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  1. Hoosierclyde

    T9 British or German

    I have now unlocked both of these ships, but only have the credits to buy one or the other. I've been playing the Soviet T9 and enjoyed it, but from the forums the Lion and the Friederich seem pretty poor. What are your thoughts?
  2. Hoosierclyde

    T9 BB- Soviet or German?

    I enjoyed both of them. I tended to go secondary builds for the Germans and tanky for the Soviets. I did get frustrated with the inacuracy of the Germans though
  3. Hoosierclyde

    T9 BB- Soviet or German?

    I just unlocked both of these ships this week, but only have enough credits to buy 1. Which should I go for?
  4. Hoosierclyde

    Italian cruisers and Smoke Mod 1

    Has anyone tried this to see if it is a viable mod? Having the generator run 30% longer is appealing, but the -5% dispersion- does this cause problems?
  5. Hoosierclyde

    Massachusetts IFHE?

    Thanks- it was just that the shells looked blue to me in-game which I thought was AP
  6. Hoosierclyde

    Massachusetts IFHE?

    I am thoroughly enjoying the Mass B. and have gone secondary spec- BFT, AFT, AR, Priority Target, and have now got enough skill points for my next captain skill. Should I take the IFHE skill- are the secondaries firing AP or HE? I thought about manual secondaries, but sometimes forget to switch it on Thanks
  7. Hoosierclyde

    Mass B can't Gold Fever?

    Oh well.. not going to drop 13k Doubloons to complete a mission that gives me 2.9K reward. Still enjoying the ship though
  8. Hoosierclyde

    Mass B can't Gold Fever?

    I picked up the Massachusetts B today, and it gave me a personal mission- Gold Fever on Massachusetts. Do I have to buy the standard Mass. to complete this, because it doesn't seem to work on the Mass. B?
  9. Scharnhorst seems to be excellent. Every time I've managed a 5 start, there has been 2 Scharnhorsts on the group
  10. Hoosierclyde

    Can't hit the enemy

    I just finished a game in my Neptune and it was the weirdest game I ever had. Of my 516 shots fired I only hit 30 times. My secondaries hit 43 times, but I just could not seem to hit the enemy ships. My shots looked like they were just going through the target without connecting. Even at close range where my secondaries were banging away, I still could not hit with the main guns.