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  1. Atankean

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

  2. Atankean

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    that unfortunately only "works" in theory. As I said, losing planes is still nothing compared to losing your entire ship. One lets you wait for planes to respawn, the other puts you into spectator mode or back to harbor. Sure, they can be compared but it hardly takes effort to identify which of these two is the lesser desirable outcome. Apart from that, it is immensely frustrating for players to "feel" like they cannot counteract against another player. That was the main problem with the "stealth firing" mechanic back in the days and why they had to remove it. Basically its like this, "yes you shot at me but I shot back so we are even, Im content" compared to "you can shoot me over and over and over and over again and all I can do is run, hide or play in a restricted way (like staying close to other ships even if thats not what you wanted) and I am absolutely livid". Now I am totally convinced, It does not matter what you change, its either too powerful or too weak. The problem is, when a CV is just as effective as every other ship would be, one would think its balanced right? wrong, since a CV player does not risk his own ship as much as the others, "balance" would still mean "OP" from the point of view of other ships.
  3. Atankean

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    would love to share your optimism but as long as CVs can stay in relative safety at the back of the map and guide their own shells AND are "largely" independent on other ships (they can spot for themselves ALL over the map for example, what other class of ships can do this?, they dont have to worry about counterfire, the only real threat, another CV, was all but eliminated with the rework) I stay with my opinion that I once posted here. As long as the fundamental differences between CVs and other ships are not "aligned" sufficiently (same risks for same gains), CVs will never work. Losing one or all your squadrons is not the same as losing your ship.
  4. Atankean

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    aaand we have a full circle. before rework: - CV sits at back, no risk of getting sunk until well into late game. CV rain down DEATH with impunity, striking ships left and right...everybody and his mom plays CV (at its OP phase) - CV constantly get "balanced" (they get nerfed basically because it turns out, a ship that can sit at back of the map and GUIDE ITS SHELLS is just OP by default design. - CV gets nerfed soo much that aside from a handful masochists, nobody can play them anymore with any hope of efficiency. At the end of its "Lifecycle" there are near to none CVs in the queues after rework: - CV still sits at back and is DEMONSTRABLY OP (think of the Hakuryu loltorp bombing) - CV enters its "balance" phase (again, only nerfes mostly) - CV is so ineffective that only a handful of players can make them work. Less and less CVs in queue Groundhog Day!
  5. Atankean

    Commander retraining unfair extra-charging

    direct, honest and clean. How I missed that. Thanks and yes I understand. There will be a "but" though and thats... Yes and No! playing wows is basically a business transaction between (simplified) two parties. The company (WG) and the players (me among others). You offer your goods and I have an interest in said goods. Your maxim (and I will state the extremes without regard to any implifications to keep it simple, its of course not as simple as that obviously) is to get the maximum amount of money for the least amount of goods, my (or the players) maxim is to get the maximum amount of goods for the least amount of money. Just like in an old Arab Bazaar, we haggle until we reach a point where neither of us feel "ripped off". If we both "go home" thinking we got the better side of the deal simultaniously, then we reached the "perfect" agreement. Looking at the F2P market, I can honestly say that yours is one of the better systems out there. You deserve the success. Concentrating on their "maxim", players often forgot or overlook how much truly free content Wows is offering. Having said that though, dont expect this to change because as I said, players (or customers) are just as much trying to go after their own interests as companies do and they will continue doing so. Rules of the free market. Even though you have a good F2P model, it is not "the end". There is still room for improvement. What you want is models that generate enough money to sustain your business and get you some nice profit without generating too much "inconvenience" for your customers. "Smooth earnings" so to speak. I think the Free XP, Coal, Steel etc. Premium Ships are a very good example of how you can make good money (I assume at least) without it interfering too much with the players experiences. It also fits quite nicely with the "pay to progress" model, since those ships can be acquired for "free" if time is not considered a currency. As I said in my previous post, maybe you guys wanna take a nice long coffee break and start a nice round of "brainstorming". Perhaps there is a better approach to solve the commander retraining issue without cutting on your income. As it is now, the biggest gripe I would have is not the cost (I do it "for free" anyway...ergo, I pay with time) but how it breaks "immersion". Having to train a captain "from the ground up" for a ship he allready had a hundred+ missions with seems "illogical". Maybe you can find a "compromise" like 25% more cost if its a completely new ship and 25% less if its a ship the captain was used before or something along the lines.
  6. Atankean


    But the game DOES. There are Clan Matches, Tournaments and even Ranked mode where the worst of the players seldomly get lower then Rank 10. The problem is the players perception of what "Random" game has to mean. Random game mode in Wows is actually not even that random, it could be far far worse or better it SHOULD be if it is to deserve the title "Random". Yes, random means that between a number of 1 (ultra omega super duper potato, a cavemen just unfrozen from the arctic being immediately put in front of a computer playing Wows premium high tier) to 100 (Chuck Norris) there can be any number at any given time. Also, if random mode were truly random then you would have a match with 12 Tier 10 CVs armed with Chuck Norrises against 12 Tier 3 DDs full with Cavemen. That would be truly random. So if you click on random battle and you expect every last player and every last ship to be always balanced, then you just havent understood what "Random" means.....Im sorry to say that. So if you wanna do yourself a favor, then dont ask WG to "unrandomize random game mode" but implement an "Elite mode" where only players with WR 65%+ are allowed or something like that. There hopefully you will find your "Skill based Matchmaking". You can count on my support. Nothing would make me happier then to give the entit....eh arrog...eh "fine" people who call themselves "super unicor...eh unicums" a new home where they can show their "World Changing" skillz, while we "casual scum" rot in the hell that is "Random". You know, like the Doctor guy who instead of playing Wows 60 hrs a week, goes on and does something so insignificant as "saving lives" or something like that...what a schmuck right? that guy has no idea of "skill based matchmaking" obviously. Well not everyone can be a Unico..um I guess.
  7. Atankean

    nice fake russian boats

    Absolutely, and the H44 (called "Schwereswassergefährtmitscheissgrossenwaffenwowonderführersogernträumte" or "SWGSGWWWDFSGT" short) and some British Super Dreadnought (top secret paper "just" uncovered, it was to be called "Bigger Ben"), of course a French "SBB" (Super Big Baguette) called "En Marche Arrière" and not to forget the Italians with their Pasta Class BB called "Inesistente". In all seriousness though, I would love to see such ships like Super Yamato or H44 in game. Not in the normal game though but some kind of "April Fools" mode where you have to fight them as some kind of "Endbosses". I think most could live with that right?
  8. Atankean

    Commander retraining unfair extra-charging

    Captain SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue, this is rear Admiral G. Reed speaking. By order of the Admiralty, you have been reassigned to the Battleship XYZ effective immediately. Please collect your belongings and leave your Destroyer as soon as possible so we can begin your retraining for the new ship. Following options are available: - you can take the normal training course which will cost the Admiralty* nothing but time - you can take the advanced training course which will cost the Admiralty some amount of Credits and half the time or - you can take the Reality Bending, Magical, Moses Watersplitting levels of Miraculous INSTAFU.K Training, which will immediately make you completely and utterly proficient with a Ship that is so completely different then the one you were serving before. The Admiralty will however have to cough up some real 4th wall breaking dough for that trick. Bending natural rules does not come cheap you know. *"Admiralty" represents the players in general, who should be, by all means, the real captains since they are the ones actually driving the ships and having the overall "command" but since we have allready "Captains" ingame, I decided to put in a "Field promotion". :) By the way, in all sincerity and in case my "funny bone" wasnt obviously sarcastic enough, I completely agree. This is another one of the "less optimized" cashing methods of their F2P "scheme". I think, with a little more brainstorming while on coffee breaks, they could come up with something that still makes them money without pissing players off. However, I have a feeling you and I are in a "minority" of some sorts, since most other players seem not to mind paying thousands of dollars for some pixelships (some even DEFENDING WG because they think that keeps the "low class players" away )......whatever floats their boats I guess? (yes, pun IS intended).
  9. Atankean

    High Tier Economy

    well, I guess the verdict is in. Thank you all for your replies. As I understand it, I am in a minority. In fact, most of you not only seem to consider the Credit Income in high Tiers sufficient, no in fact, you consider it to be too much. Fair enough, since we live in a democracy and the "majority" has spoken I shall be moving on. Hell, in fact I shall JOIN YOU in your glorious endeavour to keep the "Low Tier Scum" out of the "Elite Sh.tfest" that this game seems to be. Here is my open Letter to WG: "Dear WG, I demand that you significantly lower the income in Tier 10. For too long have our Super Unicums suffered among the F2P Peasants. I further insist that you hire people to check for Player Backgrounds and Skills and refuse access to Tier 10 to players who cannot manage a 65%+ Winrate. You have heard the "WOWS Aristocracy". They are no longer willing to share the same Map with all those "lowlife Casual Scum". We are not just talking about a Computergame here, we are talking about principles. It is unforgiving and unacceptable to expect the "Cream of WOWS Playerbase" to sully their hands with "cheap low class players" who have a life. Do the right thing now, remember who pays your bills at the end of the day. Sincerely, your average deluded asskissing wannabee unicum" You know what? why dont you go to your Boss in work and tell him that he pays you too much money? How about you go tell him that you are willing to work 18 Hours a day and lose money doing so, just to keep other lazy workers away? Are u even aware of how infantile and arrogant your arguments are?...yeah dont answer that. Besides, why do you think I put the following line in my text?: I see so many here with 10000+ games and who knows how much real money you spent for Prems, Containers etc. etc. I bet you dont even know yourself. Yeah, If you pay for this game then you have no problems. If you are a "Super Unicum" who constantly breaks records, sure you have no problem. However, I said EXPLICITLY that I am NOT referring to you. And finally one other thing that many seem to misunderstand. I am NOT saying that WG should change the economy so I make money on every game. I am saying that I would be content if I did not lose money in a GOOD game (you know, topping scoreboard, winning match, having solid numbers..that kind of stuff). Surely you would not want someone in your team who plays well and helps you win to be punished right? right? yeah right. I think we are done here.
  10. Atankean

    High Tier Economy

    thats the second time we meet and the second time you resort to "belittling" comments. Is that really necessary to get your point across? Be so kind and read the following again: With 15000+ games played, I am sure you will find yourself somewhere in there and therefore I do not necessarily expect you to understand. With all due respect of course.
  11. Atankean

    High Tier Economy

    I SUCCEED at Tier 10 (again, top of the scoreboard with nearly 2K XP and I made -30000 Credits...might not hurt you but it hurts me). Yeah, makes sense and I do that, I have the Eitel Friedrich and Nelson and Shino as prems...all from missions and such but they dont really make enough money to cover the expenses of high tiers. Also, I dont have that much time to play, I play the game since its release and as you can see, I have ca. 3200 battles played, so I cant play that much.
  12. Atankean

    High Tier Economy

    all hail rentals and ranked ;). But what I have seen so far does not really want me to progress further to be honest. P.S. I am at Tier 8 currently and there are games where I lose money too but if I do well then at least I dont lose Credits. The couple games I did in ranked (and again, in a couple I did top the Scoreboard with good results) I ALWAYS lost Credits in T10. Thats what I mean. I guess its no different in Randoms but I dont know of course.
  13. Atankean

    How about radar aircraft for CVs?

    I can top that easily. One word "Smoke"! But not your run of the mill smoke, no, I mean Smoke for your Squadrons. How that would work? Easy, the planes have smoke launchers equipped on their noses and they can then shoot it out, lets say a couple kilometers ahead, generating a "Cloud" basically where they cannot be shot at by AA and voila....Death from above..the clouds hehe. And I can even top myself. Another One word "Reload Booster" Yeeees, now things get freaky, the Aircraft get a new consumable. The "Reload Booster". How does it work? simple, lets take rocket planes for example. The way it is now, you aim, you shoot your load and pull out...boring. With the Reload Boost, you will aim and unleash up to three volleys of your juicy load into the enemy until your planes reach the climax and return home satisfied :). The dive bombers would drop a load, then drop another on the same run and another because why not and torp planes would just impale their enemy with multiple thrusts of .....ok it is getting weird :) Both ideas totally balanced comrade!
  14. Atankean

    High Tier Economy

    ah here we go. Lets talk money, to be more succinct, Credit "income" in High Tiers (especially Tier 10). Just a short version of whats to come, it frickin sucks. Ok, so heres the deal. WG is a company and they need to make money...I get that. WOT and WOWS are both games that "lure" people into the F2P model by giving them fast progression in lower tiers, thereby getting them "hooked", then making it harder and harder as they progress to gain XP, Credits etc. to maintain their "fleet" and gaming experience...eventually resulting in real money spent...(basically the same method drug dealers are using but hey...) I get that too...surprisingly. Here is my beef though, the model is ridiculously overdone. I can understand that in normal games you lose money, ok, thats the "poison" we agreed to take with this type of game model, again, I understand but losing money even though you finish the battle TOP with high amounts of damage, kills etc. thats idiotic. I mean at this point you should be legally obliged to put an asterisk when you market the game with the words "play for free*" and (of course in smallest possible letters) write "the game is only Free to play until Tier 8" or something like that because at this point it fricking borders on false advertising. Now just to make sure, If you are someone who has Premium Account (for a year for example) or you are a super Unicum who scores 3000+XP and 300000 average dmg or you are just the so called "Whale" putting countless real money into the game, I am obviously not talking to you. You will probably not have that problem. I am exclusively referring to F2P Play which by the way is what WG is marketing in big letters "PLAY FOR FREE" they say. As I said, I get it, you are a company not a social institution and I understand that but just let me not see these huge minus numbers when I get a good game once in a fuc..ing while. I dont want to make Credits, Id be happy just not to lose so damn much even after topping the scoreboard. I have hit the "Exit Game" button on reflex when something like this happened. And who knows what other buttons will look very "tempting" when stuff like this happens often enough. Had to be said! P.S. Just in case youre wondering, I played Tier 10 in ranked with rentals and I am speaking of Economy without all Credit or Camo Flags, which F2P players usually have not much off to begin with.
  15. Atankean

    Ranked matches new season

    well, I play rentals and so far im doing ok but I guess, as soon as I reach rank 10 (IF at all) I will stop because 1. its expensive especially for a F2P Player like me and 2. The further you go up the ranks the more you get into Unicum territory and thats a place where "rentals" like me dont want to be :). I think in higher Ranks, rentals have not that much negative impact, at least in ranks 17 to 15 I have seen quite a lot of "non-rentals" not performing well.