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  1. Tsavong_Lah

    HMS GALLANT is in the shop!

    No HMS Anthony was a A-Class HMS Gallant was a G-Class. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A-_and_B-class_destroyer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G_and_H-class_destroyer
  2. Tsavong_Lah

    When can we expect equal DD matchamaking?

    From my experience playing a destroyer the biggest difference early game at least is support from other larger ships. if I go into a cap and the cruisers and battleships behind me don't help but the other teams do I will be sunk or forced to run away. if they do help we could sunk the other teams destroyer or at least stop them from taking the cap or sending undetected torpedoes at our ships.
  3. Tsavong_Lah

    Were these Royal Navy Cruisers squishy in reality?

    I have also heard it said that British steel armour at this time was very good Professor Andrew Lambert described a British 8 inch plate as good as a US 10 inch plate in the link below at about the 1 hour mark. the whole talk about the Battle of Jutland is very interesting.
  4. Tsavong_Lah

    Royal Navy Tech tree Proposal

    I am looking forward to the destroyers, I am hoping they have decent guns. This is probably because I am mainly a US and Russian destroyer player.
  5. They way I see it it is the job of a DD to counter other DDs by flushing them out and gunning them down. Hopefully with the support of the cruisers. I also find when playing my US or Russian DDs ( haven't played Japanese past tier 4 I don't find them as fun) I have a much better game playing this way instead of spending 10 mins trying to gun down a battleship for example. For some history the name destroyer was shortened from torpedo boat destroyer there job was to protect the battle fleet from pesky torpedo boats.
  6. Tsavong_Lah

    Russian DD, how to ?

    Also the Tier 5 Gnevny is when they really start that's when you first get the good guns. At that tier you can citiedel the Omaha if its broadside to you. I think I even citiedeled the new Russan tier 5 cruiser from about 10k with my Ognevoi. As for DDs you probably want to stay at a bit of a distance at longer range your guns are far easer to land hits with. I hope that helps a bit.
  7. Tsavong_Lah

    World of Torpedos

    Here we go Tier 8 ships sorted by average damage on the EU server thanks to http://warships.today/vehicles/eu
  8. Tsavong_Lah

    Brittish Ships ?

    If they can get the KM to tier 10 I am sure they can get the Royal Navy 10.
  9. Tsavong_Lah

    Necessary Atlanta upgrades

    The Farragut used to, they had 4.5KM range and did 16k damage like the Atlanta now. This was changed in the summer to what the USN DD line has now as a buff I believe. And yes it would be nice if the Atlanta had better torps. but smoke like the new Russian Cruiser has and a better arc on the guns would probably be more useful.
  10. Tsavong_Lah

    Necessary Atlanta upgrades

    This is more what the old USN torps used to be they changed them for the USN DDs to give them more range the Atlanta is what they were like in the old days. I think the Nicholas and Farragut had them. But giving her better torps would be nice it seems silly she is out ranged by a BB with Torps. and a smoke screen would be nice too. Mostly better arc would be very nice as I find it harder to hit things with an Atlanta then my USN DD.
  11. Tsavong_Lah

    Enough is enough

    I would say BBs are a class that requires a bit more practice to do well in them. I would say playing cruisers is the way to go to learn the games as they are more forgiving and shoot faster, mostly, and the 155 and 203 guns can use AP and pen other cruisers to give you practice at aiming for the citadel. Having said that the Furutaka is quote difficult it has slow firing and slow turning guns. A big change after the Kuma. I found once upgraded to the bigger faster firing guns I could do well firing AB at CAs and some BBs and its good to learn how to do as you get more out of the higher tier Japanese cruisers that way. don't worry they get better than the Furutaka. As for Japanese DDs you need to stay hidden and fling torps out at range were you cannot be spotted they are not so good in a gun fight as the guns turn and fire slow. Torps form stealth is the way to go.
  12. Tsavong_Lah

    Torping own Team Reporting

    He could be a new player who doesn't understand there is no such thing as a friendly torpedo hopefully he will learn.
  13. Tsavong_Lah

    HMS Warspite question

    Yorkie is correct. the Fin flash was used first i WW1 to aid in identifying friendly aircraft. As we fort alongside France it is very similar to the french markings.
  14. Tsavong_Lah

    Seriously starting to think Jap Cruisers are bugged

    If you try AP you might get citadel penetrations on that Atlanta. You do after all have bigger guns.
  15. Tsavong_Lah

    I [edited] hate destroyers.

    Warwolf1969 As a DD player I admit an isolated lone battleship is my preferred target for a torpedo charge. A battleship with a cruiser escort not so much if at all. I know form playing a battleship how hard it is to hit a DD with the big guns and if you are any good with a battleship you will be loaded with AP to fight other battleships and one or two shot cruisers and AP is less effective to use when fighting Destroyers as it over penetrates them. So what I am trying to say is don’t go out alone without a cruiser or at least a US destroyer to cover you as both of them are much more effective DD killers than battleships.