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  1. BilgeWater

    Naval Battle: Clans Competition

    My EU clan got crushed by a CIS clan that scored over 100.
  2. BilgeWater

    Naval Battle: Clans Competition

    This is perfect, thank you! I bet a lot of people somehow knew or assumed that, but I feel I pay close attention and had no idea. Perhaps the client could add the local time zone code or say “local time” after stating the time?
  3. BilgeWater

    Naval Battle: Clans Competition

    Info says the engagement ends 25/02 at 01:00. What time zone is the 01:00? When exactly is the last time of day we can battle for a star?
  4. Antony1953 has played over 1,800 CO-OP games -- against bots -- and 30 random against real players. I assume the salt comes from coming over to random and not realizing that real players -- even poor ones, actually fight back much, much better than co-op bots, and getting decimated in seconds. Absolutely, what is needed here is to grind through low tier random games, and watch lots of instructional WOWS vids on youtube. You need to unlearn your co-op playing experience which is currently 98.38% of your game playing experience. That will not come quickly. Go watch ichase's "Captain's Academy." . Look for other world of warships youtube instructionals.
  5. Tigermoth, I'm an [edited]! I hit downvote when i meant upvote, and now for some reason i can't change it! I apologize, and hope someone else can undo my stupid iphone thumbing error.
  6. BilgeWater

    Fixed game system?

    http://warships.today/player/506911782/eu/Semillon As Semillon you have played the Umikaze in to an above average level (probably largely because no one stays at the Umikaze for 35 games), according to the warships.today score. Good for you. And you're 2 .5 wins below 500 (15 wins in 35 games(-- which is completely within a coin-flip margin of error away from 50% wins. The only other ship you've played above average is the Sampson in which you've won 3 of 8 -- 1 game away from the coinflip 50% win. Every other ship you've played in the very limited PVP experience of this account have been somewhat or radically below average. Yielding a terrible win rate overall. But if it's Umikaze you're talking about, a 43% win rate in 35 battles is effectively 50%. And if you play another 100 battles in it and perform at the same rate, you'd be likely to approach and slightly exceed a 50% win rate. None of the scant evidence you described yield a conclusion that an account gets flagged to bad MM. You argued yourself that good performance is punished and bad performance lifted through MM. This describes a situation in which all accounts would tend toward 50% wins. But you come to the exactly opposite conclusion and say that accounts of 75% wins (please tell us what account that is on which server) and 25% wins (which Semillon is NOT) are the logical conclusion of such a system. They are not. They are the result of far too little data.
  7. BilgeWater

    Are the Russians also noticing the AP/armor issues?

    Yes they are, and complaining about no news from developers in response.
  8. BilgeWater

    Signals: Why do we have to have bundles?

    It's got to be the economy. It's about what the Russian players can and will pay for as opposed to those playing other servers. Very different people and abilities to pay
  9. BilgeWater

    spawn positions

    Base A is all yours baby! Go go go! What ship type are you in this ?
  10. BilgeWater


    Y'know what's funny? I have 1100 battles, stats show i'm pretty above average in all classes, and I've barely figured out the names of any maps. I know Straiit, Two Brothers, Ocean, and for some reason, New Dawn. It just doesn't register. I just look at the map when it comes up, and recognize it.
  11. BilgeWater

    Label commander with ship he's trained for

    Blimey, you're right! Thanks! Just gotta look at them in reserve. 1,000 games, and I've never put them into reserve during the exchange from ship to ship!
  12. BilgeWater

    Insta win bug

    Another surprise win (or loss) comes when one team's score drops below 0. I've seen it many times on the Strait map.
  13. When I take a commander from a regular ship and put him in a premium, he has no label -- nothing -- to tell me which ship he's actually trained for -- which ship he belongs to. Can you please add to the commander's personnel file exactly which ship he's actually trained on? When I click to return him from the premium to the ship he's trained on, I'm still prompted with the warning that he'll need retraining for it (even though he does not). It always makes me nervous that I'm putting a trained commander into the wrong ship when I return him from the premium. Thanks.
  14. BilgeWater

    Not possible to change any settings

    I did today. Go to settings and all I get are the OK / CANCEL / APPLY buttons. Nothing to actually set.