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  1. "first ever battleship" That would be HMS Devastation, not Dreadnought, at least as far as strictly modern battleships go.
  2. The discounts don't appear to be very 'various'.
  3. Too many ships of the same type and tier creates a backlog. We already see this on patch days and events when playing BBs due to their popularity; at those times you can pick a DD and get instant battles constantly.
  4. Will tech tree CVs be refunded in full credits and experience like premiums? @Kaleston See quote above, it's in the article.
  5. StringWitch

    Gambling and Lootboxes...

    Since necro posting is frowned upon, the answer tends to be yes, redundancy be damned. "Oh look it's this thread again" has been an eternal problem of forums and inherent to their nature as open vessels for discussion.
  6. StringWitch

    0.7.11 - General Feedback

    Don't change the port.
  7. StringWitch

    All the things wrong with the Black Ships

    The cost/benefit ratio is favourable enough. The black skins only take few hours to put together, I imagine, and the result is at least a few hundred players buying them. That's over €4000 for like a day's worth of work hours. WG won't give a hoot about the poor performance in port unless statistics indicate people stopping playing due to technical difficulties, but things will have to get REAL bad for that to happen. Low framerates and instability actually do very little to deter most players. Some of the most popular trends in the 2010s (eg. DayZ and PUBG) have been among the most godawful displays of technical incompetence.
  8. StringWitch

    How It Works: Flooding - Discussion Thread

    "flooding decreases [a ship's] speed by 20%" Is this strictly true or is it actually engine power which decreases by 20%? I ask because acceleration seems slower while flooding as well.
  9. StringWitch

    Cruiser gameplay on the Ocean map

    I stay behind a BB to encourage the subset of players who tend to shoot at the closer target, and go in/out of stealth like a BB too by firing less often. Time your shots to fire when others around you do, so the enemy is presented with a choice at all times and so always has a chance of not picking you. If you're being permaspotted by aircraft or a DD just keep sailing straight away from the biggest threat (ie. enemy with biggest gun calibre). Don't turn in for an all-gun volley, defensive manoeuvres take priority, just fire what guns happen to be lined up when it's time to shoot. IRL a head-on target is effectively bigger due to the way artillery dispersion falls as a long oval (becoming more circular the higher the trajectory, so mortars can be very accurate), but ingame the vertical dispersion is truncated by the sigma value to make broadside targets ideal shots.
  10. Yeah, figured they wouldn't keep these ships permanently available, so I haven't been a diligent saver. The lack of permanence in the only goal I care about (more ships) discourages me from playing in the mid and long terms.
  11. StringWitch

    Jedi mind-trick: others players knowing your stats

    Is good trick to make people underestimate you.
  12. StringWitch

    Charleston - How can more veteran players get it?

    Good god what is up with Charleston's blue paint? Where is my Great White Fleet skin? Lotta good IFHE will do you at tier 3... I have a dedicated St. Louis captain with BoS and FP for the "there's fire everywhere and I have no heal" meta at low tiers.
  13. StringWitch

    Crazy message received from WG

    The right to view user data existed before GDPR. You will be told all the information WG retain about each user is displayed for them on the account management page: https://eu.wargaming.net/personal/ Strangely straightforward coming from WG, but there it is.
  14. StringWitch

    Update 0.7.10 - General Feedback

    As much as I share the sentiment and don't want my port changed, we have actually consented to these changes. EULA Section 7 reads: From time to time, we may need to deploy or provide patches, updates, additional content or other modifications to the Game (for example to enhance online gameplay, to add new or update features or to resolve software bugs). You hereby accept, recognize and understand that we constantly work on further development of the Game and Services, we improve, upgrade and update graphics, features, gameplay and any other Content of the Game in order to make the gameplay enjoyable for you. This might seem not to encompass changes like the port, but pay close attention to the wording: "You hereby accept [...] that we constantly work on further development [...] in order to make the gameplay enjoyable for you." This is an agreement on the licencee's part that any changes made to the game are to be considered improvements. Strictly speaking, if one disagrees with this, one is in violation of the EULA's terms and no longer allowed to play WG's games.
  15. StringWitch

    Share your soul-mate Ship's statistics

    Graf Spee! A true all-rounder capable of anything. The low gun count can be (literally) hit and miss but there's nothing she can't do, which is helpful given the 1v23 format of randoms. Also a great PVE ship.