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  1. This has happened twice to me too, TB seem to have just started their change of course, which means the torps were launched a bit earlier and further than where they seem in the pic . That means that the right most torpedo was launched inside the island ! I sure hope they fix this.
  2. Hannibal_ante

    The grind ...!

  3. Hannibal_ante

    Furutaka 4.1

    This is obviously a troll topic. I can find no other explanation for defending, whats is undeniably, the worst ship in the game. Some here say Furu will win in a close range battle,....yeah if the other ship is not turning and evading, cause if it is then it will get behind you and by the time you re align your turrets ( has any of you really played furu??? ) the other ship WILL sink you. Still, an extremely funny post, glad to see all the trolls in one place .
  4. Hannibal_ante

    XVM... for WoWs?

    I am truly baffled here. How on earth can you say it pays to be selfish? in a team strategy game !!! Only twice ever since I started playing this game I have had the luck of actually being able to coordinate with my teammates. In both cases by COOPERATING AND NOT BEING SELFISH not only did my team win but the end stats were crazy high ( last game ended with me sinking 5 ships with the contribution of 2 other team mates in a 3 ship squadron. ) They could have gone and tried to get the best possible score alone, but this way we 3 sunk 7 ships !! 7 uncoordinated ships who knew how to shoot,but had no idea hot to actually shoot the same target. Any coordinated team of "mediocre" players will wipe the floor with a team of "1337/ top/ pro" players playing selfishly. If you don't understand this or haven't seen it happen then I'm truly sorry As far as XVM goes in my opinion it promotes selfish plays and thus bad games. So a big no. Anyone defending the XVM, as far as I'm concerned should prolly start playing an other game where team play is not so much important. Its the guys that go solo that ruin this game.
  5. Hannibal_ante

    The grind ...!

    You have me laughing so hard right now, bless you.As for Needy_Game. I understand some people liking Furutaka, But let me tell you this. Lower fire rate than its US counterpart, while only slightly higher AP damage. turret turn time is ...a nightmare. At the time Omaha will launch 3 broadside salvos ,while having turned and changed direction once, Furutaka will only fire one broadside As for ship progression and evolution. I'm terribly sorry but if they wanted to have reality elements in this game, then BB would hit 1 in 8 salvos, cruisers would do nothing more than scratch battleships at max distance ( instead of hitting citadels) etc etc. No in my opinion that's just a grind mechanic and a poor one at that.
  6. Hannibal_ante

    The grind ...!

    So I managed to get the required xp to finally move away from the abomination called Furutaka ( anyone saying that ship is actually good/AP play can get you kills etc etc , either hasn't played the ship or really didn't get whats gong on while playing it). Of course I immediately went to research Aoba and there came the surprise. Not enough xp as I had not researched the third hull of Furutaka!!! Really WG ??? REALLY??? I have to research a hull that ads nothing to the gameplay of Furutaka NOTHING and waste at least 9-11 more games ( crappy teams, even crappier matchmaking , versus tier 7 for example.) playing that crap you call a ship So here is the question, why do we have to grind the secondary hulls too ???? Are you people so obsessed about money you need to make ppl grind even more? Isn't the crappy matchmaking engine , which in the test server worked quite good, while here is its the same crap as before ( Kawachi in tier 6-7 games/ 2-3 tier difference between ships), enough for people to grind and want to buy premium? I really thought this game would be good, but I'm beginning to see its just an other cash trap.
  7. Hannibal_ante

    Ranked Battles - Ship choice

    And you base that on the fact that destroyers will have at least 2 hunt targets ( carrier/battleship) while playing in a less populated map and hence having more chances to actually sink said targets???? From what I saw in the test server, wherever there was a destroyer or destroyer left , while the other teams was sunk, the team with the destroyer usually won. destroyers (well played) will hunt /skirmish /cap and disrupt enemy fire, emphasis on well played ofc.
  8. Hannibal_ante

    Really, this is a very simple game......

    HOLY ..!!!!!!!!!!!! I was about to start a topic mate but then I read your topic. Couldn't agree more really. I do have my opinion on why it happens though. Its team play , not only is team play not promoted in this game ( ships require strategy and hence team play.) it is all but completely forgotten. What WG seems to be emphasizing more, is the do more damage/ sink more ships YAARGHHH strategy. Which is completely wrong cause that's when you get what you just described above. No apparent motivation for team play. No apparent ways to facilitate team play . They could add the ability to place icons int the tactical map to better coordinate actions even if there is no common language used, but no.. They could even find some creative ways to promote team play and dissuade the "illogical" choices most players make in this game, even in higher tiers. Alas they release a video on how to best hit a ship.... Thx a lot I did hit my ship and was sunk by 3 more as the other 4 ships supporting me 20 secs ago decided to go border hugging or just !!!!!!!
  9. You are absolutely correct Shloonz . As things stand tier 6 would be a perfect place to stop leveling up, since the next best ships you will get in most cases come at tier 10 !!! (and even that is debatable ). The only reason to possibly want to upgrade would be to meet more experienced players and there fore hopefully avoid the "lemming" and "lone wolf" tactics so often encountered in lower tiers. Alas that's is not the case either, WG doesn't promote or reward team play ( in a game requiring team play.....) so you will get the same iffy plays at higher tiers too. So to respond to your question: In my opinion stick to tier 4-6 ships , depending on class and nation. As things stand now its really worthless to go up the tiers. If you wanna test the other ships u can still participate in the public test and do so.
  10. Hannibal_ante

    General Feedback (Round 2)

    This is feedback from round 3 I am posting it here since no round 3 feedback topic has been created, hopefully when it does some mod will move this to the right topic. 1) Overlaying windows opacity. It need to be upped by at least 30-35%. As things stand when you for example look at one commanders skill tree, while there is already a commander skill tree on screen , what you get is an enormous mess where nothing is easy to understand since info overlays. ( ofc this applies to all places where a window is opened over an other screen info , by hovering your mouse over info) 2) Ping issues: Server has very high ping ( not only for me, checked with ppl I played too) that at times gets unbearable. 3) Matchmaking: Matchmaking seems to be improved, but there are still instances of ships with 2 tier difference having to face off and that's bad. Thankfully much less than before. 4) Ship balance : seems ok , Furutaka is still crap even with the improvements ( for a scout ship, as the description says, its too slow at everything), other than that AA seems to be a bit more up and that's good. 5) Ranked play : As things stand its nothing more than a glorified random battle match ,with fewer opponents. The fact that the players you get to play are completely random makes it a luck based encounter ( since you need both good teammates and the ability to coordinate with them, which can be very difficult if they don't speak English). I seriously hope you find a way to remove the luck factor and make it a more skill based event, perhaps by allowing only division player and their divisions to enter. 6) Communication : Since it can be quite hard at times to communicate with teammates, due to language barrier. May I suggest a simple icon notification option, in the tactical map. Players could place markers on the tactical map, notifying their allies about attack or defend positions. That's it for now. Thank you for allowing us to test your game, its very cool.
  11. Hannibal_ante

    Kongo heal ability glitch

    I noticed from 4-5 games I played with Kongo that its heal ability will sometimes freeze and not activate. I checked my ping and frame rate when this happened but it was unrelated, was just a bug related to the ability. This only happened twice ( however even when it would activate some times I had to keep pressing, T to get it to activate, again no high ping ) still I think it would be good if you guys checked it too.
  12. Hannibal_ante

    Aviation Changes (Round 2)

    Torpedo ,carrier, planes are able to drop their load from hill tops,, and their torpedoes activate and explode in much less than their limit is. That's a bug too many are exploiting currently , when they can, so pls fix it. Its utterly annoying and unrealistic
  13. Hannibal_ante

    Wishes for next patch

    Yeah not true at all, planes drop torpedoes right from mountain/hilltops only to have em detonate as soon as they hit water. Has happened to me more than once, plane comes from behind hill drops torpedoes right above it and they all land on my ship. MY ship being in most of the cases either next to the beach or very near it. that's a problem they really need to fix