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  1. _V_I_X_

    Finished PR today for 14k dubs

    just saw it ^^
  2. _V_I_X_

    Finished PR today for 14k dubs

    interesting counter same as mine but im at 35 out of 36 *edit didnt saw urs is 939* instead of mine at 930
  3. _V_I_X_

    German cruisers - worth it?

    Hindenburg is amazing, oh wait ^^ on the contrary they are tanky sometimes brawlers good snipers, its nice tho in todays meta quite useless, but fun, but useless
  4. _V_I_X_

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I would Love to participate. Nice event like last one, keep up the good work! o7
  5. nice, code is THUMB, it gives u few containers, crap load :D 15 as i counted