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  1. VoodooChilly

    Bug Reports

    My bug of the day is after 2 battles the game wont let me into the battle, have to restart every time. tried to use the Check integrity but unable to find it not showing in WG game center under settings see picture
  2. VoodooChilly

    change Enemy Name color

    Does anyone know if its possible to change the name color of the enemy from RED to say WHITE, as I'm getting older I'm starting to have a problem seeing it properly (sort of goes blurry) everything else is AOK.
  3. The_EURL_Guy Hi have seen the latest info about how to down load the test for the new CV's, but im sorry to say the guide line's using the Wargaming.net Centre does not look like anything im using. I use the Wargaming.net Game Updater so is there another way to download the CV tester.


  4. I used to play CV every day at least 4-6 games but as of last year I got rid of all my CV,. I don't agree with everything your all saying what did it for me was the dammed AA and the ever increasing stealth of DD's and other players not using their MINI MAP more and looking out for CV's and constantly screaming for INTEL (so I would type read a book lol). From what I have seen of the new format mmmm I'll give a go and make judgement then. catch all on the open sea's have fun me'hearties
  5. VoodooChilly

    Bug Reports

    back in yeeeeeeeh
  6. VoodooChilly

    Bug Reports

  7. VoodooChilly

    Bug Reports

    having a good game then bam shut down try to get back in and this appears aaaaaaah and still cant get back in
  8. LAST public test our reward for taking part when can we receive them 

  9. VoodooChilly

    Public Test 0.7.8 - General Feedback

    Mr Conway this test i enjoyed its been a long time since, and as for problems I experienced none which was strange. I read what others have said but I had none I take it we will see our rewards when the update is released
  10. VoodooChilly

    Bug Reports

    Twice in game play the Grozovoi would not fire torps. The Idea of the Arsenal is good but what I don't like is that for players who do not play CB (and there is a few thousand) seem to have no way of accumulating any steel, so there should be a way of excluding the ships that need steel. Also can you do something about ship captain's in port, so when we click on them it show's all ship's that Captain has used so we don't keep paying 500 doub's every time, even when we convert them to Primary ships. other than that enjoyed the new improvements
  11. VoodooChilly

    Update 0.7.0 Feedback

  12. VoodooChilly

    why is WG lying again

    well thanks to you all for the many replies Earl of Northesk u got it right used it all through playing and researching as i go which is nearly every ship. my reason for asking the Q was its time for WG to think of something to do with all the accumulated ship XP and how we all can use it with out an added expense. how about you guys coming up with some ideas so thats it GOOD HUNTING TO YOU ALL
  13. VoodooChilly

    why is WG lying again

    its still a lie as you say you convert with doubloon which you have to PURCHASE WHICH FOR THE UNINTELLIGENT MEANS MONEY
  14. VoodooChilly

    why is WG lying again

    Again WG are lying the Nelson is free to buy with 375 thou + XP. Oh yer well I have 4,385,000.00 XP which I cant use unless I buy doubloons so I can convert So as I have said they are efing lying AGAIN or is there a hidden way of converting all xp that we don't know off and only the chosen few have been told???????????????
  15. VoodooChilly

    Bug Reports

    1. Description: BB'S KONGO AND KONIG secondary gun not working on map haven 5. Technical details: today 23/02/2017 at 10.50am not happy because since update 0.6.1 the same thing has been happening to both ships did report and the info back was not good enough and did not chase it up got bored would like to see in port a direct link to make report about such things directly it happens instead of going first to wow website make report to support etc or going through forum etc as i said BORE RING JUST WANT TO GET ON WITH THE GAME