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    The problem with the game today

    Resuming, if i understood everything 1. Long range torpedo got nerfed for IJN DD. 2. Radar got buffed. 3. Carriers spotting DD. 4. MM balance. 5. Other things that i couldnt understand I don't have an opinion about point 3, 4 and 5. About long range torpedo, they should be removed from the game, or nerf them so heavily to discourage that type of gameplay. Now radar, has its stands is simply OP (2m CD 10km range), IJN DD who use mid range torpedo, can´t get near any cruiser who have radar, I understand the need for radar, but radar doesn't need to spot everything in its range, simply increase the range base on a percentage, that a ship is spotted. Example kagero 6km detectability, if he is inside 10km range of a radar, and the player use it, the kagero detectability increase by 50%, só it will be spoted at 9km. So if the ship that uses radar is less then 9km it will spot the DD, I thing this is a nice way for radar, its effect scales with the ship affected by the radar. Larger ships can be seen in the radar earler then small ships. The current form, all torpedo boat have their gameplay denied, now isnt possible to play it, they cant even get in range to use the torpedos, and cruiser with radar, dont even have to fear them. 80s reload time on torpedos, 120s radar CD and torpedo with 10 and 12km range, in my opinion not a good mix.