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  1. werner_en_marita

    [CR33D] is looking for a few good men!

    I am interessed ingame name is werner_en_marita. Most off you know me from being recruiter in vikings.
  2. werner_en_marita

    VKNGS (Vikings) looking for skilled players

    ok thanks may be we can play some games first then can you send me the link of your discord server tommorow. Its getting late atm
  3. werner_en_marita

    VKNGS (Vikings) looking for skilled players

    hello I'm interrested you can look at my stat and was beta tester before so I play this game allready a long time and like to play more teambattles because random can be suck sometimes.
  4. werner_en_marita

    Public test 0.4.0 General Feedback

    hi, I like to report problems that I have whit the keyboard layout in beta testing. I have a the keyboard set in windows as Belgium point. Whitch means AZERTY so I change in the settings the key to steer the ship. Than it work fine for some time and suddently it changes to qwerty in the game and lose stering offcorse. And if I chat its also qwerty in the game. but if I go back to windows its AZERTY again. P.S.: I love the game. Best game ever