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  1. Zerra_Channel

    IMPROVE The GAME: message to WG !

    I am ZERRA Channel Message to WG IMPROVE THE GAME ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nb1b103bgi4
  2. Zerra_Channel

    Royal navy's BB are HERE !, HMS NELSON, King George V

    and this is the NEW T 9 BB
  3. The Royal BB line are coming SOON !!! are you Hyped about the new line ? Pz let me know.. and and T10
  4. Zerra_Channel

    NEW SOVIET BB - Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya

    and one Epic comeback in the MOSKVA
  5. An soviet TEXAS with a lot of AA ? Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya
  6. Hi its me Zerra Channel Do you like a bomb ? I give you the Bomb !
  7. If you what to see USS ALABAMA in a game play joy
  8. The first ITALIAN ships are coming soon the Cruiser Duca d'Aosta and the BB ROMA
  9. New soviet split line are coming soon. Main Branch The changes start at tier V with the appearance of the 1929 project Podvoisky. There’s a linear increase in ship size and a more natural gameplay progression as you make your way to tier X on the main destroyer branch. Starting at tier VII, the branch is exclusively “Destroyer Leaders:” large and fast ships using cruiser-like artillery. New Branch The destroyers Ognevoi and Udaloi leave the main destroyer branch of the Soviet tech tree and join Grozovoy (a representative of the 40N Project) on the other sub-branch. These ships play more like “classic” destroyers close to the German destroyer line. With Ognevoi moving from tier VI to VIII, we’ll add more modern guns similar to Udaloi’s. At tier VII, you now have a choice: keep researching the original “Destroyer Leaders” or diverge and take on the classic destroyer line. Better yet, each branch has its own set of consumables for more tactical options. !!! What do you all thing ?? Radar maybe ??
  10. Zerra_Channel

    NEW NURF To all Battleships in next patch !

    On of the Best player in Hole EU Show how you can get HIGH CALIBER in first ( 8 min of the game )
  11. New nurf to BISMARCK and to all Battleships in the next patch .. Se whats all about
  12. Zerra_Channel

    New Series - TORPEDOBEAT

    EUROBEAT 2 Hope you all enjoy the new series ! and
  13. The best gunboat at tier 8 ? One of the most fun DD you can play ?
  14. My personal opi... abount new JPN Destroyers LINE !