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  1. some 3 games that farmed medals )
  2. Did faced my mate : @collin_mats he did cool job on that team , but sad he lost :/
  3. cool skins did see it on wows asia fb :) ,
  4. Bump the Scrubbetees ;P
  5. good bb and yes it worth , if you like play style of dunky and izumo
  6. Nice Got alpha inv to Total War : Arena gona dl and see how it is that game :P will try get another inv if some 1 will need
  7. 2k gold , 200+ camos 400+ usless signals and few mods
  8. 2k gold 50k free xp 200+ (50-100xp%) camos 2x mods and some 4x 100 uslesss signals
  9. ah nice this more detailed list :P no wonder i would never play minekaze or hatsu or other crap ship <3 cheers
  10. read info delay 1 day
  11. Hey ya mate :) @xxNihilanxx 30 pink games is super good too :) beside pink cv always looks good on map :) @MortenTardo yeah you super right <3 :)
  12. can be , if he pay good for me :P yaaaa master hava and hes ponys owns the forum ;P Beside looks like from pt server play random games and earn oil for upgrade , should be EZ for me , let the Saipan farm begins again