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  1. Noirschwert

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    GinNG's suggestion sounds good for reconnaissance upgrates, but the problem still not be solved well the main problem is, users gain the advantage with using not proper mod ( so far it calls cheating), users can just follow the cross and done tons of hits and damages. besides, is it hard to calculate the ships position for aiming in wows? in my opinion, it is very diffcult to observe that the need of course indicator. And the simplest way is giving a ban for these mod with clear statement, giving a much time to refine its feature unless it has a huge need in further stage.
  2. Noirschwert

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    i'm so confused , what is meaning when i use manual aim and use scope? Even i willing to open a post to suggest improve the shooting, it seems not much important anymore i don't need to share more feeling on this cheating mod, coz most of players who refuse the mod have shared the feeling as same as mine And I feel extremely disappointed that wg still have not any clear response on this issue, and feel its still normal without any sence of awareness! It have been damaged it's image that over my expectation, and more new players( almost my soical group) have given up the game How wg developers can ignore this issue, no one will have more interest EVEN INTRODUCE ANY NEW SONTENT What if these kind of mod have approved in wows... job done, as same as wowp
  3. Noirschwert

    Musashi wreck

    At least we have more information from the wreck, I look forward to observe any further videos or photos And more ship wreck can be found
  4. Noirschwert

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    Thanks I'm also concern the low tier cruisers(cccp) are suitable or not (e.g: Komintern )