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  1. DMA27

    Star lost on Victory

    Hi there, This is the 2nd time I see a lose of a star while having a victory, is there something I do wrong or a freaking bug? Has anyone else seen that? Thx DMA27
  2. DMA27


    And this is what I intend to do
  3. DMA27

    [suggestion] realistic battles mode (poll)

    Define "realistic battles". Yamato battle: 3 CV on US side, 0 on IJN ... already busted on that one. Midway battle, US should start knowing where the IJN starts. Nice balance. Bismark battle: 1 BB alone against an armada, in bad weather. If realisitic battle is about weather then you are calling for bad weather I guess which will decrease your accuracy by say ... 50% with a spotting range of 2km. Will get a lot of draws, not to mention that CV will do nothing in that weather. There are many turn-based games for historical battle.
  4. DMA27

    My Two problems with this game's economy.

    Best money maker is Hosho. Low life targets, 2 TB squad, barely any AA and plenty of noob targets. I get a regulare 150K+ creds per battle with confederate for XP boost. Have not found anything better atm.
  5. DMA27

    Cleveland is soooooo OP

    This is probably the best ship in the game, please do not touch it! I fitted the rudder upgrade and it is now a real balerina in the middle off the battle. Close combat to DD is great as well as dodge torp from planes. Nice showering on CC and BB, great AA. This is a wonderful ship. Let's trade, I give up the St Louis agasint no nerf on Cleveland, deal?
  6. DMA27


    Got the Pensacola and ... fell back to Cleveland. I like chasing DD in close combat and shower sluggish BB so Pepsi no good. Will see later for higher cruiser tier.
  7. DMA27

    Bogue should MM take ship setup into account

    The Bogue should be named Bug really. Either it ruines the CV games with its 2 FT but do no damage or intend to to damage and fails. Not a great CV with its hugh profile and slow speed. Before 4.1 I played the Bug with 2 FT that was to my sense the most useful set up against IJN T6-CV.
  8. DMA27

    Really bad air combat mechanics

    Do not be bitter, the opposite happens as well. I happen to have a rank4 captain on my hosho and I farm Langley FT squadrons Besides, it is documented that lower tier FT will always lose which makes sense.
  9. DMA27

    Why are CVs overperforming on EU only?

    Because EU roxx!
  10. DMA27

    [suggestion] Secondaries consumable

    Why would that be a consumable? After all they are armament on your ship why not control them at all? How often does it come to secondaries?
  11. DMA27

    Secondary/AA knockout

    Yep, I agree to that. That could be a stat displayed but then, what can you do about these? Also to the PO, the more you have secondary the more they can be damaged.
  12. So it all comes down to how many games do I need to loose to get my reward? The only down fall of players I have seen is T10-CV that do not pop anymore, thanks to new MM. I cannot play my hard grinded Midway anymore...
  13. DMA27

    What ships are you bringing to ranked battles?

    Looks like these battles will be a Cleve Land ... Surprised by the small number of CV votes but at least the balance tilts toward the IJN with loads of wings that makes sense. All in all, T6 have better a pick stats than T7, that should mean something to WG if they give a damn to that poll.
  14. DMA27

    Resetting Missions?

    I have 3 torp missions and play only CV or US CC ... Anyway, 3 torps for 35K, better run a CV and get 150K credit directly instead.
  15. DMA27

    I want mermaids!

    Great idea and also, why not Murloc target practice on islands ?