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  1. So what happened to "if you don't like the rework and you don't want to play CVs anymore, you will be properly compensated" ? Right now I see "you will get new CVs that you may not want to play, but that's it". I'm not saying rework is terrible or anything, just the difference in gameplay is so great that I would not be very surprised if majority of active CV players just didn't want to participate in it (in the beginning anyway).
  2. Kaleston

    Nuked by CV - no rewards

    Nope I waited properly for torps to kill me (hoping maybe, just maybe some miracle may happen :D). It's probably jsut a bug and combination of coincidences.
  3. Kaleston

    Nuked by CV - no rewards

    No defensive AA (I very rarely meet CVs... and most would avoid baltimore anyway, and that hydro saved me a few times) No I was not AFK. I'm not really upset with CV nuking me. As I said, that's fine. I would at least expect the minimum reward, not 0. I guess it was just coincidence that Taiho sent her torp bombers exactly in my direction so I died too fast.
  4. Kaleston

    Nuked by CV - no rewards

    Ok I was first to be unlucky to get attention of CV in this battle. CV was lucky and my AA gunners were drunk/sleeping. The result: So victory bonus gone... flags consumed, 170k in repairs with no income from battle at all. CV was lucky and I was unlucky and that's fine. But it's not my fault I was not able to participate in battle....
  5. I think BBs just stick the most. If you have not intelligent DD or CA, they usually die really fast (that's me ). Not intelligent BB is the one trying to break to next game crossing a border. And when you die and look at your minimap and see 3 of those.... yeah that really pisses you off... more than those 3 idiots CA getting obliterated in first few minutes of match I'd say
  6. I think the main problem is people don't want to attack forts because it doesn't get them any credit in battle. Logically you always want to attack target that is the most dangerous to your team and you have good chance to hit it. If that fort is really THAT strong (arguably it is), team should focus it and it goes down in seconds. It can't move, it can't smoke. - very dangerous target that you have 100% chance to hit. Imagine if that fort was simply beached BB.... everyone would immediately focus it and burn it to death. But why waste volley on fort when you can shoot at enemies and actually see your damage counter go up?
  7. Kaleston

    AA & CV's..This has gotta stop WG

    Honestly, if that BB shoots down your 44 planes and is still alive.... you're doing something wrong. Even if that "wrong" means, you should have picked different target. The recent change made me a bit better player and arguably it makes much more sense "realistically". You really are not supposed to fly around ship for half an hour looking for the best angle to attack it and then kill it. If you come at battleship from long range already angled and drop your torps from fair distance, It won't kill many of your planes (yeah I know argument is, it should not kill any planes at all.... but oh well).
  8. Kaleston

    CVs in every game

    Hi all, as we all know, there are less people playing CVs than ever. What do you think about 1 CV slot being mandatory in every game? My idea would be for MM to fill the slot with bots (ideally with some random names, so they are not easily spotted as bots) after some period waiting in queue. I think this could make people more cooperative against CVs (as they would be in every game) and probably also more used to CV mechanic and how to counter it. I'm also kind of sad that my AA cruiser with AA setup is worthless most games....
  9. I don't play BBs much, but I found out if I jump in with New Mexico, my chances raise a lot. You tank the damage and pray that people behind you can at least shoot if they can't think tactically...
  10. Kaleston

    No post battle results screen

    Well they said the bonus was working while result screen was gone.... so basically up until now you were good. One point though.... I'm pretty sure that flag counts after that x2,5 bonus. (e.g. it will be ship exps x2.5 + x0.5)
  11. Kaleston

    AA & CV's..This has gotta stop WG

    I think WG is just going from cooperative game into solo game. Giving AA consumable to carriers... Buffing AA across the board, so people don't need AA cruisers to help them... I'm not sure... maybe the one solution to all of this would be to give CVs unlimited airplanes? So even if you lose all planes in a strike,, you can still do some damage and you are not restricted to 2-3 riskz strikes a game. But then you are literaly making CV a glorified artilery that will be able to strike like once in 3 mins or so.
  12. Kaleston

    [Casual] Looking for players for Team Battle

    Hey, do you still have some space left? My hardcore days are long time over, but I like to have company of nice people to play along
  13. Kaleston

    Team Battles Feedback

    I created my own team. Unfortunately I could not find teammates, so I thought I'll try my luck as mercenary. Well, I couldn't find a way to leave such team other than restart game.
  14. Kaleston

    Permanent Camouflage Feedback

    I thought price would be justifiable if that camo turned ship to premium ship as in, it can train your other captains.