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  1. jensdecoolegast

    Tier 7 premium DD's: which is the best?

    Alright. I've been counting votes (some weren't clear) and these are the results: 1. Leningrad 2. Sims and Z-39 3. Blyskawica Hope you all enjoyed and be sure to ask if you want to see another review or comparison (like this one) Greetings A fellow seaman
  2. jensdecoolegast

    Good premiums?

    Belfast is on my wishlist as well! Imperator Nikolai? Already have oktybrskaya. Fujin. Isn't she a fubuki clone? Kamikaze R. What's the difference with the normal one?
  3. jensdecoolegast

    Good premiums?

    I've got a question: How Big Can summer sale discounts get?
  4. jensdecoolegast

    Good premiums?

    Already bought the Scharnhorst but will definately buy if it goes on sale this summer
  5. jensdecoolegast

    Good premiums?

    Heh, you already know. It's propably one of the most fun ships to play. I love when those cruisers and low-tier BB's shout: "OMG hax!", or "OMG Scharnhorst OP" when i bounce their shells and shove some stöckbrod up their throat. Only real prblem i've had were those damn AP-bombers
  6. jensdecoolegast

    Tier 7 premium DD's: which is the best?

    Sorry, i will keep that in mind
  7. jensdecoolegast

    Tier 7 premium DD's: which is the best?

    I have forgot to mention these stats are without camo or equipment upgrades. You're right about the 9.2km range torpedoes, i forgot to mention them. Sorry for the miscommunication Thanks for these corrections. I will edit it and watch out for these mistakes in the future. Oh, didn't know that.. Anyway, where's the option? Can't find it So, i made some mistakes and fixed them (i hope). Note that equipment changes stats, but are not worked into the stats. If there are more mistakes, do not hesitate to correct me.
  8. jensdecoolegast

    Tier 7 premium DD's: which is the best?

    Hello everyone. I know what you're thinking: a low-tier player that's reviewing ship? Truth is, i've been playing the game for nearly 3 years, and had multiple accounts, just so you know. Now, today's review is which of the tier 7 premium Destroyers is the "best". After reading it, please vote fot the winner. The competitors are: (Leningrad) Main Battery Firing Range Sims: 12.88 km Z-39: 11.84 km Leningrad: 11.56 km Blyskawica: 12.01 km In therms of range, there's not much to say. One of the main features of a DD is its concealment, which you shouldn't abuse with your firing range. Close and medium range against or DD's should do the best for you .The range of these ships is around 12 km, with Sims having almost 13 km. However, Range can be extended with AFT, which the Z-39 can't afford. Rounds Per Minute Sims: 17.96 Z-39: 8.00 Leningrad: 12.00 Blyskawica: 9.23 Sims definitely steals the show here, with almost 18 rounds per minute per gun (she carries 4) (around 3.5 seconds reloading) . In second we have the Blyska with 9.23 per minute per gun (7 guns) (which is a reload speed of 5 seconds), with the Leningrad following with 12 rounds on 5 guns per minute and at last the Z-39 with 8 rounds per minute on 4 guns. All these stats can be boosted with BFT, except for the Z-39 Battery Rotation Sims: 34 deg/sec Z-39: 8 deg/sec Leningrad: 6.5 deg/sec Blyskawica: 10 deg/sec Once again, Sims outperforms the others in turret traverse with an amazing speed, while the others have decent - bad traverse. Might wanna lock your armament with these if you go after other DD's. Battery Damage (HE) + fire chance Sims: 1.8K/ 129K per min + 5% Z-39: 2.2K/ 70K per min + 12% Leningrad: 1.9K/ 114K per min + 8% Blyskawica: 1.7K/ 110K per min + 8% (this damage per minute would count if you would shoot paper ships, but you can see the difference) Sims gets the best damage output, with Leningrad and the Blyska not following far behind, but Z-39 ending in last. But she has another trait: AP that can dash out citadels to Light cruisers and destroy their good day. Torpedo Damage and count Sims: 11.6K x 8/8.5K x 8 Z-39: 14.4K x 8 Leningrad: 15.1K x 8 Blyskawica: 14.4K x 6 The Leningrad and Z-39 have the better torps, while Sims lacks a tiny bit of damage to beat them and Blyska lacks the amount to be better. Note: the 9.2km torps on the Sims are slower than the short-ranged ones. Torpedo Range Sims: 5.5 km/9.2km Z-39: 8.5 km Leningrad: 8 km Blyskawica: 8km Sims being the only one to suffer from bad range, is normal. She's a USN DD after all. The rest has a nice range of 8 km. AA (The AA of the USN cruiser at the same tier is 220 DPS, which is "decent". This is calculated by summing up the DPS of the different kinds of AA on the ship. If this is the wrong way, correct me.) Sims: 1.2km-5km, 64 DPS Z-39: 2km-3.5km, 81 DPS Leningrad: 1.2km-3.5km, 54 DPS Blyskawica: 1.2km-3.5km, 36 DPS First of all, these are DD's. Don't expect much from the AA. While Sims and Z-39 have a chance of shooting one down, The leningrad and the Blyska lack the power to even hit one. However: The Sims is far better in the matter than the Z-39. Simply because:-It is very likely to have BFT, which also boosts AA by 20%-Most of its DPS lies in its DP mounts, which have a 5km base range. The Z-39 has 3.5km.-Access to DFAA consumable, which boosts the damage output by 4.So with its DP mounts alone, a Sims with DFAA and BFT can throw 201.6 AA DPS at 5km. 6km if you put the AA module on it. HP Sims: 13.8K Z-39: 19.6K Leningrad: 15.2K Blyskawica: 15.5K Z-39 does quite have some HP, i was surprised myself. This might not seem much, but 100 HP could make the difference between surviving or returning to the port. The rest is nonetheless the same. Top Speed Sims: 38.5 knots Z-39: 36 knots Leningrad: 43 knots Blyskawica: 39 knots Even though these are ships, the Leningrad is made to RUSH B. 43 knots? That's a speedy boat. The others ships also have good speed, but Leningrad deserves the spotlight for speed. Rudder shift time + Turn Radius Sims: 2.7sec + 500m Radius Z-39: 4.5 sec + 670m Radius Leningrad: 3.7sec + 690m Radius Blyskawica: 5.8sec + 610m Radius Sims is exellent at turning. No doubt. The others? Well, Leningrad has a good Rudder and turning radius as well, with Z-39 being a llittle decent and Blyska having a poor Rudder Time. Concealment Sims: 7.6km Z-39: 7.7km Leningrad: 7.6km Blyskawica: 7.7km Good concealment for each ship. The however Z-39 has acces to the concealment module which goes good with the concealment expert skill. Others Sims has smoke that takes longer to set and lasts almost a minute more than the rest Z-39 has acces to hydro (baby radar?), which is typical for tier 6+ german DD's Sims has an excellent xp booster Z-39 has tier 8 fire resistance Welp, that's it. Who wins in my eyes? 1. Z-39 Shout at me as much as you want. The ability to have hydro, mess up cruiser citadels and having other decent traits did it for me. 2. Sims Guns and smoke. And torps and maneuverability are excellent. Definitely a very good ship! 3. Leningrad Being a good ship. The others just stood above her. It is a recommendable ship though. 4. Blyskawica Despite being good, she has some bad traits: The rudder and the captain training (polish tree, where is it wargaming?) Hoped you liked it. If you read it well, congrats! Now, would you vote for one of these ships? Friday, 14:00 EU time, i will reveal which ship got the most votes. Just Write the name of the ship and i will count the votes Friday Hope you enjoyed
  9. jensdecoolegast

    Good premiums?

    I will keep it in mind if i spot one in my DD. Or if i spot one in my BB
  10. jensdecoolegast

    Good premiums?

    Already have Murmansky, she plays like Tier 4-5 cruisers. I like her. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/87582-premium-ship-review-krasny-krym/
  11. jensdecoolegast

    Battle cruisers, will they be coming soon?

    Well, they are splitting the USN tech tree, so why not?
  12. jensdecoolegast

    Best troll-secondary build for Alsace?

    Perfect vid for a recommendation
  13. jensdecoolegast

    Good premiums?

    alright, looks like im planning to get the Scharnhorst. Might take the Leningrad or Anshan ( or even Loyang) later up. i'll see from there If there's any low tier gems, please let me know PS: if i change my mind i'll come back
  14. jensdecoolegast

    Detonation in a BB

    Because Musashi. Should've bought the Missouri instead (unless you already have it...)
  15. jensdecoolegast

    Nelson now! or Musashi later!!

    Nelson obviously Look up this vid first: funny and informative!