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  1. Voyanger

    cant log in

    hi there, i just wanted to ask if there is a way to combat server connectivity issues because both me an multiple people from my clan have trouble logging in. the log in procedure takes several minutes, sometimes 15+ minutes despite all of the task manager selecting tips etc. it gets even better when u randomly lose connection to the server during battle and cant log in for the next 10min or so. (given the amount of money WG charges for literally anything i think that we can expect at least somewhat decent server connectivity...) EDIT: i literally cannot log in, no matter what i do. amazing.. have a nice day and stay safe :)
  2. Voyanger

    I dont have Flint and Neustrashimy in the Armory

    thanks alot! I was gonna buy georgia for now anyways, just wondering why they werent in the ship section..
  3. Yeah.. i dont.. i have all the other new additions (e.g. Lazo, DoY, Hill) but i neither have Flint nor Neustrashimy. I dont own either of the two.
  4. Voyanger

    Recurring Disconnects

    I dont play this game every often. I come back every now and then, and right now is one of these moments. Im actually really enjoying it, exept for.. well.. im getting a disconnect every 2-3 hours. My internet is absolutely fine, i always have my spotify running in the background, sometimes twich or YT, and nobody in my household complains about not having an internet connection every 2-3 hours. And yet, i keep getting those disconnets! Last time i got one, which steered my Des Moines broadside into an island and i was dead when i rejoined, i asked if anyone else was struggeling with disconnects. I got like 4 people responding that they were getting these random disconnects as well. This is really annying to me (and others) and the issues appears to be with the servers. I (and others) would be very grateful if some of u guys could back me up on this if ur impacted as well, so that the devs look into it. Have a great weekend and happy holidays!
  5. Voyanger

    very weird bug, possibly game-breaking

    but i am in battle as we speak
  6. i started a battle in my GK, and all went normal up until.. idk maybe 2 mins into the game. i lost connection, not due to my internet provider all was fine in my browser, on my phone etc. i logged back in and was back in port with my GK, able to start another battle. so what happened to.. "me" or my GK in the battle i had started at first..??
  7. i wouldnt consider myself a newcomer any longer but still i have some questions... i was just playing vladivostok and ended up in a situation where a leander was ~5km away from me, i simply kept overpenning his citadel so i died to his torps cuz i didnt manage to kill him with overpens.. what am i supposed to do in a situation like that? load HE?
  8. yes some do but those some are very few this is like me saying some inhabitants of russia arent fluent in russian or sth obviously... but 98% do
  9. cvs do their job most of the time rentals more often than not dont do their job
  10. "wait a sec?? u can oneshot a montana when hes giving broadside? oh... whoopsie didnt know that" lets play ranked then!
  11. ya hahaha was a... modest experience at best
  12. sadly this type of players makes up a staggering minoritiy of ranked-renters
  13. Wargaming, i appreciate your will to intergrate larger parts of the player base into ranked. but if u decide to hold ranked at tier X, the players that are willing to play ranked should have earned a TX ship and not be given one. That leads to a lot of players who never have had a montana etc before, playing them in competetive without any experience or knowledge about their weakspots, angling and handling. in my opinion is is not the purpose of ranked competetive.
  14. Voyanger

    WG, STOP!