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  1. murphius2

    ?% chance for getting super-container

    I kept trying the try your luck ones from the start but gave up after around 50 and no SC and on my first credits container I got a supercontainer with some signal flags so I went back to try your luck interspersed with normal containers and got another SC after another 15 or so trys. It was also from a credits one and this time I got a million credits iirc. Since then and maybe mid December I have had nothing.
  2. murphius2

    ?% chance for getting super-container

    Something is really wrong with the randomness or my luck if I can get one pretty poor super and someone else gets 9 times as many from only twice as many openings. I'm r fed up with 5 flags from my try your luck attempts so have changed to credits for the last 3 where I get 3 flags, 50k and 3 camos or consumables.
  3. murphius2

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    I think I'm going to stop trying my luck since I have opened around 30+ try your luck containers without getting any super containers. I have tried a few normal containers and managed to get a supercontainer when selecting a credit container so maybe 1 super from 6 normal containers compared to the 0 from over 30 luck containers. It doesn't seem worth the bother of opening try your luck containers for what is usually 5 flags when I could have 3 times that by selecting a standard container.
  4. murphius2

    ?% chance for getting super-container

    After trying a flag container then going only for try my luck I decided to give up today after not ever receiving a supercontainer in somewhere like 30 attempts. So today I try a consumable and it pops up a message saying I have a supercontainer but only with 250 damage repair IIs which I never use anyway.
  5. murphius2

    Lag Spikes since latest patch

    Yes UK based but no problem with Netflix etc. and only slightly lowered speeds on BT speedtest of around 65 to 68mbps down and 12 to 16 mbps up compared to my more usual 70mbps+ and nearer the 20mbps upload.
  6. murphius2

    Ranked Battles - A suggestion.

    Win 2 out of 3 lol. I just dropped a number of ranks without a win and was top losing scorer in last two games, 2nd top in the one before then top in the one before that. The one before that I was around the middle as I was killed quite quickly from lucky hits. I'm usually near the top if not top loser and have had a long losing streak in random and ranked games. My team mates often seem determined to die as quickly as they can by sitting still side on or other stupid moves.
  7. murphius2

    The biggest problem with this game, No Teamwork.

    I've had 5 kills stolen in one game from my poor albany that did all the close in hard work only to have someone get the last few hundred damage points from range. I don't really care but the lack of teamwork does annoy me when you ask for someone to help you out by helping kill a dd that is closing on your cv or bb or something else that is an obvious move. The players that refuse to get any closer to the enemy than you are a huge problem in this game. I've had players in ships with much shorte range guns than me that just won't ever get in front of me and will do anything to stay a few km behind me. Even when I point out they can't hit from that range and that we can kill the enemy together much more quickly if we all close on him and take turns being the closest depending on how much damage we have taken and/or our speed and weapon range they don't take any notice. Then I have to break off and extend my range or die which is followed by the enemy killing the next poor bugger that takes point etc,... until we lose badly.
  8. murphius2

    "Stop sailing in straight line."

    I wish torp bombers had to act more like the real versions and had to fly at a low altitude, in a straight line and quite slowly before releasing. As to dodging a BB salvo from 10km plus you can often dodge every shot but it stops you from firing back as quickly in many cases. Dodging TBs also stops you firing at enemy ships as often but they are still firing at you.
  9. murphius2

    New cruiser ability.

    May be buggy as I just activated it because there were 2 dd near me that popped in and out of sight only to find torpedoes appearing right next to me with no warning. It was as if it had reduced the view range not increased it.