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    Since buying the cleveland, my winrate and k/d have plummeted.

    A cruiser who plays inteligent and stay on more than 13 km to a battleship without showing the side and avoiding the fire from battleship cann kill easy every battleship with he before the battleship ccann kill him.
  2. Admiral_Yamamoto__

    International Community-/ Clanlist

    Hey guys, my name is BananaJoeJo, I'm a officer from the German speaking clan -KK™- KaperKommando™ also well- known for some annoying Tier 10 players ... I would like to create a community / clan list in which each clan is listed on the European server, which will progressively play World of Warships and intense CW aspires. But also every big ( more than 30 members) World of Warships commuinty is invited to enter themselfe here. The big plan behind all this i sto give us all an overview of all communities. Please keep it shoort and don't start to advertise your clan's here, you can make a link to your thread but thats all. So how should it look like: Clan: -KK™- KaperKommando™ TS: Pw: versenkt Diplomatic Contact: BananaJoeJo Language: German/English
  3. Admiral_Yamamoto__

    Patch Carrier gameplay issues

    Just remove CV's completly from game. Every good Cv Player can kill everyship with one Torp attack!
  4. Admiral_Yamamoto__


    This ship is just awful, after 3 salves from an Omaha 4 fires, i used repair tool and than after 2 salves omaha and one from Tenryu again 4 fires.... wtf.
  5. Admiral_Yamamoto__


    I must say it's realy bad. A Gremyashchy could pen my Citadel 2 Times, when i shoot the Gremyashchy with He i make 13 hits and @ the end i wasn't able to kill her because every HE hit makes only 900-1100 dmg... on an DD. Ap shells can pen BBS only in short range on the sides.
  6. Admiral_Yamamoto__

    Da die CV fahrer grad nix zu tun haben..

    Wenn du keine ahnung von Cv's hast, lass lieber die Finger davon...
  7. Admiral_Yamamoto__

    Public test 0.4.0 Ship changes

    Midway; The fighters from the Midway( fully Upgraded also with Modules and Captain Perks) losing @ mom in the direct 1 vs 1 against Essex Fighters. My Midway Divebombers seems to be Buggy, Using Manual Drop on BBS and CVS 10 Planes droping Bombs but mustly i make zero Dmg Crits or just 3-5k. In Average @ mom Every Bomb Hit from my Midwaybombers make less than 1k Dmg per Hit.
  8. Admiral_Yamamoto__

    So... Izumo. How do I use her?

    RnG is trolling you, she is the worst ship in this game....
  9. Admiral_Yamamoto__

    Bismarcks preliminary stats

    Reload of 26?!? Oficial Reload from krupp for the Guns are 17sec
  10. Admiral_Yamamoto__

    Hotspot map

    Hot Spot is a map for Tier 1-4. Everything higher is horrible specialy as a carrier
  11. Admiral_Yamamoto__

    CV Torps completly destroyed

    I thought the Supertester played this patch before they released it! Or I'm wrong?
  12. Admiral_Yamamoto__

    CV Torps completly destroyed

    So this nerf hits in my opinion the Japanese Cv's hard. Yeah a realy good CV driver like papedipupi or some others still performing realy strong in their CV's. But for an average CV player like me and the most of the players in the game its now double so hard to play Japanese CV's. Because of the nerf more CV driver reroll on the Us Cvs so their are more Cvs wich stonger fighters than you can have on your Japanese CV evean if you take your fighters and uprgrade them you have no chance against every US CV on your Tier or higher. But this problem we had also before the nerf came, we lost some planes yes but we managed to hit enough to make a good round and support our team. Now i hit with 3 torp squads wich are connected 3-6 Torps in average when the US CV isn't raping my 6 squads in 15 sec's without losing any plane through my backgunner's ( yeah their are backgunners) and this is not enogh to make over the game with an US CV in the enemy Team enough Dmg to make an advanatge for my team. When i play US CV i can control the air and take out the enemy Cv with just killing his planes and also torp and bomb a bit when i managed to block his Torp raid on my Cv.
  13. Admiral_Yamamoto__

    0.3.1 HE shell damage and fire

    Can you pls damm [edited]hot fix HE their is no fun anymore in gaming! This is a serious big inbalance problem and nothing that can wait for a month or more.
  14. Admiral_Yamamoto__

    Japanese Tier IX BB Izumo

    Yeah i think she is like the VK 4502 B but without armor...
  15. Admiral_Yamamoto__

    Japanese Tier IX BB Izumo

    I Played 30 Games in the Amagi after 0.3.1. And yeah the Izumo gets a lot more AAA with Hull upgrades but the Japanese AAA is in my eyes not so effective like the American, The biggest problem is in my opinion the weak Armor of just 152mm. I don't know if it's a mistake or something but than this BB is weaker than a Mogami or Myoko.