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  1. Belustigungspanda

    Kurze Frage, kurze Antwort - Der Erste Hilfe Thread

    Eine Frage zum laufenden Wettstreit der sowetischen Marineflieger-Designbüros: Ich konnte in der ersten Woche nur einen Teil der persönlichen Missionen erfüllen. Wenn ich mich nun in Woche 2 wieder für dasselbe Büro entscheide, behalte ich dann meinen persönlichen Fortschritt aus der ersten Woche oder fange ich wieder bei 0 an?
  2. Belustigungspanda

    Haarlem (Tier VIII)

    Kein gutes Schiff. Die Hauptgeschütze sind unzuverlässig, ebenso der Luftschlag. Hinzu kommt die miserable Beweglichkeit. Bisher habe ich noch keine Sache an der Haarlem gefunden, die mir Spaß machen würde...
  3. Belustigungspanda

    What are your preliminary plan for the birthday event?

    My plan is as usual: First collect all rewards that don't have a chance to activate premium time when i can't use it. Then see what i'll be able to do with all the accumulated stuff & what's reasonable to still grind for. Finally get the supercontainers and store them so i can open them for possible premium time during my holidays. There is just one flaw in my plan: I'm still sitting on roughly 25 unopened SCs from last year's event because i just don't have enough holidays... *sigh*
  4. Aurora (other possible drops were: Almirante Abreu, Diana, Diana Lima, Oleg, Ishizuchi)
  5. Well, i guess this once again shows that being hesitant about your spendings is the best strategy in f2p games... I was aiming for the "4k dubs every 2 months"-approach, too, but so far i haven't been able to quite get there: I'm lacking 4 containers to pull off a first small revenue (below 4k) but will only have 3 of them available until the containers are removed (2 from tokens, 1 from dockyard). Since i won't be able to afford a T7 container with tokens, i will just wait for the announcement on what they're going to replace the containers with. If it just isn't interesting enough, i might just be using my stockpiled tokens to remove as many T5 premiums as possible from supercontainer drops...
  6. Belustigungspanda

    Zeigt eure Super Container !

    18.08.21: Supercontainer mit 50 Happy Pi Day - Tarnungen (27. Ressourcen-Container seit letztem SC) 05.09.21: Supercontainer mit 50k freien XP (16. Ressourcen-Container seit letztem SC) 05.09.21: T2-T4-Premium-Container aus der "Pacific War"-Kampagne gab mir den russischen/sowjetischen T3-Kreuzer "Aurora" (mögliche weitere Drops wären gewesen: Almirante Abreu, Diana, Diana Lima, Oleg, Ishizuchi)
  7. Belustigungspanda

    Official response delayed to CC fiasco

    In the development of any company, there's this crucial point where management starts losing contact with the customers, thinking that (if at all) only minor adjustments are necessary to their business model and concluding that everything is just a matter of bad communication. Some companies realize their mistake and turn around. Some don't...
  8. Belustigungspanda

    Official response delayed to CC fiasco

    Sadly it's more than obvious what's happening right now at WG. Actually, i've experienced it first hand several times in the last few years. These are some thoughts from someone who works in PR myself (but more down to the bottom, not speaking for a whole company, more like complaint management, local marketing and event management)... Most likely their PR crew reported that sh** was starting to hit the fan early on. Within a few hours, they issued some preliminary drafts for public apologies and indivdual communications with the (former) CCs involved. Maybe they even proposed some countermeasures that would at least somewhat show a tiny amount of good will. Most of these drafts sadly either a) got lost in weekend and language barrier shenanigans or b) didn't please the middle management, so they were shelved silently. Some quick and improvised calls were made where everyone agreed on the urgency of the issue but also declared that it was another department's turn to decide. These calls were concluded by strict reminders to reduce communication in this critical situation until it was clear what message had to be unanimously expressed. On sunday, everyone waited for the middle management to decide on the issue. In the meantime, PR still was collecting feedback, writing storyboards for every possible development and proposing reactions. Hours upon hours were spent on discussing possible messages and a phrasing that both relayed these messages and stayed vague on the topics someone in the company wouldn't be pleased to see broken down thoroughly. However, when the day came to a close, there still wasn't a final decision from the management. Instead, they issued orders to rework some of the drafts in case they were to be used. On monday, PR knew that the public wanted them to deliver and that appeasement would get increasingly harder with every additional hour spent. Again drafts were made, discussed, reworked, discarded or relayed to higher levels. Again hours were spent on phrasing while everyone knew that they didn't need more appropriate words but more appropriate actions instead to solve the issue. In the end, everyone had a headache and they concluded that they weren't able to release a compromise statement today. The order was given to those PR guys down the line who still had the best reputation with the community to come up with an apology for the delay...And here we are now. Sadly, i think that that's how all major companies work, even more so if they are multinational and multilingual...
  9. Belustigungspanda

    Eendracht (Tier VII)

    Unterwältigendes Schiff. Reichweite und Feuerkraft eines T6-Schiffes auf T7 Projektilgeschwindigkeit einer geriatrischen Schnecke Beschleunigung eines überladenen Segelschiffes mit mottenzerfressenen Segeln Luftangriff oft ohne praktische Nutzbarkeit im Gefecht Ich habe bisher noch keinen guten Grund gefunden, wieso man diese Reihe spielen sollte.
  10. Belustigungspanda

    The return and economic nerf of Missouri.

    Can't say that i'm surprised...but sure as hell i'm very disappointed. Even more than that: I'm feeling offended by Wargaming's obvious disrespect towards its players. Shame on you, WG!
  11. Belustigungspanda

    Public Test 0.10.7 - Submarines in Ranked Battles

    I can only agree with @Stockensprotz and @lovelacebeer. Submarines feel terrible to play and terrible to play against. They don't enhance the gameplay experience in any way but only make it worse. In addition to what the posters above already wrote: Submarines STILL are the first class inside the game to get partial invulnerability against certain ships (since there STILL are ships that don't get either depth charges or ASW bombs)...and contrary to even CVs, this doesn't result from intelligent terrain usage but from pure luck. You end up against a ship with ASW capabilities? Bad luck. You end up against a ship without ASW? Jackpot! Basically the game started out as a 2D game with islands blocking trajectory in some cases. Of course i'm not talking about the visuals, but about tactics and gameplay decisions. In contrast to WoT, it didn't matter at what height level you and your opponent were. That's one of the key aspects why i still don't fancy WoT while having played WoWs for over 5 years. With submarines WG introduces at least 1, but actually 4 or 5 additional layers to the game. They are ramping up the complexity, but just for the sake of it? Sub captains and surface ship captains on PTS play some kind of guessing game whether or not their shells and/or torps are going to hit. Sub captains get lost in their different diving depths and respective effects. When you have a look at the submarine captain skill tree, you see that most of the skills are situational. Apart from situational skills (especially without visual feedback on whether or not they are actually active right now) being objectively inferior to universal skills AND apart from situational skills making this skill tree the least understandable of them all, they also show that submarine gameplay can actually do without any of them! You have to savour this one: The submarine gameplay is actually that shallow (pun intended) that WG wasn't able to make up a suitable amount of truly useful skills for it! For any other class we've got a variety of essential skills, on some occasions they even demand some difficult decision making. WG doesn't know a suitable role for subs and it just shows...
  12. Belustigungspanda

    Public Test 0.10.7 - Submarines in Ranked Battles

    The mission design leaves much to be desired: Two missions are limited to coop + random battles while the rest requires either coop + ranked battles or only ranked battles. Why not make the first two missions coop + random + ranked so that you get more players to actually play ranked? As soon as you have left Bronze league, you have to finish the first mission to get T8 submarines in coop only because you can't use T6 ships in ranked matches any more. You basically created an incentive to acquire 2000 base xp each in Brone and Silver league ranked battles with submarines only...which leads to enormous queue times. By requiring 3 matches "PLAYED" with CV + BB + CA/CL + DD each, you provoke people going AFK right after the start of the match. You could have easily created less frustration by requiring "matches played in which you earn at least 100 base xp". There's not a single hint inside the PTS client that finishing Bronze/Silver/Gold league will award you 300/700/1000 community tokens respectively. You can only get this information from the news article. This very much contributes to the AFK problem mentioned above.
  13. Belustigungspanda

    Die Rückkehr der Missouri ! - ein no go?

    Ich habe sie seit Weihnachten 2017 und schwimme trotzdem nicht in Credits. Das liegt daran, dass ich keine "unnötigen" Runden fahre, nur um Credits zu farmen. Ich hole sie raus, wenn ich a) dringend Credits brauche oder b) eine Mission läuft, anlässlich derer man viele Credits verdienen muss. Für die Gesamtmenge an Credits auf dem Konto ist die Missouri nur das Sahnehäubchen auf dem Stapel meiner 75 anderen Premiumschiffe. Entscheidend für mich ist, dass sie mir Lebenszeit spart, indem ich Credit-Missionen schnell erledigen kann. Und es gibt begründete Zweifel, dass die neue Mission am Ende a) auf identische Weise mit Signalen und Tarnungen verrechnet wird und b) auf identische Weise mit Missionsanforderungen verrechnet wird wie der bisher fest eingebaute Multiplikator. Das zusätzlich zur Frage, wie "permanent" die Mission sein wird, wie eifrig WG diese über die Zeit pflegen wird (= Nutzbarkeit für temporäre Spielmodi) und wie man dazu steht, dass WG einseitig Spielbestandteile ändert, die ohne entsprechende Klausel angeboten worden waren...
  14. Belustigungspanda

    Die Rückkehr der Missouri ! - ein no go?

    Die ganze Aktion ist einfach nur traurig und zeigt, wie geringschätzig WG auf die Spielerschaft blickt. Statt den einfacheren, schnelleren, konfliktfreien und sogar billigeren Weg zu gehen und einfach eine Missouri-Kopie mit anderem Namen und niedrigerem Credit-Modifikator einzubauen, kommen sie uns mit dieser überkomplizierten Lösung und denken, dass wir den großen Widerspruch nicht bemerken. Nicht die Might Mo zurückbringen zu können ist WGs Ziel, sondern etwas altbekanntes: Ein weiteres Mal unternimmt WG einen Anlauf zur Veränderung alter Premiumschiffe aus der Zeit, bevor sie die "könnte geändert werden"-Klausel hinzugefügt haben. Sie verstecken dieses Ziel hinter der Bonusmission und hoffen, dass dies den großen Aufschrei verhindern wird. Und dann, wenn etwas Zeit ins Land gegangen ist, fällt die Mission weg und WG hat das Ziel erreicht, nämlich die Spielökonomie einseitig zu ihren Gunsten zu verändern. Dass dies laut gültiger Rechtsprechung eine einseitige Vertragsänderung ist und vor keinem Gericht Bestand hätte...und dass die Spielerschaft schon längst kein einziges Wort mehr glaubt, ist WG schlicht egal. Augen zu und durch. Das muss das Boot abkönnen. Sehr traurig.
  15. Belustigungspanda

    The return and economic nerf of Missouri.

    This whole concept just looks very scummy and very arrogant at the same time: WG coming up with a convoluted workaround like this bonus mission... that's supposed to be only available to those who got Missouri before a certain date... that's only supposed to give a rough equivalent of Missouri's original earnings... while not giving any details on how it is supposed to stack with signals and camo... and while not giving any details on how "permanent" this mission is going to be... instead of just introducing another one of the Iowa's sister ships as a separate premium ship, only with a nerfed credit multiplier... while introducing a carbon copy of Friesland at the very same time, showing just how easy this could be done and just as they've already done in the past by accident (*cough* Roma *cough*) just points towards a single, very clear message: WG doesn't want to find a way to get Missouri back into the premium shop. There's a much faster, cheaper and less complicated way to achieve this goal. WG's real goal is to get rid of some seasoned players' credit earning workhorse. They follow a two-step approach by first changing the properties of a premium ship released well before they added the "might be subject to change" clause, hoping to avoid an earth-shattering outrage by offering a mission as compensation at the same time. Finally, they are going to get rid of this very mission as soon as some time has passed. And worst of all: They really think that their playerbase will either just swallow it or even applaud their efforts. It's quite telling if you think about it.