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  1. 3k base xp

    only 3k base? and what who did 4k base?
  2. Bcuz radar + smoke = balans

    sounds good ^^ maybe finally will play again grozo haha
  3. New campaign missions are absolutely ridiculous

    lol i will not even bother to rush , will just play randoms when , have something to grind , in other way just meh, this campaign have nothing to offer me
  4. How much Credits you have? (2018 Edition)

    Behold :) 3x Summons 2018 - with 3.1B creds P.S @Leo_Apollo11 add option for 3 B creds :P
  5. nice mate :P i have a bit only 5.6M free xp :/ and ofc insta buy it since t9, far way better mm then tx :P
  6. What's wrong with my recent winrate?

    its just , diff on what tier u play , on mid tier , teams more solid , hard carry can handle most of time , but high tiers , god there potatoes out of control
  7. Community, where we have failed? Where?

    agree on this :) as always , or if they to heavy aa just avoid :P
  8. Cleveland replace

    no need to see or look any infos , just buy back if dont have 6-9 , ez money back :P with ships
  9. Azure Lane collaboration when ?

    soon :) maybe in month or so
  10. Help screw the nut with friendly CV captains

    never need my team to help me, untill they not die , np i do the job of killing
  11. Tachibana Lima mission

    ow tnx , did see yest , but didnt accepted mission lol
  12. In defense of the current CV mechanics.

    wg only need fix UL bugs , maybe a bit boost xp income ,,
  13. Fix T10 matchmaking.

    this will lead more potatoes at t10 , and its already horrible there