjoy man great game
  9. BENGA_warrior

    new player some advice

    cheers man
  10. BENGA_warrior

    new player some advice

    right so i have to buy next tier up or can i skip tiers ?
  11. BENGA_warrior

    new player some advice

    hi guys just started playing yesterday and have amassed 3.5 mill just using erie. i manage to get kills fairly easy but its way too slow im just looking for advice should i just blow the whole lot on a batttleship or buy anther tier cruiser? would appreciate help ,also whn i buy a new ship do i have to repair using credits etc many thanks awesome game kamikaze killer benga xD
  12. BENGA_warrior

    Sudden FPS drops

    same for me ;(
  13. BENGA_warrior

    can anyone help

    thanks for your reply i managed to find the xml file and changed res back to native ;) epic game only played for a day ;) 2.5 mill
  14. BENGA_warrior

    Strange drops in FPS

    drops are real from high 50s to 7fps i5 quad @3.4ghz gtx750 ti 8gb ram alt-tabbing out the game and back in fixes the isses for like 5 mins then back to insane drops
  15. BENGA_warrior

    Massive frame rate issue - desync?

    same i5 quad nvidia gtx 750ti massive frame drops from high 50 to 7 fps insane just random random drops alt-tab out and back in and it fixes itself my guess is server side memory leak ;(