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  1. Ejz_

    Ranked Season 6 Hardest Rank Up's

    121 games to rank 1. Got stuck on rank 2 where I need around 20 battles to get to rank 1. Average placement: 2.43 This season was terrible. Current smoke meta makes the game so boring and it really needs change so more ships become viable. (I totally played the majority of my games in Belfast)
  2. New game! A fucked up game in a Shchors where I just can't die.
  3. Hey! A short time ago I started my World of Warships youtube channel. This is the thread I will use to post my videos. Videos will include such things as Epic games, guides and what I call LoL games, games that just go out of the ordinary inte to random crap. I hope you will enjoy it! Youtube channel Recently uploaded replay: WoWS: Hindenburg - Wrecking the enemy with the Hindenburg
  4. Ejz_

    373k dmg Montana game

    Yes, that is correct.
  5. Hey! I have for some time now thought about doing some World of Warships videos and after this game in my Montana I figured its about damn time. So please do enjoy a 373k dmg game in a Montana and my first attempt of a WoWS video! More videos will come in the future. There are some who say that there are too many german BBs. - I have to agree