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  1. prob its fake ,,,,
  2. We are EU , who need mission , when there is Premium shop
  3. cv looks nice ,,, they should add more planes in hangar
  4. pfff and my game always stuck at end of loading,,,,
  5. well who cares that u in clan ? did some 1 told that want inv ? for sure not
  6. waiting for first video to see how it performs
  7. got it allot of times,,,,
  8. in my op , these t7 planes lack of some HP
  9. Free chat ban
  10. I might think its for those who have HSF
  11. u dont even have enterprise , so whats the whine ...
  12. was good mod ;) remember loved space yama and dm :)
  13. nice , price to sad it wasnt like this when it comes out
  14. yeah any can fit :P