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  1. Inkulu


    It suddenly uninstalled. That's nice...
  2. Inkulu


    I will be updating this post hourly. Well, after 5 hours, why the hell not. Figure I could get another 5 posts out of it, minimum. After which, I will be factory resetting to get this diseased software off my drive. P.S. Screenshotted also.
  3. Inkulu


    I would be careful downloading the WoWs client. Judging by the fact I am now on hour 5 (3 online, 2 off) of trying to uninstall the obstinate s.o.b from my hard drive, I'm calling malware due to it's reluctance to eff off my computer!!! P.S. This is now screenshotted, so if it vanishes, I know it was still here. Then it hits facebook.
  4. Inkulu

    HMS Warspite cannot buy

    Given the level of fail on the financial side, anyone fancy teaming up with a n00b cruiser guy? Don't know anyone on WoWS, and aint in a clan oon WoT either.
  5. Inkulu

    HMS Warspite cannot buy

    22cm, you guessed right. Oh well, now I have some doubloons.
  6. Inkulu


    I have the doubloons required to buy HMS Warspite, but the game wont let me. Wtf? Any advice please.
  7. Inkulu

    HMS Warspite cannot buy

    It's available on Brit tech tree, I have the doubloons, but I cannot buy.
  8. Inkulu

    HMS Warspite cannot buy

    It's possible, in game, but how the hell do I buy this ship. I have sufficient doubloons, but I cannot buy. Wth?!