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  1. the game is horribly broken right now, i feel very threatened in any cruiser, if i am going to be outspotted by a BB, let alone the ridiculously OP RN HE and CAs
  2. I thought you are talking about the Orion and the ridiculous RN HE in general, where angling doesn't work anymore, and nothing is safe from being spammed and lit up
  3. Excuse me, but ever since she got buffed, she earned the new nickname "The Furious Taco"
  4. glad to know im not the only one feeling nostalgic to the beta, remember the old Hot spot map with the diagonal spawn? while i hate it at the time, it did guarantee clashes and brawls, rather than the current, ''let the DDs and Cruisers spot and die, while i save my big precious BB'' also, matches in general, were much faster, and with less camping due to the CV god status at the time
  5. The irony is that the death of Cruiser population, like the CVs, will hurt BBs in the long term, making games more campy but more valnruble to DDs, since there are no one left to screen for them
  6. Currently most IJN CA's are made of one giant citadel. but what boggles my mind, what really infuriates me is the fact that the Myoko even with CE is just as stealthy as a RN BB. i don't know if WG plays their game at all, because on top of being easily nuked (and burned to death) I can be out spotted by a giant BB...
  7. i agree with most of what you said. in the current meat, Cruisers are next to useless. what a shame, i miss the old days of my Myoko, now i have to deal with BB shells that are made to be ''cruiser killer'' (RN AP and low tier KM AP) i also want Senjo back
  8. i liked the special Speed mod and the sonar mod on my Kiev and Roon respectively
  9. very elegant, solid logic, informative and very persuasive /s after 14K posts, i thought you would be at least a mature member of the forum, what a shame...
  10. the fact you chose the Bismark specifically just so you can make your ''Bismark noob omg BBaby'' comment is the absolutely pathetic part. German CA pay heavily for their AP, they are too big, and can be seen from orbit, i never thought they were OP even before i had played them, same can be said about Japanese CAs, they pay a hefty price for their HE and stealth, they are made almost entirely of a giant citadel and have horrible AA. all mean they can not dictate themselves on the enemy, if spotted, they will either angle and fire or run and kite away, high tier RN CAs on the other hand, dont have to follow this rule, they usually are played by making an offensive smoke, and keep firing, the long lasting smoke means they will rip apart anything with a citadel, making battles very static, not to mention the very potent AA and AP makes them hard for cruisers and CVs to counter. now add their absurdly OP heal, and you a recipe for a very un-fun ship to fight, they will just run away if by a miracle, the team coordinates and focus it, only to heal about 40 percent of it HP and the cycle starts again.
  11. i like this change, im sick of being spammed by RN cruisers in smoke without any choice of retaliation, that's what it like in this new ''smoke heavy meta''. for at least 5 mins in every match, smoke is set up near the middle of the map, AP shells raining on everyone, easily nuking cruisers, farming easy damage, and then, retreat to another friendly smoke,which conveniently lasts 100s, i can easily lose most my Bismark HP to an Edinburgh, another thing is their Arc, the way their arc curves, makes it impossible to angle against at normal engagement ranges, since the shell is coming from above. lastly the AP rounds are extremely unbalanced, the nature of their arming fuse means hitting any part near the bow or stern of a cruiser will result in penetration, providing consistent and easy damage, all in the comfort of their smoke
  12. i never noticed the lack of a reload sound, but i too, have noticed the lag of the kill sound effect, it lags by about a second for me. i declined the Ultra sounds too, so far, i have no idea how to correct the problem.
  13. to be frank, i run out of reports/compliments almost daily. the sheer amount of enraging stupidity i encounter daily is just too high to ignore, i wish they could do something but i know reporting for poor play does nothing, my dream solution would be to ban the poor player to ''a lower rank mm'' so he will play with other potatoes with reduced XP till he gets gud, this solution will certainly wont work though, since the vast majority of players in this game are potatoes
  14. i have to make the point, that cruisers are not meant to tank or be the single focus of fire, so, if a team have coward BBs, Cruisers, naturally, will have to keep their distance. i am forced to make this decision on a daily basis
  15. there is a very simple solution to the BBs infestation : a nerf and/or harsher economy to those who do far too little (too little damage. or potential damage)