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  1. StringWitch

    Bringing Our Graphics to Life

    Neat, but the smoke from stacks is still the same-old. With the visual improvements around every other aspect, the weakness of the smoke stands out more and more.
  2. Well that's that. I uninstalled a year ago, came back to see what's up and was quite unimpressed (only one new map? no new Operations?). Now not only am I unimpressed, but have just been fed a multitude of reasons to be disgusted. Guess I'll see y'all in another year.
  3. StringWitch

    Update 0.10.7 - Bugs Reports

    When the "return camera to original position when releasing free-look" setting is enabled, engaging free-look will occasionally (maybe once in 8 battles) set the aim position to a direct 180 degree opposite of where it was originally facing. So your turrets start turning to face that direction, and when you release free-look you find the camera whips around to the opposite of the direction you were facing when you engaged it. This bug has existed since release! Campbeltown is still missing many details for two years(!) now. Yuubari is also missing some boxes and stuff on her decks, around the AA guns. Top image is how Campbeltown should be (and as is still presented at the premium shop). Bottom image is how it actually appears in-game. I've outlined various missing objects in orange, but I may have missed some things.
  4. StringWitch

    Are we now sick of this

    Ah. I knew it was a real thing but didn't think it was more an a novel idea that didn't really work (like the AA rockets on Hood).
  5. StringWitch

    Are we now sick of this

  6. StringWitch

    Naval Legends: Tambovskiy Komsomolets – Trailer

    Meaning they'd reload faster and not be as limiting and horrifically inaccurate. I always wanted an armoured cruiser for the game, though ideally one of the massive Tennessee class at tier 3. With the ship stats that are arbitrary, there's no reason any pre-dreadnought ship would have to perform badly, just make the range/reload/sigma/fire chance/concealment/torpedo protection whatever you want to satisfy the desired battle performance statistics. On the topic of Russian 'legends': there's long been a hole in the game waiting for a real one, like Mikasa's opposing flagship at Tsushima, Knyaz Suvorov.
  7. StringWitch

    PSA: 110 Free Community Tokens

    Another available here until 12th August: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-events/missions-0106-weekly-2/
  8. StringWitch

    Too many afk bots in this game

    The "AFK bots" OP is referring to have always plagued this game in the form of some kind of mod that lets people idle their way through grinds. They're most common around Tier 5. In Random Battles it's not too uncommon (maybe a 5-25% chance) to find a ship, usually a BB (presumably because they're spotted easily), sitting at one of the team's spawns, which only activates when spotted. It may or may not remain stationary, and simply auto-aims (badly, but enough to pass for 'participation' in battle and not have XP income massively reduced for idling) and fires at the nearest detected enemy ship from the moment it is spotted until it dies. These bots consistently come online only after being spotted, which would be very strange behaviour for players to regularly exhibit. Reports are generally not manually reviewed, and the automated system requires multiple reports to be filed by multiple players within a certain time-frame for any restriction or ban to be enacted. Because the vast majority of people don't recognise automated behaviour, don't even know reporting is a thing, or just can't be bothered because it doesn't really achieve anything, the only people who get any automatic action taken against them through reports are those who annoy a large segment of the other players in chat.
  9. StringWitch

    Write here your biggest everyday annoyance when in WOW

    Getting hounded exclusively by the enemy CV until I'm dead, regardless of how many of their fighters are weed-whackered by the allies I'm forced to huddle amongst. Every tier 4-6 battle having a 50% chance to be on Strait. Literally the worst map in the game with the way the teams are split; it's just two 6v6 matches down a pair of alleys with practically no terrain. If the team spawns were north-south instead of east-west I'd actually really like it... Small player population at tiers 2-4. I like old ships, and there's tons of wacky stuff you don't see at any other tier range due to their designs, like how Smith has single torpedo tubes with 20s reload. Having to pick container types individually. 3(?) years and still no "I always want that type of container so stop making me pick" button.
  10. StringWitch

    The Pointlessness of BB Modules

    A lot of the skills today, starting with IFHE years ago, are things a ship would logically be equipped with, rather than being a product of the crew's abilities. Am I supposed to imagine crews are handloading thousands of shells in their spare time? These things could have been implemented as modules rather than skills. Whether they would be balanced or not, a greater number of options might at least inspire fun experimentation, sorta like how the majority of mechs in Battletech are suboptimal but depending on the ruleset can potentially be modified to do basically anything regardless. Re #1: I tend to go for the secondary mod unless I actually experience damaged main guns on a regular basis. Battleship main batteries are super well-protected and very unlikely to suffer criticals, while all the AA guns lining the unarmoured sections can be quickly shot off by any old HE spammer.
  11. StringWitch

    WoWs Interaction with Support ( is this typical ? )

    I'm sure I learned this from somewhere in-game. Not saying the info is well-placed, but I think one of the tabs in the loading screen states that if one team reaches 0 points they lose. That's already the natural behaviour of 80% of players anyway — chasing kills for 5 mins instead of capping for 2 mins and getting into their next match (and their next XP haul) faster, despite the fact that capping gives each player more XP than would be shared by finishing off a half-health ship.
  12. About this kind of thing in general... doesn't it bother anyone that it's completely off-topic in a game about early-mid 20th century warships? I'm mystified and curious — why would you buy this? What value do you think it has being in WOWS?
  13. StringWitch

    Can the game size be reduced?

    I see. The requirement listing isn't very clear about that. It reads: Installation file size: 6.2 MB. During installation, 37.8 GB of files are downloaded additionally. Space needed on the hard disk for game installation: 86.8 GB. I interpreted this as saying it would download 37.8 GB, and after unpacking the final game size would be 86.8 GB, with a total of up to 124.6 GB required temporarily for the installation process. If as a moderator you know who to forward this post to so the space requirements might get rewritten for clarity, please do so, thank you.
  14. >be Iwaki or Perth "Look at me. I am the destroyer now."
  15. StringWitch

    Banner on web page in Russian

    When you log in, one of the ID system pages you're redirected to (and subsequently away from) is a blank page with a title in cyrillic, so while we're not on the Russian-language section of the message board, the back-end of the site probably is all Russian, with that being the default fallback language even on the front-end if something breaks.