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  1. alfadasfire

    Personal Assignment 0.7.9

    Alright, thanks :) this information is pretty useful. Will do my absolute best trying to get the Cossack. A tier 8 premium for 1 or 2 euro? Not bad at all
  2. alfadasfire

    Personal Assignment 0.7.9

    Okay. Shame. But understandable. WG is not going to give away 4 premiums for very little work. (12.000 base exp for the Icarus, suppose it's about the same for the others)
  3. alfadasfire

    Personal Assignment 0.7.9

    But the name is yellow, like premium ships?
  4. alfadasfire

    Personal Assignment 0.7.9

    So, I've just got a personal assignment for the Icarus. The reward is the Icarus and a captain. It's a premium ship. Anyway my question is, is this a permanent ship that I can keep forever (when I complete the mission)? Or is this a rental ship that lasts till the end of this event? I hope the first, but I'd like to be sure. thanks in advance for the answers
  5. was a beta tester, wondering why i don't get that tag...

  6. alfadasfire

    Score panel bonkers || Win=Defeat null?

    Yeah, all the hits and damage go towards the missions, you just can't see it on the results screen. Sorry for double post
  7. alfadasfire

    Score panel bonkers || Win=Defeat null?

    I have the same problem, don't run any mods...
  8. alfadasfire

    WOWS (and WOT) Unplayable Using Windows 10 64

    how do i check and reinstall drivers? im a noob in that area...
  9. alfadasfire

    WOWS (and WOT) Unplayable Using Windows 10 64

    I have a similar problem, everytime I try to play, after a few minutes it says: "World of Warships has stopped working". When I was using Windows 8.1, no problems. Didn't alter anything on my PC, just installed Windows 10. Now I get this message everytime. Also with Heroes and Generals and probably also World of Tanks. Very annoying.