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  1. sonix_

    Today's Server Clash - Predictions

    I did put 5:4 for EU
  2. sonix_

    Sinking a DD without any shell hits?!

    No he didn´t get any reward for detonation. He had a anti detonation flag on. That´s the more funny part. My guess was also splash damage. And I missed him a lot. Maybe one shell came close.
  3. sonix_

    Sinking a DD without any shell hits?!

    I thought that too. But so much damage??!! hehe No. No secondary. Too far away. Main battery only. Full salvo fired at him. All miss and he just explodes
  4. Hi all, have you ever sink a ship without even hit it??? I played with the USS Pensacola and fired with my first salvo at a Akatsuki. I sank the ship with the first salvo but I didn´t even hit the ship!!?? Can somebody explain.. Thank you
  5. Looking for a clan for casual and fun gaming Play mostly cruisers and am very deadly with it ;) Speak English, German and Croatian contact me ingame pls nick: sonix_ Thank you