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  1. BusterGut1

    St Louis needs to go

    Don't forget with the upgrade on captains skill the range goes to 11.5km, caught quite a few people out on that.
  2. BusterGut1

    They say the atlanta has weak guns.

    I love my Atlanta, such a shame the range is so crap, I mean what ship can fire 5" guns only 6 miles.
  3. BusterGut1

    Royal Navy - Not until 2017 comrade

    I've been saving up my points for the RN line, have no more intention of buying 3rd rate russian rubbish or anymore german ships (great guns but tinfoil hulls). I'm just hoping the tier 3 BB when it arrives will be a dreadnought class.
  4. Not in favour at all, it highlights them to the enemy who will try and kill them 1st next time out. What could be done would be to show an icon after battle that says that in the results
  5. BusterGut1

    So where are the carriers now? - CV almost disapeared.

    Why? I'm fed up with all the whingers who either now complain where are the CV's or moan about their ability, the fact is CV's are the most powerful non nuclear ships ever. get used to it. As for they are all either tier 8, 9 or 10, thats crap, have you seen how expensive they are! BB's etc are a lot cheaper.
  6. BusterGut1

    St Louis needs to go

    I'd suggest you get one and learn just how vulnerable it is. Most navies with this class of ship, used them in divisions as they are just to vulnerable to torps (DD and CA) and aircraft as they are slow to manoeuvre and in speed. its only advantage is when steaming obliquely at the enemy at long range as its decks have quite thick armour (hence protected as opposed to armoured which has belt armour as well). against a ww2 cruiser they'd not survive long as their 6" guns just wouldn't get through the armour.
  7. Its funny, I used to use AP in any battle where I was attacking a BB and getting nowhere, now I never use AP, sunk plenty of BB's with a cruiser.
  8. BusterGut1

    When do you think the mm will be fixed Wargaming

    I would but I'm getting really annoyed with the whinging in every post. Don't they realise this is not the commercial product yet?
  9. BusterGut1

    Carrier "Balance"

    I play carriers and I don't personally give a sh1t if I'm up against higher tier CV's, If you have problems with CV's then I suggest that you either learn how to get round their perceived advantages (there are none) or go play some other game instead of moaning about them.
  10. The default shell for all guns is HE, also in most battles the 1st ship you will run into is a DD. if you leave the HE loaded and just single click AP after the first broadside it will load AP with no time penalty. AS for what a 356mm shell would do, 'd suggest thinking of an explosive bullet being fired through a paper bag
  11. BusterGut1

    When do you think the mm will be fixed Wargaming

    Whats bad about that! I've had half a team on the other side against my Warspite, where they were 10's. This is an open beta game,. its not the final product, so stop whinging!
  12. BusterGut1

    Tier difference is enormous

    I'm guessing now but I bet you use AP against cruisers. You should try HE, does far more damage over time as it sets them on fire mostly and don't get fixated on one target you tend to just steam in straight lines, you need to manoeuvre.
  13. BusterGut1

    How long does it take to fix the broken MM for CVs?

    Whinger, go back to WoT
  14. BusterGut1

    So how was your day I WoW?

    I'm starting this thread as it seems to me that in Random Battle, there's a real load of numpties that need to find out how to play the game! If you are fortunate to have CV's in your team, USE them, they need you and you need them, its a game of co-operation not WoT, full of stupid qame cheat hero's, who think stats are something you get from just your efforts. ITS A TEAM EFFORT. Take today for instance I have a list of 19 people who think its great to either camp or rush off never use chat and then whinge and whine when they get killed. They also wonder why 15 minutes later they've just about managed to earn 150 exp points and lose the fight. OK you will die at some point but for Gods sake at least to try and understand the game. For instance take a good look at this http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/17605-captains-academy-gameplay-guides-and-tips-latest-040-he-vs-ap/page__fromsearch__1