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  1. xXx_Blogis_xXx

    Special camo. and flag bonus codes

    yeah to sad expired
  2. xXx_Blogis_xXx

    I just blew 100,000,000 Credits

    Have 3.4B creds who need?
  3. xXx_Blogis_xXx

    Collectors club

    maybe a forum title also ? :)
  4. xXx_Blogis_xXx

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery ))
  5. xXx_Blogis_xXx

    Timing of Clan Battle Seasons

    they could make cb 1h earlier as prime...
  6. xXx_Blogis_xXx

    Beta tester insignia?

    Ahoj maybe u plan give Alpha Tester emblem ? :)
  7. xXx_Blogis_xXx

    XP you *should* get for refunding CVs

    nah , i will hold for collection , got loads fxp anyway
  8. xXx_Blogis_xXx

    Ovechkin dual nationality tracers

    ye same , here , tought i read u can use cpt between rus and usa ships
  9. how to win ? play 10k games in div ^^^ right sheep?
  10. xXx_Blogis_xXx

    "Anniversary of the First Battle" gifts

    when does alpha tester get alpha patch ? -_-
  11. xXx_Blogis_xXx

    CvC battles canceled for this weekend

    wg u really waste my time on it
  12. xXx_Blogis_xXx

    Good players and teams!

    well gratzz then :) hope u will pass 50% line one day :)
  13. xXx_Blogis_xXx

    Musashi or Kronshtadt with free XP?

    go for kron
  14. xXx_Blogis_xXx

    The Ring - Round 1 Video with code for a special mission

    tnx, another few signals for my 70k + collection
  15. not a fan , but yes i heard about him