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  1. ye good idea wg , like i dump my fxp to 1 line which i love 3x in 5 min and have all boost for that ship np ^^ very easy , but in total bad idea, unless super mod would give my midway immortal hp planes hahaha
  2. xXx_Blogis_xXx

    Worst Ranked Season ever !!!

    its ok for daily xp farm^^
  3. xXx_Blogis_xXx

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    lol top kek ao :P my funny hermes near your gremlin dmg :o finaly Scored top 1 dmg of Hermes in EU
  4. Always good to see you in game :P

  5. Ahh thats the place you are hiding... But I found you now :3


  6. Enterprise - Ford-class supercarrier