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  1. Atankean

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

  2. Atankean

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    that unfortunately only "works" in theory. As I said, losing planes is still nothing compared to losing your entire ship. One lets you wait for planes to respawn, the other puts you into spectator mode or back to harbor. Sure, they can be compared but it hardly takes effort to identify which of these two is the lesser desirable outcome. Apart from that, it is immensely frustrating for players to "feel" like they cannot counteract against another player. That was the main problem with the "stealth firing" mechanic back in the days and why they had to remove it. Basically its like this, "yes you shot at me but I shot back so we are even, Im content" compared to "you can shoot me over and over and over and over again and all I can do is run, hide or play in a restricted way (like staying close to other ships even if thats not what you wanted) and I am absolutely livid". Now I am totally convinced, It does not matter what you change, its either too powerful or too weak. The problem is, when a CV is just as effective as every other ship would be, one would think its balanced right? wrong, since a CV player does not risk his own ship as much as the others, "balance" would still mean "OP" from the point of view of other ships.
  3. Atankean

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    would love to share your optimism but as long as CVs can stay in relative safety at the back of the map and guide their own shells AND are "largely" independent on other ships (they can spot for themselves ALL over the map for example, what other class of ships can do this?, they dont have to worry about counterfire, the only real threat, another CV, was all but eliminated with the rework) I stay with my opinion that I once posted here. As long as the fundamental differences between CVs and other ships are not "aligned" sufficiently (same risks for same gains), CVs will never work. Losing one or all your squadrons is not the same as losing your ship.
  4. Atankean

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    aaand we have a full circle. before rework: - CV sits at back, no risk of getting sunk until well into late game. CV rain down DEATH with impunity, striking ships left and right...everybody and his mom plays CV (at its OP phase) - CV constantly get "balanced" (they get nerfed basically because it turns out, a ship that can sit at back of the map and GUIDE ITS SHELLS is just OP by default design. - CV gets nerfed soo much that aside from a handful masochists, nobody can play them anymore with any hope of efficiency. At the end of its "Lifecycle" there are near to none CVs in the queues after rework: - CV still sits at back and is DEMONSTRABLY OP (think of the Hakuryu loltorp bombing) - CV enters its "balance" phase (again, only nerfes mostly) - CV is so ineffective that only a handful of players can make them work. Less and less CVs in queue Groundhog Day!
  5. Atankean

    Commander retraining unfair extra-charging

    direct, honest and clean. How I missed that. Thanks and yes I understand. There will be a "but" though and thats... Yes and No! playing wows is basically a business transaction between (simplified) two parties. The company (WG) and the players (me among others). You offer your goods and I have an interest in said goods. Your maxim (and I will state the extremes without regard to any implifications to keep it simple, its of course not as simple as that obviously) is to get the maximum amount of money for the least amount of goods, my (or the players) maxim is to get the maximum amount of goods for the least amount of money. Just like in an old Arab Bazaar, we haggle until we reach a point where neither of us feel "ripped off". If we both "go home" thinking we got the better side of the deal simultaniously, then we reached the "perfect" agreement. Looking at the F2P market, I can honestly say that yours is one of the better systems out there. You deserve the success. Concentrating on their "maxim", players often forgot or overlook how much truly free content Wows is offering. Having said that though, dont expect this to change because as I said, players (or customers) are just as much trying to go after their own interests as companies do and they will continue doing so. Rules of the free market. Even though you have a good F2P model, it is not "the end". There is still room for improvement. What you want is models that generate enough money to sustain your business and get you some nice profit without generating too much "inconvenience" for your customers. "Smooth earnings" so to speak. I think the Free XP, Coal, Steel etc. Premium Ships are a very good example of how you can make good money (I assume at least) without it interfering too much with the players experiences. It also fits quite nicely with the "pay to progress" model, since those ships can be acquired for "free" if time is not considered a currency. As I said in my previous post, maybe you guys wanna take a nice long coffee break and start a nice round of "brainstorming". Perhaps there is a better approach to solve the commander retraining issue without cutting on your income. As it is now, the biggest gripe I would have is not the cost (I do it "for free" anyway...ergo, I pay with time) but how it breaks "immersion". Having to train a captain "from the ground up" for a ship he allready had a hundred+ missions with seems "illogical". Maybe you can find a "compromise" like 25% more cost if its a completely new ship and 25% less if its a ship the captain was used before or something along the lines.