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  1. Interesting, i ranked out already and mostly played solo but had fun with some old clan members who are in diferent clans now and we mostly roflstomped everytime we met, and we met like in 10 consecutive games w/o clicking... ...now back to ur screenshots, in first 1 no amount of match rigging u are calling about cant argue with fact that ur team played bad as hell, and he maybe missplayed (or did he actualy suicided?) on second one i see u got carried pretty hard. Not defending clanmates at all, did u encounter this whole night or u are just a little (u know what i want to say) and went to cry on forums about it? tho looking closely in first screenshot he probably died coz fighting few dds w/o suport...
  2. _V_I_X_

    Analysis of AA rework and Ship/CV-interaction

    Nice wall of text, just what i wanted to rant about, everything looks cool but in praxis its not so, playing full aa on test is rewarding and estethicaly pleasing as staring into wall (with some cool sounds)! agreed 100% with ya
  3. _V_I_X_

    2 Tier Overmatch. Compensation

    Not every time, but for me its more fun when u are underdog, more tension sailing whole map twice around, searching spots where i can be safe, trying to flank and use TacTICz, much more than sitting in Yamato trying to tank while my team is dying in 3 mins 1 by 1...
  4. _V_I_X_

    2 Tier Overmatch. Compensation

    yea hard t10 shipururus, qq
  5. K, heya Omni, i wish to enlist to Omni wsX, still no t10 ship, but they coming! http://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/522911164-_V_I_X_/!/pvp/overview/ here is my profile on wows, check it, see if u like it *been in Omni clan in world of tanks and enjoyed the ride, but sea and salt are my pref ty for ur time in advance!!!