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  1. DeeMcTee

    Lagging a lot since last update

    Playing a couple of match this morning before work. No lag at all. Checking the PingPlott. No different from last night. Trying to play now and it's lagging again. Is it to many people on the server in the evening?
  2. DeeMcTee

    Lagging a lot since last update

    I have received a lot of lags since the latest update. I think it was April 15 that I get the update that ruin the game. Before that update I have never seen the little red dot in the upper left corner. Didn't know it was there. It's not every match but some days it's about 50%. Like I said, it's ruin a great game. I have used PingPlotter to check if there is difference in latency to the WoT servers (Can't find address to WoWS server). But it's pretty mush the same everyday. Is it just me?
  3. DeeMcTee

    No damage when run aground

    When you run aground on a island you don't get any damage. Sometimes you can use this to avoid torpedoes. I think the ship should get damage and flooding when a ship hit the island. If it's possibly base on what speed you hit the island. It forced the player to be more aware of where they heading and leave the sniping mode sometimes.
  4. DeeMcTee

    Division start together

    I play a loot with a friend in division and about 50% of the match we start on different side of the map. It's take away the fun and the benefit of playing in a division. I would like to see my friend next to me on the map in the future.