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  1. Carrier Rework and the artificial fog around it

    For OP : you not even CV player why even u post this 2nd for topic : For sure this cv rework will be bad ,,,,
  2. Collectors club

    better let me restore iwaki which i sold at OB , when lack of space lol
  3. Operation Hermes

    1 from best OP that i like !
  4. Youtube-Bonuscode: 5000LIKES

    danke ;)
  5. Ultimate frontier ruined

    indeed :) and its geting worse
  6. yeah had same problem in each midway game :) but u know as always carry hard lol
  7. no , we dont need them at all
  8. wp mate :P it shows how bad teams are these days + players on high tier
  9. New Forum Ranks

    Nice :) tnx for it ;)
  10. Have anyone noticed?

    my teams never changed when 90% only bots
  11. for sure atago could use some kind of buff :P
  12. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Some games , also there was some bad due super potatoe teams + 2 games 300-900 ms out from nowhere + specialy plane lag + dont forget that wg launcher started auto update pt server mid of game -_-
  13. Humble Bundle Free Flag

    tnx for the flag :)