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  1. the problem has to do with the number of BBs per team, having 5 BBs per team, in every match is going to make cruisers nearly useless, they will lose their high rate of fire advantage, because as soon as you go loud, everybody would want to fire at you especially BBs. honestly, playing Cruisers these days is extremely dangerous, its unfair because even BBs 20KM away would ignore whatever they're firing at and target you even though you're on the other side of the map, you can run, you just sit quietly until you are undetected, and try your luck again, mean while, BBs keep shooting, DDs keep firing torpedoes, CVs doing drops, while you're just sailing, hoping you wont get nuked when you fire your guns again
  2. i wish they look into the IJN line is general, IJN Cruisers are becoming more obsolete by the day, some lines have radar, some have excellent hydro, or smoke, while IJN has to contend with HE in slow turrets and paper armour
  3. that explains why this effect is most noticeable during the weekend or new patches, where the potatoes are most abundant
  4. do you mind reminding me? that sounds very game breaking tbh
  5. there are matches where one side steamrolls the other, and from either side, you dont get to do much. if youre winning, the enemy team is so horribly bad, that they practically get cornered and evaporate under the heavy fire and you dont get to do much, if its the other way around, youll try to salvage some XP but still earn very little since its a defeat. its very unfun, and it happens very often
  6. after a quick google to confirm, i found out this fact, im going to play now to collect some stars, again thank you
  7. wait, you can repeat mission? i honestly didn't know that , and my progress have stalled for over a month now, this is kind of embarrassing, thank you guys
  8. i am stuck with the CV missions, since i have no CV, and am too broke to to buy a one, it will take months to buy the Ryojo and get to T VIII, such poorly designed campaign tbh, forcing us to play a particular class
  9. I think nerfing the firing detictebility bloom for BBs would be nice while keeping the consealment untouched. smaller cruiser calibre guns need a much shorter lived bloom, while BBs should keep the current one, Cruisers are extremely fragile right now, and in open maps they get sniped easily without any skills.
  10. literally me every game, i feel guilty every time i play a BB, i main Cruisers, and in this very harsh environment, full of BBs, and BB caliber HE, its not fun, not fun at all.
  11. BBs at the moment are like DDs a year ago, too many of them, with people that dont know how to use them, but still, by sheer numbers have a huge impact on the match, making matches retarded to many people. to make matters worse, those idiots "BBabies" complain a lot and WG apparently listens to them, even though 5 BBs in every match is the norm now and RN BBs are more OP than everything else recently released, but BBabies keep complaining that the game is not easy enough, and WG keeps listening...
  12. i really really wish they nerf their concealment, its absurd to be worried about being outspotted by them in a /cruiser
  13. the game is horribly broken right now, i feel very threatened in any cruiser, if i am going to be outspotted by a BB, let alone the ridiculously OP RN HE and CAs
  14. I thought you are talking about the Orion and the ridiculous RN HE in general, where angling doesn't work anymore, and nothing is safe from being spammed and lit up
  15. Excuse me, but ever since she got buffed, she earned the new nickname "The Furious Taco"