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  1. Sailorkb

    Every week a patch...

    Not worse than you did
  2. Sailorkb

    Every week a patch...

    As i said, new content can wait. And introducing new content w/o enough testing is crap not work. Never seen update every week (now for me every day today) in WoT, which I play not a few months but 38k games.
  3. Sailorkb

    Every week a patch...

    you are ridiculous, we are here to play and not to update. Howgh
  4. Sailorkb

    Every week a patch...

    Support you with all my hands legs and whatever possible. Can anybody tell developers, that are doing crap? I don't play often. And instead of playing I update.... This week is second!!!! fcking time I wait and not for small 50 megs but 1G update. Hey!!!! Update once a month ok?!!! Hold your fcking improvements in pocket test it and then release like normal people can do!