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  1. StringWitch

    Tier7 is the new Tier8

    "T7 is the new T8" has been a common sentiment for the good part of a year already.
  2. Of course you're not out to extort time for its own sake, but it is a means to an end. Time investment acts as an emotional hook (see sunk cost fallacy) and the free premium content is nice, yes, but it has the side effect of inducing FOMO among the regular players. These two factors mean it plays into the profit motive of a free-to-play game developer to produce free content that requires a significant time investment. To take advantage of this, the optimal free content event will be set up such that players are required to invest slightly more time than they are willing/able in order to attain what is perceived to be the 'full' reward (in WOWS this is usually a ship or commander), because it is known that a player is far more willing to part with their money to recover their 'sunk cost' of time if a grind doesn't work out for them. Not every event is like this — many will be more generous, and even some of the tough grinds may have interesting minor rewards — but I hope you understand the motives and methods of your masters a little better now, and will avoid knowingly lying on their behalf about their interest in players' time.
  3. StringWitch

    Kreml, and world of Balans

    Yes, so, what are the values of the capped damage numbers per calibre, or what percentage of the maximum damage is done?
  4. StringWitch

    freeXP ships -- some news?

    That would be wonderful.
  5. Interesting tidbit: the fact Alaska's ingame description lists "ships in a series: 3" instead of the 2 actually finished suggests WG have reserved the last of those names for USS Hawaii (CB-3). Speaking of which, I wonder if there were any Italian 'supercruiser' proposals they'll try to shoehorn into the game for their revenue stream...
  6. StringWitch

    Tired of very limited rotation Operations

    The main thing I want is to be able to re-earn the rewards each time the operations cycle back in as the main one. If they feel the need to lower the rewards because of that, I don't care, I just want a reason to come back to operations I've five-starred.
  7. StringWitch

    freeXP ships -- some news?

    I'd like some more cheaper lower tier FXP ships like Nelson. Tone has been languishing in the game files for 3-4 years now.
  8. StringWitch

    Kreml, and world of Balans

    What is this?
  9. StringWitch

    EU server issues compensation - 11/07/2019

    I didn't mean to say it wasn't.
  10. StringWitch

    French Destroyers Event: the Full Guide

    Does anyone actually care about early access?
  11. StringWitch

    What ship is this?

    I knew I was forgetting one of the pew pew cruisers.
  12. StringWitch

    Bombardment of Hitachi


    Has a naval bombardment ever lead to damage that wasn't less than expected?
  13. StringWitch

    What ship is this?

    Atlanta/Colbert/Smolensk with IFHE.
  14. StringWitch

    Belle époque collection

    Like Klopirat, I can't select the Belle Époque collection for regular containers. It simply isn't a 'permanent' collection. Damn shame. I want the Prussian flag. I played most days at the time it was active, so I can only guess there are a lot of players with 1-4 items still missing from it.
  15. StringWitch

    Fix the the camera to the bow

    There is a setting to disable battery views entirely, so you always aim from the centre of your ship. I've always used this, but it can disadvantage you a bit when moving around islands at close quarters (but these make up <1% of the shots I take so whatever). If there's anything that can make your view remember what battery you had selected, it'll be a mod. There's a mod section on this forum; try a few searches there. Also, press shift to zoom in/out and skip the battery view part entirely. Mousewheeling takes forever, far longer than the disruption you experience from viewing from the wrong battery.