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  1. StringWitch

    Yamato vs Musashi fighter plane duration changed?

    I haven't played recently so something might've changed, but my experience of catapult fighters is that they have such a close patrol range that by the time they actually detect and move to the position of enemy strike planes the latter are already about to drop their payloads. I only get the plane kills when they've attacked and are leaving, which isn't ideal. DAAF is not reliable but it does take effect very much before the inbound planes attack; any kills made in that window a bit more valuable.
  2. StringWitch


    Interesting. The global air concealment buff is an idea I had thought could be an effective measure which nobody was talking about.
  3. StringWitch

    [RESULTS] Great White Fleet Event

    Yes, I like her a lot, but tier 2 is dead outside of midday, and even then I've had 6v6 battles.
  4. StringWitch

    [RESULTS] Great White Fleet Event

    Doesn't seem at all relevant to the GWF. Someday I hope for something like a GWF skin for St. Louis and Charleston, or a US pre-dreadnought capital ship, or a collection with some kind of relevant commemorative flag.
  5. I've always gone with no both before and after 8.0. Not that there's really anything better to take than CE, but it doesn't have much mileage at the tiers I mainly play (3-6) given the map designs, sizes, and typical BB speeds. There's no disengaging when you move at at 22kts and can be seen from the opposite spawn when you fire, and no point in being in your stealth range anyway since everyone's dispersion cones turn to [edited]beyond around 12km.
  6. StringWitch

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    I noticed something here: look at the change in avg. planes destroyed. Part of the massive encroachment of sky roaches comes from the lack of effective CV-on-CV fighter action.
  7. StringWitch

    Bug Reports

    https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/my-tickets/117297738/ stuick on island
  8. StringWitch

    What is it with the arsenal???

    Inflation. FXP ships are easy to get with all the camos introduced, so they come out with coal. Once the long term players have stockpiled coal that'll be made useless for reward ships and a new currency will be introduced (or an existing one like copper expanded for this purpose).
  9. StringWitch

    ST. Premium ships and Soviet battleships.

    I don't know. If there were one I don't imagine you would remark upon it as a sealclubber. All I'm saying it's unnecessarily abrasive to be derisive along the lines of "muh sealclubbuh". People may have various motives for playing at low or mid tiers, like the lack of constant radar surveillance or an interest in WWI ships.
  10. StringWitch

    ST. Premium ships and Soviet battleships.

    'Sealclubber' is nothing but ad hominem. People would still be complaining about lost value and you'd still be defending balance changes if this were a tier 8 premium being re-tiered to 9.
  11. StringWitch

    What do you like about patch 0.8.0?

    Probably ran out of reports and feel the need to do something, anything.
  12. StringWitch

    The biggest spoiler of the new patch?

    There are many complaints during PT and many lamentations of WG not listening swifty followed as we transitioned to rounds 2 and 3.
  13. StringWitch

    What do you like about patch 0.8.0?

    Note the type of plane pictured there. AFAIK this wasn't (and isn't; I've only ever seen A10s circling) done by close attack planes due to it being harder to keep sight of targets. I think the altitude change is also fairly large (3-5k feet?) so this manoeuvre still occurs over the course of a large arc. And the idea of a WW-era prop plane loaded with munitions having the power to perform this manoeuvre effectively seems doubtful on face value, but I'd welcome being proven wrong on that.
  14. StringWitch

    Whats the best AA ship to use now....??

    Perth because she only has DP guns and machineguns = large portion of the aura is for flak puffs (read: actually relevant).