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  1. Needy_Game

    Zao: where to spend last point?

    Expert loader is very handy on IJN CA's due to the slow reload.
  2. Needy_Game

    Why players not are climbing the ranks in Ranked as expected

    i wish people read the Chat for once..
  3. Needy_Game

    How many 19 points captains do you have? (February 2018)

    Myoko Zao is very close to reaching 19, less than 15K Hindenburg is about 30K away from reaching 19 points
  4. Needy_Game

    North Cape Campaign, Mission 2, Task 1

    you have to be targeted and locked, for any potential damage to be counted, if it was just a random torpedo spread, then its not potential damage
  5. Needy_Game

    North Cape Campaign, Mission 2, Task 1

    You can even farm potential damage by dodging torpedo spreads, in high tiers every shima torpedo spread does massive damage, about 110K
  6. Needy_Game

    Best DD for 8th Ranked Season

    The sonar on the Loyang makes capping in ranked very cancerous, the type of a DD will decide the entire match. its extremely influential early on
  7. Needy_Game

    Your favorite T7 ship?

    Myoko by far nimble cruiser of death, you just need to get used to the slow turrets
  8. Needy_Game

    Easy way to limit the ,,new,, players... in high tiers.

    i love this idea, team quality has plummeted lately, i made the mistake of installing MM monitor and to no ones surprise, half of my teams WR is less than 50%, almost every match, its slightly better at T8-10 but not by much, about a third of our team would have less than 50% WR. if buying high tier ships is done through this mechanic, or if indeed locking the ships until a certain score is reached in the previous ship, it will improve team quality significantly, however, its almost too late now, since most of the potatoes got though and are now playing and losing at T10
  9. sadly even T7 is usually uptiered to T9, almost always in my Myoko , a 15.5 Km with slow turrets against, Roon, Neptune and Iowa, any and every hit is either a citadel or 6K lost forever, while the top tier guy can heal
  10. Needy_Game


    my game the game freezes in connect screen after getting disconnected, everytime i disconnect, i cant reconnect back, and i have to shut down the game via task manager, happens with any ship and everytime
  11. Needy_Game

    Heavy cruisers, useless in this meta

    the problem has to do with the number of BBs per team, having 5 BBs per team, in every match is going to make cruisers nearly useless, they will lose their high rate of fire advantage, because as soon as you go loud, everybody would want to fire at you especially BBs. honestly, playing Cruisers these days is extremely dangerous, its unfair because even BBs 20KM away would ignore whatever they're firing at and target you even though you're on the other side of the map, you can run, you just sit quietly until you are undetected, and try your luck again, mean while, BBs keep shooting, DDs keep firing torpedoes, CVs doing drops, while you're just sailing, hoping you wont get nuked when you fire your guns again
  12. Needy_Game

    Improve IJN DDs

    i wish they look into the IJN line is general, IJN Cruisers are becoming more obsolete by the day, some lines have radar, some have excellent hydro, or smoke, while IJN has to contend with HE in slow turrets and paper armour
  13. Needy_Game

    Matches you just don't get to contribute in.

    that explains why this effect is most noticeable during the weekend or new patches, where the potatoes are most abundant
  14. Needy_Game

    Matches you just don't get to contribute in.

    do you mind reminding me? that sounds very game breaking tbh
  15. Needy_Game

    Matches you just don't get to contribute in.

    there are matches where one side steamrolls the other, and from either side, you dont get to do much. if youre winning, the enemy team is so horribly bad, that they practically get cornered and evaporate under the heavy fire and you dont get to do much, if its the other way around, youll try to salvage some XP but still earn very little since its a defeat. its very unfun, and it happens very often