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    0.7.11 - General Feedback

    Not sure what covers this, but in a few battles I've had when there's one ship left and I can kill or hit the target the game ends suddenly. IMO this stinks, its not right or proper that you deny a player points when they are in this position.
  2. Captain_T_Hardy

    HMS Queen Elizabeth

    I saw her at Portsmouth but no pictures sadly as my phone is camera less. I really struggle to see the advantage of the 2 island construction, I feel it will cause problems and as for having to have yank planes how barmy is that.
  3. Captain_T_Hardy


    The Mahan is a tough ship to destroy and also being maneuverable its good at surviving. I think the light cruisers of ww2 are not really light cruisers when you think of their tonnage and I think they could have been equipped with 8" guns along the lines of the Pensacola with 10 8" guns.
  4. Captain_T_Hardy


    I presume by town class you mean the York class, which were cut down county class cruisers (1922 Washington Treaty). My uncle served on HMS Devonshire and to be honest I'd like to see that in the game. Fiji and Edinburgh are nice ships, but they could do with having HE shells as the AP ones are just stupid when used against a destroyer unless you can hit them on the for and aft lines.
  5. Captain_T_Hardy

    [WTF?NO!] "We Truly Follow No Orders" recruits!

    Good to see a clan owner who spams his requests, I'll shout out in game but which area do I need? BTW I'm an old git and like to act like Victor Meldrew (not really)
  6. Captain_T_Hardy

    Which One Should I Get? HMS Edinburgh USS Cleveland?

    Both, Cleveland is a tier 6 and Edinburgh is tier 8. Only downside to the Cleveland is its as strong as a wet paper bag and lacks torps.
  7. Captain_T_Hardy


    2 from this year isn't it? But then thats stupid politics for you, I imagine they will be used to carry all the illegal immigrants here from the Med so that they can get a council house free and for gratis. However I stand by what I said about nobbling our cruisers, btw there's not 1 8" gunned cruiser in there, yet we get sh1te ships like Scharnhorst and Guisenau, which were the german equivalent of ww1 armed merchant cruisers treated like battleships. I think the software writers need to go get an education. I'll go look at the carriers thread, not that I play them.
  8. Captain_T_Hardy


    I'd be more inclined to ask when are we getting ships that aren't nobbled. Seeing as the software people are biased against anything that is of equal worth to the russian rubbish. The British line is screwed in that cruisers above lvl 4 have no HE and their torpedo tubes either removed or severely cut, with ridiculous reload times. Also the battle lines we have are not what were deemed of 1st rate. I'm starting to have serious doubts about the progeny of this game.
  9. Captain_T_Hardy

    ships and tea mission bug?

    Even better, played this game off and on for about 2+ years never realised. Thanks
  10. Captain_T_Hardy

    ships and tea mission bug?

  11. Captain_T_Hardy

    ships and tea mission bug?

    Ok after the 5 BB kills you get "get 500 ribbons" whats that about?
  12. Captain_T_Hardy

    HMS Belfast under equipped.

    Its obvious Radar in 1940-5 was inferior to a spotter
  13. Captain_T_Hardy

    1 shot!

    Maybe not, not bothered to look, i only do pve to get the boxes, will be useful in pvp.