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  1. Cosmic_Nite

    Player that start the battle and than go out ..

    just playing devil's advocate here but maybe they get a strange bug with 5 or more ships "In Battle" Im almost certain it's not that but we are in a testing phase and it's not uncommon to see strange behaviour. I don't care about a match result if I'm trying to recreate a bug so it can be logged and reported. Edit: Best advice, As always if you feel something's not right within the game submit a ticket with as much information as possible.
  2. Cosmic_Nite

    Who to contact for internships etc

    I would start by looking here maybe? https://wargaming.com/en/careers/
  3. Cosmic_Nite

    Torpedo Counter Measure

    Your rudder is the most effective countermeasure. It was common practice for ships to zigzag when under a torpedo threat, it's better to miss it then try and shoot it.
  4. Cosmic_Nite

    <insert ship class> is op

    Just keep one thing in mind, When open Beta starts the cycle starts again
  5. Cosmic_Nite

    Do not streamline the game too much Wargaming, remember wop

    I agree with this, I had a few days not being able to play becuase of work, now battleships can one hit everything apart from other BBs, Oh my giddy aunt what's all that about. I am finding it a struggle at the moment.
  6. Cosmic_Nite

    Progress wipe?

    The next wipe will be before open beta, as long as nothing game breaking is found during that phase I don't think we would get another one. Cosmic.
  7. Cosmic_Nite

    Stop it with the insults allright?

    Trouble is its only going to worse as people start to get comfortable and the novelty wears Disable Ingame chat let them suffer in silence
  8. Cosmic_Nite

    Destroyers and their amazing gameplay

    For me DD are the most fun but frustrating class to play,
  9. Cosmic_Nite

    Iwaki Alpha

    Sounds like the 100 battle reward and steamed into port got any stats?
  10. Cosmic_Nite

    Dive Bombers and Torp Bombers

    it would be nice if you could get a critical hit on a DD from time to time because they are your only defence, your very lucky hitting one with a torpedo. I do agree they don't really inflect any damage, it's like they use incendiary bombs haha.
  11. Cosmic_Nite

    Dive Bombers and Torp Bombers

    If you can fly 3 squadrons, 1 fighter 1 dive bomber and 1 torp bomber you can change your loadout so you can fly 1 fighter and 2 torp squadrons for example (depending on the carrier) I think that's what your talking about Dont forget dive bombers are you only real defence against destoryers being your main nemesis. Cosmic.
  12. Cosmic_Nite

    Closed Beta Survey

    All done, Sir.
  13. Cosmic_Nite

    A question about sea collision rules and wind direction

    WoWs is a Arcade game not a simulation game so best advice really is try and stay out of people's way, I've done some dinghy sailing in my time and have a basic understanding of the right of way but it's everyman for himself when the 16's start firing
  14. Cosmic_Nite

    Error when launching the Launcher

    So you've not downloaded the game yet? Sounds like the launcher might have corrupted itself when doing the update, do you have a stable internet connection? Have you tried downloading the launcher again?
  15. Cosmic_Nite

    Bug report

    Hi, Go here https://eu.wargaming.net/support/ sign in and click My Tickets It alway helps attaching screenshots etc.. Cosmic.