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  1. Lowyat

    Downloading Game Patch Time

    You're just lucky you 're not experiencing integrity check errors. I haven't got mine to work until now. Can't even use wgcheck since the executable is not even there.
  2. Lowyat

    Full game direct link

    the logs keep failing at wg.gcdn.co so im at a loss. tickets are repetitively asking me to do a clean reinstall,wg checker, so yeah, can't even finish the install because of this. Its an endless loop.
  3. Lowyat

    Full game direct link

    Yeah. that was the one kept failing miserably for me ever since patch 5.5. gimme a 9gig http download or someone shares the whole folder structure i'll be happily sailing. else i'll just hope the patch actually get fixed in the next two months or so. been playing since alpha without installation problems so this is a first.
  4. Lowyat

    Full game direct link

    they really need to get a full downloadable version. I am tired of repetitive installing and ending up with with a check integrity failure, and it cannot be automatically repaired.
  5. Lowyat

    File System and Installation Feedback

    So is there an actual resolution with the game integrity check issue? can't even start downloading the 9 gigs. (I am referring to actual server)
  6. Lowyat

    game client bugged

    My Logs: 30/04/2016 15:15:38 Get integrity check list 30/04/2016 15:15:38 prepare http request(id = 1): url="http://wg.gcdn.co/wows_a/eu/references/client/" 30/04/2016 15:15:49 ERROR: http request(id = 1): what="http request error", msg="verb="GET" url="http://wg.gcdn.co/wows_a/eu/references/client/" status_code="0" error=(6)"Couldn't resolve host name"" 30/04/2016 15:15:49 ERROR: http request(id = 1): FAIL 30/04/2016 15:15:49 Stop verify integrity process 30/04/2016 15:15:59 User requested to close the application 30/04/2016 15:15:59 Stop
  7. Lowyat

    unpacking takes forever

    uhh im getting integrity check errors after installation finished. Is there no way around that'll take eons of re-downloading? anyone else getting this?
  8. m assuming there is some network issue there temporarily or something as this do happen quite a few times previously. but the period is much shorter. nevertheless. As for the sutter, even in wows asia which i get betters pings it still does still happens so meh. I
  9. for some reason the ping is throwing more than 300ms nowadays for me so its unbearable for me plus the stuttering lag to continue for eu anymore.
  10. Lowyat

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    experienced that too. really annoying when you have to logoff and reload the client again. The micro stuttering lag is getting on my nerves nowadays.
  11. Lowyat

    Failing hard at tirpitz..... Advises?

    All bb's are well armored and dangerous. they just have slight advantage differences but it is quite balanced. Some are faster but lower armored and some are slower but heavier armored. Check the ships stat itself.
  12. Lowyat

    are BBs useless

    probably the rudder nerf got him bad
  13. Lowyat


    Nope. used to be able to angle in cruisers. not anymore nowadays.
  14. Lowyat


    With the HE buff its kinda hard to angle nowadays and survive. Personally I think it benefits all class(not so much on dd's due to the low armor) and encourages skillplay(tanking / distracting fire).
  15. Lowyat

    Torps apppearing too late

    when CA's get torped and can't do anything about it, something's riddiculously wrong.