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  1. booimbuu

    Going to miss deadeye accuracy...

    i wil also miss the accuracy the problem is is more that the perk forces you to stay back if idk it only activates after tanking a certain ammount of damage it would be in a better state imo
  2. booimbuu

    Why does AA on some DD look idioticly strong

    the best way to hunt them is ignore them hope they dont cuck your team and spot them while rushing for one strike hoping your entire team hits him like you deal with them in clan battles but the fact you need that while in order for those ships to be effective they dont even need one person to help them is not right
  3. booimbuu

    How to improve the upcoming German DD line.

    Imo they are missing an opportunity here just give it troll torpedoes but make them actualy terrefyingly fast 46-48 up to like 54 with a speedboost and stealthy like the IJN dd's and base the reload depending on ammo type, keep it at its current for HE but cut it in half or 3/4 for ap so if it manages to catch something broadside it just gets melted and if it fails it gets melted and just remove def aa and give it a speed boost. high risk high reward high skill ceiling might be a bit to mutch but i kinda want something like this tbh
  4. booimbuu

    Why does AA on some DD look idioticly strong

    or stealth fire akizuki i belive it was (always get the jap dd's names mixed up) and i kinda feel the same is happening with cv's people forgot just how opressive they where and think they are still as powerfull as then and imo cv's and cv players get way more hate then they deserve
  5. booimbuu

    Why does AA on some DD look idioticly strong

    oh god dont remind me
  6. booimbuu

    Why does AA on some DD look idioticly strong

    i suppose you think a game without either is better so we go back to the olden days of world of dds ? :p
  7. booimbuu

    Why does AA on some DD look idioticly strong

    u dont have to agree but id rather have cv's do it then old stealth radar back :)
  8. booimbuu

    Why does AA on some DD look idioticly strong

    first of i know the nerfed exp and this is wy you almost never see a cv top on exp (last 10-15 games with other players playing cv's i dont even see them in the top half) any you clearly ignore most of my points and dont even give any good solutions radar cruisers dont counter dd's unless they sail into a cap simple as that the problem is not gunboat dd's sailing into a cap its the dd's that sit in the side lines spotting torping and if you contest them your guboat can still lose vs these specific dd's then the only thing you have left are cv's and even they take massive losses just from base dpm of the aa not even the flak. if u get hit bye flak u deserve to lose planes but if you go and strike a dd and lose 80% of your rockets before you can even strike while dodgeing all the flak thats not quite right and the reward for it is often not worth it unless you have others shooting them aswell. currently the interaction between cv's and dd's is some of the best its ever been and if you disagree i would gladly take back launch rework cvs or pre rework cvs but i doubt you are willing to do the same. im not claiming to be the best player but when my winrate in one class is nearly 6% higer then classes i have spend allot more time learning i cant say that that class is not strong. also you completely change my meaning im not saying take dd's stealth away dd's need to have strenghts and weaknesses same as all the other classes but atm there are some dd's that just dont have those same as there are some cruisers and bb's in that same boat (dunnot about cvs only got 2 of them dont have the premium once) dd's should be rewared for spotting but not while also outputting a high ammount of alpha + zone control even a cv can't do all 3 of those anymore thats wy we got the rework dd's and cvs in this game practicly do the same thing as wg has killed of allot of there support aspects ill once again re itirate my point dd's are supposed to be support ships not assasins if you want an assasin dd fair nuf but then it can't have the support advantages it is literly the issue everyone complains about with cv's spotting + option to kill from anywhere yes dd's sometimesh have to be in dangerous areas to do so but if ur playing a carrier optimaly you are also not sitting at the edge of the map and if you are you can't say you are playing it at a decent level imo. The game used to have a rock paper scisors system that has been utterly decimated bye ships like smalland/halland/stalingrad they can do to many things to well so they can fill up more roles then they should. the reason i want cv's buffed vs dd's but nerfed vs other classes is to try and lessen the preshure on bb's and ca's as bb's dont move from there spawn becouse of fear of he spam planes and torps any bb pushing now is prettymutch just trolling and thats not a good place for the game to be in, some ca's can't even get in range to take part in the game atm without risk of death as bb's and vs can destroy them and they cant easly escape a dd or cv spotting them and the chance of a ca even a radar one winning a fight vs a dd atm is so small as everyone sees a pushed up cruiser and we all know how long he is going to live. atm the rock paper scisors system we all liked and what this game was balanced around is completely gone (cv's have been strong for as long as i have played becouse they byepass it) there are to many ships that can counter the class they are suposed to be weak against and either this get fixed or soon no one not even the dd's will be able to leave the spawn becouse currently cv's are already getting played less from what i can see because allot fo people have been stacking up allot of cv players dont know how to deal with it they claim op bam they leave then there winrate and play rate goes down wg looks at stats perhaps they buff them they come back they are broken again other stuff needs buffs then to compensate and then that thing is out of wack and both cv's and dd's imo are the main reason for this meta with specific ships adding fuel to the fire. the point of cv's dying last vs dd's dying first is a very weird agument its like saying dd's are getting allot more kills with torps then bb's so bbs are super weak and need buffs, its how the classes are suposed to work according to wg. do i agree that cvs should sit safe all game no is there allot of reason and reward for a cv to push up no not realy there is some but not to the exstend its worth the risk a dd pushing up can potentialy kill a 100 k hp bb in one go a cv can't do that. should a cv be able to do that no but same for the dd imo as it creates a mindset in most bb players that dd alive = no push ever not all but definitly most people we all meet in random battles i think we all saw plenty of gk's sitting at the edge of the map. atm we need a balance change that one benefits pushing and rewards it ontop increasing interactive play on all classes more rewards for agressive or supportive dd's more rewards for agressive and tanking bb's more rewards for supporting ca's and punish passive play and perhaps do this to the extreme to get a full reset on the player base in terms of mindset. oh and to your point of people complaining about potato dd's imo is because there impact is as big as that of a cv maybe slightly less but still allot higer then that of the otehr ship classes there reward for risking it all is the fact they have the most impact on the outcome of a battle of all surface ships this also partialy because the ammount of them in a game is small but there roles they can furfill are the most important its they who can create preshure and cause sides to colapse and create crossfires together with the cv so atm the team who has the better dd/cv wins and this i do know from my own expierince aslong as i manage to live in a dd i prettymutch win any game im in if i misplay and i die i have nearly lost all of them the same in my cv's but to a less extreme exstend and instead of death my damage and spotting damage and please instead of bashing my post come back with constructive criticism and actual solutions to the current state of the game/certain ships as saying things i already know and twisting my words will get us nowhere.
  9. booimbuu

    Why does AA on some DD look idioticly strong

    so you think dd's should be the only class without another class to counter them ? well that shows where you stand XD + cv's have been nerfed into the ground vs dd's sadly imo wg completely ruined there balancing after the rework they should have buffed there anti dd and support aspects while nerfing there CA and BB damage sadly wg is doing the oposite and yet again letting dd's run free ( last 4 games i remeber playing 4 dd's top both teams clearly underpowerd) this game was intended to have a rock paper scissors sytem but ships like halland and smalland and even klebere and haru make this extremely hard to do as they completely brake the mold and even tho i get it that you want cool new things its because of ships like that. that the game gets longer and longer rang and more and more passive then add on top that only cv's can realy deal with them but that also at the same time they are way easier to use vs ca's and bb's and can bully them out you have a massive problem then you add ONE skill that makes a passive playstile possible and you get the mess we have now. Its clear that those ships are problematic and should be reworked if not the dd and cv classes entirely as both have extremely toxic interactions with all other ship classes and require special rules to either be viable or not utterly broken and if wg can't do it then remove one and rework the other one and since so many layers ahte cv's im not even completely against removing them but then you would have to completely rework the spotting system spotting exp system and rework/nerrf every dd in the game and probebly have to refund who knows how mutch to players since people dont want to play a support role and dd's in a assasin role like they where pre cv rework without cv in the game is so toxic to play against for bb's and ca's that will cause them to leave. this is wy cv's are needed to keep dd's in line and if you have ships like halland/smalland are are fine with them then i suggest that wg makes a bb that goes 40knts 80% torp belt and rapidfire lockon missiles with a stealth radar and then we can let halland/smalland's see what it is to play against a ship that prettymutch does the same as there ship does
  10. booimbuu

    Why does AA on some DD look idioticly strong

    you again refuse to read i took ships with similar ammount of games played as examples, some of the newer steel and coal ships are actuly more rare at this point then free exp ships and more potatos will have free exp ships then steel ships so it should have a lower win rate but it does not even its main line counterpart has an above average winrate even tho it is prettymutch a inferior version
  11. booimbuu

    Why does AA on some DD look idioticly strong

    or if we put it up against a ship that no one says is weak slava 52.88 with only 166 055 battles played as of writing so is slava weak now ? is it easy to get ? no. its just a simple fact the pan eu dd's are over tuned they are suposed to be hard ships but as halland shows even the average potato can make it work quite easly and the unicum players utterly destroy games with it and as mutch as i would like to see it get nerfed i know it will not be as it is a free exp ship but it should be vaulted asap (smalland) halland is a whole other issue but also should get some nerfs imo detect and/or torp speed/damage/reload and sadly there is no way not to piss of everyone at this stage they should never have released in this state same as thunderer slava stalin ect.. sadly wg does not care about actual balance anymore i think of the last few ships that got released petro nevsky fdr are just some that jump to mind that are all extremely un balanced imo or just make older ships irelivant so our normal way of looking at ships just does not work anymore ships like slava thunderer petro smalland are the new baseline i only expect to see more utterly broken ships to be released locked behind more hard to get currency's that will in a year or 2 make smalland and slava look like the z-52
  12. booimbuu

    Why does AA on some DD look idioticly strong

    did you even read what i wrote and what ships i listed ? and besides lets take a steel ship then even harder to get then the free exp ships stalingrad the single most meta ship ever in wows is currently sitting at a 56.01 % winwrate 1so 01.26% higer then smalland and then lets take into consideration that smalland does better into cv's witch are not always there every game so negatively impacting that part of its gameplay if you where forced to play with a cv every game im pretty shure smalland would beat out stalin then. And then how do you explain that in any form of competetive game play smalland halland are bye far the most popular dd's ?
  13. booimbuu

    Why does AA on some DD look idioticly strong

    yes you can stack one squadron cool but you 1 wont kill him on one squadron it takes on average 2-4 squadrons to kill them solo without your team and you should NEVER try and kill them solo as its a waste of planes tell your team you are going to spot him and pray they shoot thats honnestly the best strat to deal with them + getting hit hard bye planes ? what cv hits a dd hard at this stage ? both the baseline usa and ijn rockets are pretty meh they are not even equal to a citadel from a bb on a ca inj bombs and torps are useless and usn bombs are quite good at killing them true but how many cv's do you see hit double bombs on dd's especialy halland and smalland , not many stil going up the german and brittish cv line myself but i never seem to even get focused bye them in my dd's so i assume they lack the tools to do so. if its some of the premiums fair nuff but then thats a ship issue and not a class issue. The actual problem is that ships like halland and smalland make the diffrence between a good and bad cv player just THAT mutch bigger so making ,1 the cv rework pointless 2, infuritating the player base even more as losing becous you have the worse cv player and are up against a ship no other class even has a chance of dealing with is not fun for anyone except the guy in the halland/smalland ,3 it forces more powercreep in order to make ships to actuly balance out ships like halland as i dont think anyone can say that those ships are balanced when the prettymutch replaced all other dd's at certain levels of play. dont forget that for a suposed hard to play ship so a ship that should have a lower then average winrate becouse potato's playing it should cause it to drop halland is sitting at 51% and smalland at 54.72% winrate meanwhile midway is at 47..25 when its bye far the easiest cv to play only 2 cv's sit at 50+% winrate and none come even close to smalland's 54.72 to put that into perspective a ship like musashi that is just flat out op comes in at 53.72% so for a class that according to everyone i hear is crap and completly useless becouse of cv's it manages to outpreform probebly the best bb tier for tier. So either musashi is a useless ship and deserves buffs or smalland is overtuned and could use some adjustments tldr in the 200.000 games braket only somers and the könig albert do better in winrate
  14. booimbuu

    Refunds on Premiums affected by Captain Skills

    my atlanta says hi