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  1. Obsessive_Compulsive

    Fara Carrier Guide

    Great content. Appreciated!
  2. Obsessive_Compulsive

    containers question

    stinky odds it seems. thank you for the info.
  3. Obsessive_Compulsive

    containers question

    Hello, Simple question. I tried my luck with 11 lucky containers and got well.. not much. Does anyone know the probability? has anyone got anything nice from one? I saw a thread about someone getting a prem ship a year ago perhaps. any thoughts. thank you.
  4. Obsessive_Compulsive

    CBT has returned please sum up the last 2 years.

    Looks like you are trying to fit in there very hard
  5. Obsessive_Compulsive

    CBT has returned please sum up the last 2 years.

    Noticing now XVM style sigs... did stats become a thing... oh dear..
  6. Obsessive_Compulsive

    CBT has returned please sum up the last 2 years.

    Thank you for taking the time to respond advice taken on-board( oh the puns potential) I am and will read this forum for more info and advice! to answer why I came back.. I am a vet of tanks and my reaction times are not what they were so a slower pace is more welcome that and a friend suggested I return. Also I do like ships quite a lot and I gave up on the game previously because I simply did not have time for 2. thanks again!
  7. Hello there. I am a below average player with a desire to learn! English speaking and 35 yrs old. Looking for a clan that puts fun first but with a view to helping new players gain skills and improve! I have a mic and my highest ship is tier 5. hoping to go jap destroyers and british cruiser or Battleship lines. thank you for your time.
  8. Obsessive_Compulsive

    CBT has returned please sum up the last 2 years.

    I recently returned to the game and started trying to learn the game once again in my love/hate Campbeltown I have noticed changes to team damage system ( it used to remove hp from your own ship) not really noticed much else. Can someone sum up the most important changes of the last year perhaps. Secondly British cruisers or battleships? and why? thank you.
  9. Obsessive_Compulsive

    HMS Campbeltown

    I played 2 games with her. in order to get the most from the torps you really have to plan ahead with your runs. first going one way then the other. This has a very interesting side effect though and that is that your second wave of torps allways come in at a slightly different angle meaning that they are a little tricker to evade imo. the range is more like jap destroyers but with the addded bonus of being able to fire 6 rather than 4. I like it!
  10. Obsessive_Compulsive

    AA & CV's..This has gotta stop WG

    No idea what you mean. I simply observe that there are obvious balance issues with a certain playstyle
  11. Obsessive_Compulsive

    Help Transition from WoT Plz

    Im also using the tier 3 failatchi right now. its hard work.. I often see my AP well aimed missing,.. tending towards HE for anything over 6KM. right or wrong its working better for me with that accuracy.
  12. Obsessive_Compulsive

    What ships/concepts are you looking forwards to the most?

    Looking forward to the Royal British Navy in 2027
  13. Obsessive_Compulsive

    no reward for spotting.

    Im not fully versed inXP ratings as Im just a scrub but i know that with any change in game mechanics comes balancing. Im sure that if spotting xp becomes a thing the xp gaines from capping might reduced or some other balancing factor would be considered. 6k xp sounds nice sure why not.
  14. Obsessive_Compulsive

    no reward for spotting.

    In my limited low tier gameplay I notice either yolo rushes or static play.. some in between but mostly a reluctance to be first in the fight. I mean really thats logical right now in low tiers because if your first in your first to be shot. some kind of reward of xp and credits. I fully understand the tactical gains from spotting enemies. this isnt about how it effects the teams chance of winning its about xp and credits and perhaps some kind of feedback about your perfomance in that role.. Is it really that hard to understand? Perhaps I should have made the original post clearer. for the record Im talking about xp and credits for being the man who takes the risks vs the man who sits at the back risk/reward...
  15. Obsessive_Compulsive

    no reward for spotting.

    Hello . as far as I can tell there is no existing rewards for scouting/spotting or intelligence gathering. given I am playing destroyers mostly I often see it as my duty to carefully get early intel on enemy positions allowing my allies to shoot first. Perhaps thats stupid but regardless is there a mechanic that rewards such spotting. Im looking at scouting and assist damage in WOT here as the comparison. So is it a thing? if it isnt why so? thank you for your time.