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  1. Styler62

    Toxic Behaviour

    I played in the EU Server this past weekend and in my opinion the seas seemed to be much less toxic and quite a bit calmer. There were a few people who 'popped off' in the heat of battle but nothing reportable. I even witnessed some of the other testers sharing strategies and offering words of encouragement. For me this past weekends testing was much less stressful and was a much more enjoyable experience than recent past weeks.
  2. Styler62

    Ye quick beginners guide to World of Warships

    'Thanks' for the tips .... You did a fantastic job here.
  3. Styler62

    Toxic Behaviour

    Hello All, I just wanted to share with you that I received a reply back from 'Technical Support' in regards to a trouble ticket I opened about 'Individuals and Abusive' language. I was told the incident I had reported was investigated and that reprimands have been handed out to the individuals who were involved in the incident. This makes me feel a bit better knowing that Wargaming.net is listening to us and is making an effort to get a handle on this type of behavior. Kudos, to the powers that be. If you can, Keep those 'screen shots' a coming .....
  4. Styler62

    Toxic Behaviour

    I don't have a problem with a few insults slipping out, but in my case, I was bombarded by a stream of obscenities that failed to cease until the end of the match, from a couple of immature of beta testers. Insults with profanity shouldn't be hurled at individuals, no matter what their opinions are, on how their fellow testers are playing the game. The individuals I encountered, didn't take into consideration as to whether I was testing a specific strategy to uncover a 'Bug' or that my ship was so badly damaged that it wouldn't respond to my commands nor did they consider the fact that this is the testing phase of the game and that these type of scenarios can and do exist whether it suites their style of game play or not. They should be able to express themselves in a more appropriate manner with words better suited to encourage the development of the game rather than to tear down the morale of the team. In my opinion it's about being respectful to one and another.
  5. Styler62

    Toxic Behaviour

    I would be up for some sort of a 'Chat Ban', As I encountered two individuals in a match this evening that insulted me with the 'F-WORD' and such, several times. I believe there is no place for individuals in the game who conduct themselves in this fashion by belittling and degrading other players. I don't mind if the Guy's / Girls drop an 'F-BOMB' in good spirits whilst in the heat of game play once in a while but to have the word hurled at you in a ball of disrespect means a whole other thing to me. I sincerely hope 'Wargaming.net' gets a handle on this type of behavior before it zaps the energy from the project and people who really care about a successful game launch.
  6. Styler62

    Game Stats Disabled Co-Op Play

    All, 'Thank You' for your Inputs and Insights ..... It Helps me get a better picture of the logistics associated with developing a Game. I'm just a 'Stat' freak anyways and always have been as they spark my interests.
  7. Styler62

    Game Stats Disabled Co-Op Play

    I wanted to make a comment about game battle 'Statistics' not being recorded in the 'Co-Op Mode' of Game play since the latest game update was applied. I have been Testing this game for about 5 months now and am really impressed with how the development of this game is progressing as well as the dedication of all individuals involved. On 3/5/2015, After downloading the new, 'Game Update', I generated a 'Trouble Ticket (ILT-622-29231)', denoting the fact that since this latest game update, the games, 'Statistics' were not being recorded while I was playing matches in the 'Co-Op Mode' of the Game. I received a reply to my Trouble Ticket from 'Tech Support' stating something to the effect that the 'Statistics' would, no longer be recorded for Battles played in the 'Co-Op Mode'. For me, I do most of my testing time in the Co-Op mode and I enjoy tracking my statistics while trying out the different ship classes, types and weaponry and for me, having the 'statistics' disabled in this mode, makes my testing time a much less interesting experience. I enjoy testing against the 'Bots' in the 'Co-Op Mode' as it's a great way for me to gauge how my strategies are progressing while attempting to perfect my expertise in game play. I will continue to test this Game in all aspects and 'Game Modes' but find myself participating less since the latest game update, hence the 'Co-Op Mode' Game Statistics have been disabled. I was wondering if it would not be too cumbersome for the the development team to track these 'Co-Op' statistics in a different color 'font' in the Games 'Summary' screen, denoting that these Game Statistics were achieved and collected while in the games 'Co-Op Mode'. In closing, I just wanted to say, I understand this game is being developed mostly towards the online 'peer to peer' gaming experience and for me being an 'Older Gamer', I enjoy playing most of my games, against a games, 'A.I.' but I also enjoy playing against Human Opponents from time to time depending on the game. I sincerely hope that 'Wargaming.net' will consider (If not already) incorporating the 'Co-Op Mode' of game play with 'Statistics' in the initial release of this most awesome game. (I would like to state, 'I have no problem with the Game 'Statistics' being 'Wiped' after a new Game Update.)