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  1. MayukaProject

    Keep milking us....

    Thats one of the reasons why im gonna moving to the ASIA Server, even after thousands of euros spended
  2. MayukaProject

    Supertest is Opening the Gates

    Well,i have applied for it, lets see if i'm one of the lucky ones. EDIT: Oh god i forgot that 3-word is the usual answer when people ask things when they shouldnt... :c, hope they will forgive for mistake i've done on the secret word
  3. MayukaProject

    [Proposal] Douro-class DD

    As many know, before WW2, many european nations did make a re-armament on every nation fleet. Portugal did the same with Destroyers. The Douro-class was been based on HMS Ambuscade, which served as a prototype to the Tribal-class RN Destroyers. For more information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Douro-class_destroyer http://www.navypedia.org/ships/portugal/pr_dd_douro.htm Judging by the armament and specs, it would be a great candidate for T6, due to the similar specs to the Farragut. 4x1 BL 4.7 inch /45 naval gun 2x4 21 inch Mark IX Torpedoes 3 x single 40/39 QF Mk VIII AA-guns 36 kts top speed
  4. And the ARP Nachi is added to the 0.5.10 aswell
  5. MayukaProject

    Kantai Collection kai2

    The dream has come true: NAKA-CHAN DAYO!!!!!!!
  6. MayukaProject

    [][SHELL] Type3 AA shell and Type 91 AP shell

    Those "real" photos are from Yamato Museum in Kure(that turret in behind is a 203mm from Aoba). Good job with them indeed you guys can check them here, i went there in march
  7. Congrats to Leicester
  8. MayukaProject

    Mods in WoWS 0.5.5

    it was one of the features of the 0.5.5, but it was removed from the 2nd phase of the PT server
  9. MayukaProject

    German Battleships!

    Well, German battleships are the next tree to come and the H41 is confirmed to appear, but...nothing more than that
  10. MayukaProject

    IJN Tone

    Its been a while that the ship is still ingame and not removed like they did with the Kitakami, but as far i know, they will tweak it and then put on test.
  11. MayukaProject


    i can say by my experience with all battleships that i had used, that amagi has by far the best rudder shift(i didn't used the tirpitz yet) of all BB's in the game
  12. MayukaProject

    0.6.0 theory crafting for the far,far future

    According to some "leaks", and said previously, that patch may bring DX11(which is quite late for 2016, and some are going to DX12), some torp manual lauching, 2-way panel control for CV( a basic one for newbies, and an advanced one for experienced players), changes in credits and XP, and some "especulation" about Akizuki, Shinano and Akagi images "supostely" rendered inside the game, the WG also confirm that H41 german BB will inside the game by the end of the year
  13. MayukaProject

    Public Test General Feedback

    Usually, the Public test server is more smother than the Live Server( i had used on my both laptop's with diferent specs and i can confirm this), but there isn't any obvious reason to this happen