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    I truly respekt that you managed to come to tier 10 ship "good work" . But if you dont know your capten and also how the ship works it would be wise not to play tier 10 games untill you learn the skills. Im telling you this begause in the game people wont be happy on a player that cant manage drive one of the most powerfull dds in the game . Go back and play some tier 6-7 games learn well the playstyle of the dds and how the captens skills works .
  2. xblade877

    Trouble with the Anshan

    Do you have all the captain skills in place?
  3. xblade877

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Try my luck haha got it today !
  4. xblade877

    German Tier X

    Hi guys , After the patch something has happened with the ´Kurfurst . I have played about 4 games with it this 2 days. And every time the ship is geting detonated with 1 torpedo hit . The first 2 times a thougt well craphappens but the 3-4 time is to much . For the Wargaming team . If you have done something fix it and fix NOW . And dont say you havent done anything. You always do behind the scenes ,at least warn people . as for the detonation remove it, its simply most idiotic thing you made up for this game.
  5. xblade877

    Leaked info

    Hi guys i was reading today on armored patrol and i found this leaked info , Honestly i hope they are joking about the subs . https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/05/05/wows-mega-leak-submarines-germanitalianus-tidbits/
  6. xblade877

    Russian Cruisers , LIVE

  7. xblade877

    Russian Cruisers , LIVE

    First Impression is Toby 4-10 games and how it feels , so dont judge so fast , Second i asked which Tier are you at and how is your first impression . Dont like the topic dont even bother to comment it .
  8. xblade877

    Russian Cruisers , LIVE

    Now i had alot of free XP so i went straight to Tier 8 , My first impression is that its OK not that super good . Offcourse it depends how you play it. Which Tier are you at , and how do you feel about them ???? Cheers.
  9. Hello Kaptens , According to armored patrol the release date of Russian cruiser line is March 23 in (Asia) , Now i wonder why is EU always last ???? http://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/03/18/soviet-cruiser-lines-release-date-asia-server/ Cheers
  10. xblade877

    British DD on its way in

    At least we can be glad that RN is on its way
  11. xblade877

    British DD on its way in

    Maybe begause i find it their???? and also mention that the information i got was from Armored Patrol
  12. xblade877

    British DD on its way in

    Well better late then never ? hehehehe
  13. xblade877

    British DD on its way in

    The British DD Campbeltown on its way in to wows , information comes from Armored patrol
  14. xblade877

    Invisible DDs are really ruining the entire game!

    To be honest the dds are not OP , BUT ! the have to restrict how many dds can be in 1 match especialy on Tier-9, 10 . Almost every match at those tiers they are about 5-6 DDs on each team theirfore making the game impossible to play as BB or Cruiser . Yes we have alot of topics of this kind but , the problem is that the developers aint listening , So people are geting angry about it. And trust me if something dosent hapen soon more of those topics will come and will force the developers not only restrict the dds but also nerf them and thats bad. The solution is easy restrict dds to 3 on each team , especialy on high tiers OR people stop using DDs only and try out some other ships and help the game . cheers.
  15. xblade877

    the elephant in the room

    well if i im smoking please explain me what realy happened .