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  1. davidalcock

    My tiny collection of KM paperships

    prices vary wildly ,the series is German language , there is also a cut down (minor ships missing) english language version in 2 vols!
  2. davidalcock

    alt_naval and other never were pics

    i like the tripple stack more than FUSMATO due to shortage of a/a on the latter! mind you 6 x 3 x 18 inch - WOOOOOW!
  3. davidalcock

    Swedish "aircraft carrier cruiser", 1946

    the Swedish navy had the floatplane carrying cruiser GOTLAND in the 1930s ,this looks like a replacement "through deck cruiser" well in advance of the RN !! in a period when floatplanes were out of fashion!
  4. davidalcock

    Light Battleship Design

    it has the feel of the US isolationist coastal defence force idea of the 1930s! for this it has a reasonable armament, if used in groups! and would fit the view of the US population!
  5. davidalcock

    The Streamlined Battleships

    as a modeller with the idea of building this ship, I was just looking at TZOLIs excellent drawings and comparing with the original and realised what a massive flaw the design has ! the" funnels" !!!!! the exhaust has to raise , flow out, then down before going aft !!! ?????apart from being counter to the laws of physics ( hot gas does not naturally go downwards) the heat build up would be fatal to any crew in the rear half of the ship and the optimism that shells and torpedoes would bounce off the unprotected exhaust bulge without exploding is astounding!!
  6. davidalcock

    Monitor (warship) - Tech Tree options

    the problem with monitors is the broad cover of the designation ,everything from a river boat with a tank gun to the seagoing ships with 15/18 inch guns! the british monitors sunk by Goeben were small 6 inch armed ships! during WW2 some monitors were used as convoy heavy escorts to deter the German battleships! for long range fire the large monitors flooded beam tanks to cause a list thus raising the angle of fire and hence the range! and most fire was on the broadside and none ever did an eskimo roll!!!
  7. davidalcock

    Armed Merchant Ships

    for the success of "low tier carriers" in the real world and the need for them here see TAFFY 3 VS THE IMPERIAL JAPANESE NAVY
  8. davidalcock

    Iowa class 2nd refit proposal

    not strange ,the Sparrow was fitted to the CVNs -for the incoming that everyone else missed!!! and there only needs to be one!!
  9. davidalcock

    Project 1080 Arsenal Ship

    the range of the scud ss1 was 170 km not 1700 , so a good landing support ship but not a strategic threat! if the range had been 1700 km the Iraqi s may well have won the gulf war!!!
  10. davidalcock

    CAM ships, The disposable fighter launcher

    GREAT POST . The normal a/c carried were battle weary Hurricane's too worn out to use for training, not Sea hurricanes! the reason the Condors were so dangerous early in the war was that they attacked /spotted the convoys mid ocean when they had virtually no escorts , by 1943 convoys were escorted for the full trip , usually with an air escort and a Liberator could fight off a Condor, so even without carriers the convoy could fight off a Condor!
  11. davidalcock

    hms EAGLE 60S UPDATE

    EAGLE was supposed to have a refit but ARK ROYAL was done instead and no money was available for a sister, this is what EAGLE could have looked like if she was refitted later than ARK! the deck of ARK was tight during flight ops so my idea is to create more useable deck by adding area and moving one of the lifts to the edge, the electronics would be updated so i thought the (later cancelled by Britain) ANGLO/DUTCH radar system which was to be used on the CVA01 would be the logical system to be fitted! as a what if this has more validity than many ships on this and the previous forums! all the items were there all that was lacking was political will and cash supply!
  12. davidalcock

    hms EAGLE 60S UPDATE

    first-i had pics , she distracted other buyers from the other ships which were worth 6/7 times what i paid!!! GREAT DEAL!!! second -the refit was never done so it is a what iff ,and using the never bought radar from a never built ship on a never done refit , is VERY WHAT IFF!!
  13. davidalcock

    hms EAGLE 60S UPDATE

    i got a bulk lot of models on ebay and among them was a badly broken 6o/70s HMS ARK ROYAL ! so to use it , i thought what would the Phantomised HMS EAGLE look like? i am coming to the conclusion of a rear deck edge elevator in the boat area behind the island, a squarer flight deck for extra space and the CVA01 electronics. i considered using the original deck edge elevator but the waist cat is in the way! the bow elevator has to stay to serve the lower hangar!
  14. first thought WOW she would certainly disrupt any opposing battleline!!! second idea the JAPANESE counterpart-a KONGO with Q turret and most a/c replaced with 50+ LONG LANCE TUBES hull and deck mounted !!!!
  15. davidalcock

    Unknow light-cruiser design

    most navies used or at least tried some form of mat recovery device ,the idea was you ran the a/c onto the mat which was more stable than staying in the water for hooking to the recovery crane!! especially useful for single seat a/c with no backseater to fix the hook on!!