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  1. almost 9 kills , was only 20 sec before i kill 9th and he won due cap points , since my team was trash
  2. nothing can save from weekend noobs , and worst player base at wows
  3. i would love a any special Ship that Cost 1B+
  4. To all who thinks that are rich :P MrBlogis richest in server @Aotearas agree we need clan bank P.S i have a few more then @Durin_VI @Tyrendian89 :P
  5. got today record , chat baned after 2 min first game with 30 reports , fail div + dd rekt ^^
  6. +1 for it,,
  7. @WolfGewehrstill i earned more base xp then you with my mighty saipan :P
  8. Hi pal nice to meet you :) was not bad game
  9. only 4 times in 3 weeks ? thats low , i was get chat ban each day
  10. Oh dam Mars you did my day happy <3 the stats room and the Saipan buffing departement!!!!!!!!!1
  11. can wg just remove these bot players from t10 and rest of tiers
  12. your wife? :o