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    Public test client-standard client

    I have recently joined Public test client and been testing things that are about to be released to public client.servers. Now i am interested if there is possibility to transfer reward containers, credits, free ex or some ships and other things to my standard public game client in order to boost my game experience in public client? And if they will add this possibility in future updates and development of game.
  2. paladin_gunner

    New premium CVs...

    Thank you for your support and vote Viktor_Slanski. I agree that Enterprise and Zuikaku as premium CVs are perfect combination. I also think that first they should add missions for both of them, long term if possible because otherwise only elite player with tier X ships can get them in short time and then these CVs should be added to premium shop wihtout deadline like for Lo Yang, Yubari or other ships. I also agree that CVs in general should be re worked like you said. And also they should return option to see the ship like you can see other classes, because for now you can see it from only two views. from map and from view made for aircraft management. #4
  3. paladin_gunner

    New premium CVs...

    But i think is not fair for World of Tanks to have much more premiums then World of Warships. Besides adding more premium ships to the game adds versatility to the game, making it more fun. And on the other hand USS Enterprise is no non sense ship. It endured battles from Midway all to the end of the war. Her crew and pilots introduced night operations for the first time in world wide navy, without modern technology like infra red vision and radars like today. On top of that follow that link and see for your self why it deserves to be in the game. http://www.navsource.org/archives/02/06.htm And if you still don't feel this way watch Battle 360-USS Enterprise episodes on You tube and hear from surviving men both sailors and pilots what dangers this ship has endured and why should be called Naval Legend.
  4. paladin_gunner

    New premium CVs...

    Would it be possible for 2017, aniversarry of Midway battle to add 2 new CVs 1) The most famous US Cv in the WW II-the USS Enterprise http://http://www.navsource.org/archives/02/06.htm also known as The Big 'E or Lucky E. and its Japanese counterpart? Here is link with data from wikipedia about USS Enterprise https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Enterprise_(CV-6) It would be best to add long term missions for both of them and to add them to premium shop. Because according to its service record the The Big E really deserves its place in Wold of Warships premium shop and in ports of players. Here is link for Battle 360 episodes which tell the story and all dangers of Big E/Lucky E or USS Enterprise- I and other players would sure love to see USS Enterprise in premium shops and in our ports. And for start can you make Naval Legends episode about USS Enterprise also nick named The Grey Ghost?
  5. paladin_gunner

    CV's balance and gameplay

    I think that Wargaming should during next year repair the aircraft carriers and their game play. Now only starting configuration is good. First upgrade is all air dominance with fighters and has no torpedo or dive bombers availble, while second upgrade eliminates fighters which can be a problem if you ran into player on enemy team that has all fighter configuration which is very difficult on higher tiers like VIII,IX and X where especially US cv's like Essex or Middway can destroy all your bombers at very start of match. And then you became useless and people call you noob and other cursing names because you can't deal damage at all with 5 or 6 groups of fighters destroying your bomber groups. And match maker is also a problem here. It happens frequently that my tier V or VI cv's are placed against tier VII or VIII cv's that are in 80% of cases US cvs players with all fighter configurations that destroy all my bomber groups in first minute of a match and then keep up destroying rest of planes that are in hangar.
  6. paladin_gunner

    Test/Training room in game

    This one of the reasons to add training/test room to the game as official expansion of World of Waships
  7. paladin_gunner

    More Premium ships and Premium Japanese aircraft carrier

    I think that Japan deserves to have at least premium cv that took part in battle for Pearl Harbor or at Midway because, i think that Japanese carriers are all about agression just like their cruisers and battleship, quick and sudden strikes. Or it would be interesting to see a mission whose rewards are one of premium Japanese carrier and their commander with at least 12 skill points. And i think that premium ships are fun to play and unique like Atago, which has light/medium armor, good guns, and good location for torpedoes that can be launched without too much exposure of ships citadel area. As for carriers i have Saipan and it is good, tier IX aircraft especially powerful bombs. For start Kaga or Soryu can be good addition as premium ships.
  8. paladin_gunner

    Test/Training room in game

    Can you add Test/Training room to the game in one of updates in 2017? It can allow testing of all ships in the game of all tiers standard ones not premiums so all players, (old and new) can discover more about each branch of each nation. Or training with ones in port all of them standard and premiums to sharpen the skills before entering Ranked and all other battle types in the game.
  9. Can you find and add suitable Japanese aircraft carrier to the game? Like one of those that took part at Pearl Harbor or at battle of Midway? And can you find more and add suitable premiums for all existing nations that are currently present it the game? For Japanese carriers like one of those in attachment?
  10. paladin_gunner

    ARP Missions

    When you will add ARP Maya and her Mission to World of Warships? Can you do it during 2017.? And will you add again ARP missions like for ARP Nachi Mission if some of us don't make it go complete her mission requirments? For Maya i would suggest something like 1000000 HP damage or just 50 wins like was for ARP Takao. As for ARP Nachi i would suggest either 1000000HP damage,or 100 secondary battery hits, or even just 200 torpedo hits. For ship tiers for Maya it would be enough for tier VII (7) to X (10) As for Nachi if you return her and her mission then can you set it for tier VII (7) to X (10)?